(Love in circles)


Nicholas POV
“Yes dad I already ordered a refill, Steve promised to send it later today” I said, grabbing my backpack from the back seat and locking my car.
“Alright. Take care, I have to go now”
“Yeah bye” I said and hanged up. I slung my backpack to my shoulder and walked to the staircase.
After homeroom, I walked to my locker, checked my timetable which was Spanish history.. My face twitched.. I wasn’t really a great Spanish lover, I speak Korea best since I spent most of my life there and honestly Spanish class is a class I didn’t enjoy. I grabbed my pack of pen and with the free hand, I put the lock on my locker and walked to my first class.. I entered and badly enough my gaze had to move to Jason seat and our gaze met, he gave me a cold glare and I looked away. I walked to an empty seat and plopped to it, I left my note on the desk and took out my phone, scrolling through the list of applications I was about clicking on the web when a teacher walked in.
“Buenos dias clasè” she said and we all stood to greet her, though not all.

After greeting I unintentionally glanced back again and my gaze had to meet nobody else but the jerk and once again he glared at me.. I sensed the angers those glares threw at me, I gave him a smirk and looked away..
I hope I don’t get a bad day today, I mean among every normal person to exchange eyes contact with; I had to do it with him. I sighed with a shake of my head, slipped my phone back to my pant pocket then flipped through my note.

“Buen dia clase” she said, picked up her iPod from the table and walked out. I stood up and followed, going to my locker. I pulled it open and grabbed my math note, that’s what second period is offering and I’m glad it is.. Not to brag but I’m pretty good in math, though I might not be the best but I’m still one of the best.
I moved the note under my arm and put the pin on my locker.. I took it to my hand and turned away from my locker.
“Hey look! It’s Nicholas” I tilt my head to see Jason and his stupid goons, looking at me with a goofy grin on their faces. I took in a deep breath, grabbing enough courage to walk away, I started walking.
“Yeah, the monster gets to ruin my day” Jason said but I kept walking, tightening my grip on my note and letting my anger on them.
“Oh.. Chickening out now?” I heard his mockery voice from behind.
“Oh James it’s called monstering out..he’s a monster remember?” I stopped instantly as Jason’s voice reaches my ears and together they laughed. I couldn’t contend the anger that rose within me as I ran to him and grabbed his collar tightly.. Practically choking him.
“Don’t you dare Jason!” I said with gritted teeth.
“Some feisty guts.. That’s what I want” he said, giving me a smirk. “Now I need some monstrous guts.. C’mon dude” he said and pushed me off. Giving him a glare, I picked up my note and made to walk away.
“Monstering out again” one of them said but I ignored.
“He’s just a goof-off Archie. That’s why I keep getting everything that’s his and besides he’s a monster and monsters don’t get involved with humans” Jason said.
Okay if this doofus is trying to get me angry then he’s doing a great job at it.
“Then why’s he at our school, he should be in the forest”
“I agree and trust me I’ll take him there when I’m done ruining his life and taking every good thing that belongs to him” he said and I shut my eyes to steady my breath.
“Apart from his monstrous attitude I know there’s another reason why you address him as a ‘monster’ and that seem to steam him up–
“Of course,” I quickly turned and gave him a glare “There’s another reason” he said and gave me a smirk, probably knowing how deep his words has gotten to me. “And I won’t just tell it to you guys, I’ll tell it to this whole school”
My fist tightened on my book.
“Oh look now I’ve gotten his attention,” he smirked then moved close to me, while I tried to keep my anger at pace. He looked over at his friends and they walked away. He walked closer to me.
I kept mute, knowing my word would come out as a growl because I was way too angry.
“Tell me Nick, how does it feels like to be a monster?” He asked and almost immediately I pinned him by his collar and pushed him to the rail.. Letting my heavy breathes spell my anger.
“Been a while since we got all ferocious on each other and I’ll be honored to start,” he said with a smirk and pushed me off.. I staggered back and a punch hit my jaw.
“That’s for topping me in the test!” He said, his anger welling up too. I gave him a hard look and in a swift sent a punch to his cheek and another, to his chin. He spat out blood and frowned deeply at me.
“Jacqueline Dawson” he said and my brows furrowed. He smirked “Rings a loud bell, huh?” He asked, crossing his arm across his chest.
“I told you that I’ll get everything that you love away from you cos you don’t deserve happiness! You’re a monster!” He yelled and my face twitched from anger. He chuckled, sarcasm present. “It just so happens that you to treasure gullible things and trust me, same way I took your mom away from you, I’ll take her away from you too” he said. “Well except that I won’t be staying with her for too long, she’s not even pretty. And you know no girl can resist me so getting her won’t be a biggie and trust me when I do, I’ll take her on a date and then on a trip to my bedroom. I’ll put it all in a video and play it to your goofy face! And right in front of you, I’ll dump her like a piece of disgusting trash” He said and I scoffed.
“I’ll love to see you try” I said. Honestly, it doesn’t bother me if he wants to have fun with her.. If she agrees to him then that’s not my problem and geez was he thinking that she’s my girlfriend or something. Ugh! Such a pathetic dude and I can’t believe all this is because I topped him in yesterday’s test. I didn’t even bother to check cos I already know I didn’t fail.. I mean I can’t fail.
“Why? You think I can’t do it or you’re just pretending to be tough?”
“No.. I actually dare you” I said.
“You b@stard!” A punch came to my guts and I felt the blood in my mouth, I spat it. “Who gave you the right to dare me!?” He yelled. By now the hallway was already getting filled with students. I grabbed him, gave him a kick on his stomach and a punch to his cheek. He punched my stomach and I dodged the kick and gave him a punch on his stomach, he bent to tend to his stomach and I punched him at the back, hitting his ribs. He groaned in pains and stood up, he threw a punch at me, it met my shoulder and I caught his fist, pinning his arm backward; ignoring his pathetic cry. I held him to myself, grabbed his hair and ran his face through the rows of red and yellow lockers. I pushed him off. His face became bloodied. He turned to me and with a glare, he ran to me and punched my stomach twice, I caught the third blow and was about pinning him backwards again..
“What is going on here!!?” I pushed Jason and made him hit his back to the rail.. He groaned and we both stood to look at Mr Reece, anger clearly visible in his eyes as he rolled it from me to Jason. I looked and the crowd had gotten more large.
“Jason and Nicholas! Come with me me now!” He thundered “And get back to your class, all of you” he said to the crowd of student and walked away, the crowd pulling aside. Grabbing my note, I followed him, ignoring the looks I got from the angry mob present.
They must be pretty hurt that I practically mushed up their Jason in their presence and the fuck.. Who cares?? Definitely not me.

