(Love in circles)


Jason’s POV
“Sit,” principal Howard said and mom averted her gaze from the door and moved to a seat, she gave me a look and grudgingly I sat.
Seeing the look of deep pain in Nicholas eyes gave me extreme unexplainable joy.. That’s what m0nsters like him should feel. Even though I was sad that he had to give me injuries on my handsome face, the fact that mom presence gave him pain was enough to make me extremely happy.

This is just the beginning, I smirked to myself.. Soon this whole school will know about him and give him more pain than he could ever imagine.
“I’m so sorry about all this ma’am, I had no idea that Jason could do this. I’m apologize” mom pleaded and I took a leg up on the principal’s desk.. Mom gave me a look.
“What?” I asked and she signaled for me to take me leg down her table. “I find it more comfortable this way” I said. She sighed and gave Mrs Howard a sorry look and she nodded.
“My initial plan was to suspend him for a couple of days but because of you and your husband’s reputation and your contribution to this school I thought it’d be nice to inform you first” she said.
“Thank you Mrs Howard, I’m glad you considered us first” mom said and Mrs Howard nodded.
“My husband says he’ll see you about the issue, he’s away on a business trip that’s why he isn’t here. I’m really sorry about this whole thing”
“It’s okay,” Mrs Howard turned to me, a frown on her face “Jason, don’t you have anything to say about all this?”
I looked at mom and then back at her “No” I answered.
“No? Really? You got an F in your semester test and today you got into a fight and all you can say is that you have nothing to say?” She asked.
“I already said No and besides that result isn’t mine–
“Excuse me”
“I’ve always been at the top, most of my results are A’s and suddenly a stupid test brings it all down and you want me to believe it’s mine?” I asked “No way”
“Are you implying that we switched your result?”
“You should answer that Mrs Howard”
“Jason?” Mom cautioned and I shrugged.
“I still have a copy of your woeful result with me, do you want to see?”
“No ma’am, that wouldn’t be necessary please” mom said.
“I’ll let this go and that’s because of you and Mr Gonzales but Jason will be getting a tutor because we can’t have another of this result on his script”
“What?” I asked, mom glared at me.
“Yes, thank you.. I’ll make sure I get one for him”
“No. I already got one for him-
“I’m not going to any tutorial okay?”
“But Jason–
“No mom.. It’s my life and I decide if I want to be tutored or not which I definitely don’t want to” I said.
“I’m sorry Mr Gonzales but you’ve got no choice” Mrs Howard said in a stern voice and I looked away.
“Alright but I get to choose my tutor”
“Okay…” She drawled, giving me a suspicious look. “Who is it?”
“Jacqueline Dawson” I said, a small smile across my lips.
“Jac– wait but miss Dawson is a junior” she said and I shrugged and crossed my second leg to the first on the table.
“That makes it more interesting” I said and she eyed me.
“Uh okay.. We’ll give it a try and that’s because miss Dawson is pretty bright in her academic performance but if I find out you’re trying to pull some pranks, I’m picking someone else for you” she said.
“Oh whatever”
“Alright Mrs Gonzales, that’ll be all and I’ll be anticipating your husband’s visit”
“Thank you.” She said and they shook hands. “Jason?”
“But you already– ugh thank you Mrs Howard”
“You’re both welcome and Jason go treat yourself at the sick bay”
“That won’t be necessary ma’am, I’m taking him home”
“Okay, I’ll give you a pass then”
She scrawled something on a piece of red paper and handed it to mom who flashed a smile at her.
“We’ll head out now”
I stood up and walked to the door with mom, I opened it and got out and the first thing or should I say person my eyes met was the girl.. Jacqueline. I still have her face pictured in my head. She didn’t look anything like my type and worst of it all she was dressed like a complete geek.. Wait is she a geek? The only thing missing is the over sized glasses.
Jeez! Nick really treasure gullible things. I sent a smile to her and her reaction almost made me laugh out, it was as if she wanted to die or choke.. She obviously couldn’t believe the almighty Jason flashed a smile at her. I smirked inwardly.. She’s definitely going to be an easy one, I won’t even be moving much bone before I’ll have her on my bed. She returned the smile and I walked away.

We got to the parking lot.
“Who was that girl you smiled at?” Mom asked
“She’s someone mom” I answered, moving to her car.
“Aww she’s pretty, I noticed the chemistry you guys passed.. Is she your girlfriend–
“Ugh! Please mom!” I grunted and got into the car.