“Will any of you like to tell me why the both of you were fighting in the school premises during lesson period?” Mrs Howard, the principal asked and I looked away. We both kept quiet.
“Mr Gonzales?” She turned to Jason who shrugged.
“Mr McDowell?” She called me and I shrugged. Jason looked at me and our gaze met, we exchanged glares.
“Are you both trying to go another round right in my office?!” She asked and I looked away. She adjusted the glasses that perched on her nose and gave us hard stares.
“Oh please stop giving me that look Mrs Howard, I didn’t start it” Jason said. She gave him a look.
“Really? Then will you tell me who did and what happened?”
“Don’t ask me that!” he said. Mrs Howard took out two files from her drawer and left them on the table.
“I’d have sent you both to detention but because your crime is pretty big, I’ll just call your parents to come here and let them decide your punishment” she said.
“So annoying” Jason mumbled but she ignored him.
I pulled out a chair in her office, shifted it to the table and sat.
“I didn’t say you could sit Mr McDowell” she said, her gaze on the file she was flipping through.
“I didn’t ask” I said and rested my back.
One thing I know is that principal Howard couldn’t punish me for anything and that’s because of the tips she gets from my dad on daily basis and sponsor.
“And just so you know, my dad’s out of town” I said.
“Of course.. Still trying to find a cure for your animal-like disease but unfortunately he doesn’t know it has no cure” Jason mocked. I stood up and in a swift, sent a punch to his guts. I held him by his collar. He only smirked at me.. Cr@zy b@stard!
“Mr McDowell?!” Principal Howard said huskily. I pushed him off and walked back to the seat
I breathed out and looked at her, her gaze still stayed fixed on me.. I gave her the ‘what’ look and she shook her head.
“I’m calling your dad Jason” she dialed the pin on her phone screen and lifted the phone to her ear. I glanced at Jason and I saw the look of disapproval on his face. I smirked at the damage I did to his stupid face.
“It’s principal Howard. Oh yes I’m good–
I paid less attention to the conversation. She ended the call and left the phone on the table.
“He will be here anytime from now” she said to Jason.
“What about me? Can I go now?”
“No. I’ll have to call your dad later but for now.. You’ll stay here”
“But I don’t want to stay here.. I’ve got math class that I can’t miss”
“You should’ve thought of that before throwing punches in school”
“Oh Fuck you” I muttered.
“What did you say Mr McDowell”
I shook my head and sigh again.
After a few minutes, we heard a knock.
“Come on in” principal said and the door opened. I looked at it and watched her enter. My eyes widened as I felt frozen.
That face!.. I gulped a lump.
Those hands that pushed me away.. She walked in and my eyes flew to her face.. She didn’t notice me yet.
“Hello Mrs Gonzales”
“Good morning Mrs Howard. I apologize if i’m late but I ran into a traffic on my way here”
That voice.. My breathing hitched.
“Hope it wasn’t too stressful?”
“It wasn’t” she said “Oh my goodness Jason! What happened to you?” I heard the faint sound of her heels knocking the ground as she moved to Jason’s side.
“He got into a fight” principal Howard answered.
“Oh my God.. Why and with who?”
“That monster over there!” Jason answered and in a slow motion she glanced at me.. Her once concerned look had fear etched on them.
“Nicholas?” She called softly, I quickly looked away, gulping rapidly. I grabbed my notebook and without waiting to be released I ran out of the door.

Jacqueline’s POV
“Really Jackie, do you plan on wearing that even when it’s freaking hot?” Martha asked, pointing to the thick denim jacket I had on and beneath it was a sleeveless shirt.
“Are you kidding me right now?”
“I’m not Martha I mean why should I take it off when I don’t even feel hot at all?”
“Oh really? You’re not hot? Then why’s your face dripping sweat?”
I moved my hand to my forehead and wiped the sweat off. Truth is, I feel really hot under this clothes but I can’t risk taking them off.. They shield my secret.
“I don’t know Mart but I’m not hot” I assure her and she shrugged.
“Whatever!” She looked away and I sighed. The heat is beginning to kill me. The weather seem pretty hot today.
“I’ll be in the ladies” I said to Martha and moved out of class. I got to the rest room and locked the door, I took off my jacket and got some air on my skin. I splashed water on my face and moved out of the restroom after redressing.
“I can’t believe Jason got into a fight.. I feel so sad about it and I really hope Mrs Howard releases him” a girl said to her friend as they walked to the restroom. I stopped on my tracks.. Jason got into a fight? My gosh! I hope he’s alright. And Mrs Howard? I have to gp to het office.
I quickly rushed to the stairs and ran up it to the upper floor. I rushed down the hall to Mrs Howard office and just as I was about taking a next step, the door flung open and Nicholas walked out.. I noticed the blood stains on his face and the cuts but apart from that I also saw the anger in his eyes. He walked past me in a flash, not noticing me nor stopping. My face twitched.. Wait.. Is he Jason’s opponent?
Oh please.
I walked a little more to the office door and stood there, waiting to see if Jason would come out.

After staying for minutes, I decided to leave when the door opened and Jason stepped out, behind him was a pretty petite woman. Our gaze met and I was about looking away when he flashed a smile at me.
My eyes widen? Am I hallucinating!
I looked at him and he still had a smile on.. Pointing at me. Beneath those cuts and blood, I saw the most handsome dude smiling at me.
My gaze stayed on him and slowly I smiled back, he gave me a small smile and walked away.. I rested on the rail so I wouldn’t fall..
Jason smiled at me??
Oh my God!

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