Jacqueline’s POV
I watched as Jason and the lady behind him disappeared down the stairs, I placed a palm on my chin..
He’s just so cute
But he looks pretty hurt too, was the fight really that serious and Nick– seriously I have to find him and find out. I started walking down the hall, scanning around for Nicholas.
I sight the rows of lockers and saw Nick, I recognized, hair color and the clothes he had on.
I was walking towards him when my gaze caught something, making me stop on my tracks.. His hand, the one that held the door of his locker looks hard and strokes of red and green veins lined up in them. My brows curved when I noticed how they shook and how red they were, it looked like blood.. Is he bleeding?
I took a step to him when he suddenly jammed his locker shut, he started walking away and for the second time today, he passed me without noticing.
Is he okay?
Curiously, I followed him and at the end of the hall, he opened a door and moved in.. It was a small door. I stayed out for a while in contemplation then opened the door and walked in too.. It was an empty room, I closed the door behind me and looked around the room.. It looked more like an abandon classroom or a secret room. I looked around but Nick wasn’t there then I saw a slightly open door, I walked to it and then there was a staircase.. It must be the secret passageway to the rooftop building and I heard that students were banned from coming in here. Slowly, I lifted a foot to the first stair and then I continued climbing, I finished climbing and before me was a short rail, I was stepping on the building roof and I felt like I was getting to the sky.
“Whoa! It’s beautiful” I mumbled and smiled as the breezed washed my skin. I looked around for Nicholas and almost jumped out of my skin when I saw him in front of me, sitting on a bench and staring at me.. I noticed the dullness of his gaze and I stood there, staring at him.. I saw the blood stain on his face and a small cut at the corner of his lips.. My gaze moved to his hand and they narrowed when I saw it back to normal.. I could swear I saw blood on it back then at his locker and–
“Are you going to sit or keep staring like you’ve seen ghost?” His voice jilted me a little and slowly I closed my mouth and moved my feet to him, I slowly sat and tried awkwardly to keep my gaze forward.
“I saw you come here and I followed–
“Why won’t you?” He interrupted me “You didn’t see my face all through yesterday and this morning. It must have been a stab” he said and I gave him a confused look.
Such a jerk and to think that I felt concerned him and had to follow him here because I was wondering if he’s okay; still amazes me.
I could’ve just minded my business.
“Will you quit saying that. I saw you at your locker and you seem to be in some kind of pain, I just wanted to know if you were okay”
“Hah.. So now you’re concerned about me, thought you hated me”
“Well I did and I still don’t like you but that doesn’t mean I’m heartless–
“Yeah? Just admit you couldn’t stand not seeing me for another hour”
This dude’s a psychopath!
“What?” I gasped “You know what, I think following you was a big mistake and I’ll gratefully head out now”
I was about standing up when he pinned me down with his head on my laps, my eyes widen.
“W-what are you doing?” I stuttered.
“What does it look like? I’m trying to have my siesta” he said and stretched out on the bench
“wait what.. Are you kidding me right now? Do you realize your head’s on my lap? Are you having your siesta on my lap?!”
“So? Aren’t you glad?” He asked and I scoffed. “I couldn’t sleep last night and since you’re here, let’s make it useful” he adjusted his head on my Lap.
“Excuse me?” I finally said and he sighed softly..
“I thought I could use some comfort since you’re here cos I’m not here with my throw pillow but right now I feel like my head’s on a bag of bones tied in satin clothes, not comfy at all but at least it’s better than using the hard headrest. But seriously, you should really work on your weight” he said and I stared at him, speechless. Probably trying to figure out if I didn’t hear anything that he said, if he didn’t just say all that or if all this isn’t happening at all. I stared at him unbelievably and in awe.
“You crazy jerk! Get off m–
I was about pushing him off when I heard his soft snores, I looked at his face and saw his eyes closed, he was fast asleep.
“Nick,” I poked him gently. “Are you sleeping?” There was no response..
He’s seriously asleep.. Weirdo.
I looked at his face and saw how gently he slept, one would think he’s a pretty cool guy if he’s seen this way.. He looks so gentle, calm and a a total opposite of a jerk..
Well I guess you can’t always judge a book by its cover.
I sighed and looked around, this Is a really beautiful sight.. Being here makes me feel like I was getting free. I smiled and put my head on the headrest.

“Ow!” I yelped at the striking pain on my neck, I looked and discovered I had fallen asleep on the hard headrest and my head and neck hurts pretty bad. How long have I been asleep? I rubbed my eyes. I twisted my neck and there was a snap.. I grumbled.
I looked at my lap and discovered Nick wasn’t there any longer and there was a blanket on me. I slowly took it off and looked around but couldn’t find Nicholas. I took my phone out and glanced at the time.
“Holyshit!” I gasped and my eyes widen “2:56!” I hurriedly stood up and rushed to the door..

Stupid Nick.. He couldn’t even wake me up. Jeez, I arranged my hair and rushed out of the door, I closed the other and arrived at the school.. The third floor hallway. I ran and used the stairs down to the second floor, I turned and walked to my class.
“Jacqueline” I stopped and turned to see Mr Robert.
Wait.. Did he find out I was at the rooftop or is he having a had moodswing and he’s going to let it out on me.
“Good thing I found you here. Follow me”
“W-where to sir?”
“To the principal’s office”
Wait what?
“What, I mean why?”
“You’ll find out when you get there” he said and started walking back to the stairs while I followed.
I hope I’m not in some kind of trouble.. Damn Nick.

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