BELIEVE SEASON 2: Episode 31-The End of SEASON 2

[you’re my heart’s crown?]

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“Ife stay away…don’t try going there you might not return alive”ngozi said.

“but he is in pains and has not open his eyes since yesterday…is that nothing to you?why are you telling me not to go,if he dies I will suffer”
I said in confusion.

I looked back at old Nana,
why is she suddenly staring at me.
should I run away since his mother warned me to stay away.

the queen who was as calm as a flower, kind as an angel…
but after how she spoke to me like I was nothing…I don’t know her anymore.
she humiliated me and my emotions and throw me away like some cheap vegetables.

suddenly she’s not the person I know
she’s not the same person I am looking up to…

ngozi started leaving,
i don’t feel like following her,
I don’t know how I feel,
my heart isn’t even with me.

“Ife do you still want to help him?”
old Nana asked.
“yes,I will help him…can I have the pot”I said.
ngozi turned in shock.
she didn’t say anything because I already collect the pot from old Nana

“you really want to go…
remember the river is very cold and you will have to fetch water from there 202times with all your heart”
she said.

“I know” I said.
ngozi looked at me but didn’t say anything.
I turned to leave,she followed me.

“ngozi you don’t need to follow me, what if your mother start looking for you? you know I don’t have a mother that will look for me-perhaps you should stop copying me”
I said as I walked faster.

“ifeeeee!!! she called and ran after me
I walked more faster but she caught up with me.

“don’t think am trying to be a,third party in your relationship with Lotanna, I know you love each other but am concerned about you going there with little hope of returning” she said.

“If I don’t go,I will lose
if I go,I might lose but at least save his life” I said.

“and besides this guys mother is someone you can’t mess with-.

“I know and I am not planning to be his,I already knew from the very first day he asked me out that we can’t be together” I said.

“then why did you accept to date him then?”she asked.

“he was happy with me,
he was happy seeing me…
I wanted him to be happy so accept to be his girlfriend with the believe that one day,I will also be verrrrry happy.

either way,I don’t dream anymore,
dream is not for me–
look how many years have been dreaming of my mom,
still she didn’t come” I said.

we walked more deep,
I looked back and saw how much we have walked.
everywhere is now soooo dark.

“I think we are approaching the ev!l forest” ngozi said,I got so scared as we heard sounds of different animals.
the hissing of snakes got so loud.

I light the candle old Nana had given me..I was so scared.

“you see what am saying-
this place is not soo good, there are animals that catch humans as prey”ngozi said.

finally,we saw the idol
it was a big carved iron sculpture in form of a small baby boy,
it was present just at the entrance of the ev!l forest avd the river was down in the opposite direction.

“that river is always coldest at midnight are you sure you can fetch water 202times from there”
ngozi said.
I sighed and gave her the candle to hold for me.
she too was scared,
she stayed in a place that is a bit far from the ev!l forest.

The deadly sounds got much,
but I have no choice,Lotanna is in pains—

I walked down to fetch water,
the river was coldest,
as cold as a deep freezer.
I started shivering..

“15” ngozi counted as I poured.

“snake snake!!! Ife move back”.
ngozi wailed.
I moved back in fear, ngozi was fast to hit a big stone on the snake head.

“Ife are you sure you can do this?
this is just the fifteenth time and you’re looking so stressed out already” she said.

“i don’t know if I can…but I will try.
He always stood for me too–

I continued fetching,
ngozi counted, she was looking around as well.
I was now soaked,
the cold was too much.

why did I fall for you?..
all because of you,am getting cold.

Jedinna’s p.o.v?
I stood at the garden waiting forb the maid;what’s her name again?
chioma right?.

soon,she arrived.
“meet me in my room” I said and left
she met me in my suite,
I locked the door when she moved in fully.

“prince Jedinna” she called.
I turned to her.”did you say something?”I asked.

“but my prince,you didn’t tell me it’s your brother you want to us the p0ison for, he will die”.
she said in a very scared manner.

“don’t you want to be the future queen if I ascend the throne?”I asked.
she smiled and picked on her fingers s*xily.

“that would be a dream come true” she said wholeheartedly an hugged me.
“let’s seal it with another round if sx” I said..
she unlocked from the hug and walked into the be.droom.

“go,I will meet you” I said and entered the bathroom,
I had a quick shower and tied a white t0wel.
my phone rang- I picked it and it turns out to be “Jerry Carter”.

Lotanna’s manager at germany-
that’s where he built “glamour” the number one industry that makes the purest diamonds…

“hi,boss” he said huskily.
“sir isn’t picking calls is anything wrong?” he asked.
“I will call you later” I hung up and dropped my phone on the bathroom.

I entered the be.droom and met chioma st@rk n@ked..only on a black p@nties.

this is just for a while,
she’s not my type and taste, not even s*xy enough in my eyes but she is my ticket in getting the throne.

“do you like what you’re seeing?”.
she asked and stood st@rk n@ked,I dimmed the light green and moved int0 her from the back…..

“are you tired already?”I asked, after we had spent around 30 minutes having sx.
“yes but I still want to twerk on your dk” she said,we both sweat.
“no need…your ya.nsh isn’t even huge enough to sit on my dk…
I love thick girls with wide h!ps and big bu.tts,
not flat girls.

I tied my t0wel and made my way to the bathroom..
“make sure you flush out everything… I inside you twice” I said and entered the washroom.

I came out minutes later and was dressed in a purple royal robe,
I took my phones and strolled out to Lotanna’s suite.

the guards there suddenly got much but I was allowed in.
I moved into his bedroom in a swift.
Like five physicians were in.
nkem too was in.
Amarachi stayed in the living room, she wasn’t allowed in his bedroom

“ohh my gaad!!!
mother burst in tears.
“Lotanna is getting cold”mother said.

the priest moved in.
“but he is breathing” one of the physician’s said.
mother calmed down and moved to lay his head on her l@ps,
then she ran her fingers on his cute face..

“Lotanna,get well”nkem said.
“mother why not fly him out” I said.
“no flight is available this moment” she replied…

Mother still covered him well but I was quick to see the bracelet on his left arm..
why is he wearing that?.
is he the king already—
I huffed.

Lotanna gasped like he will die that moment….
he opened his eyes…
“obim!!! mother smiled, the physician got shocked.

Lotanna shut his eyes back.
g0sh what’s the meaning of all these!
he didn’t open his eyes again!

“love is too serious!
“101more times and a sweet voice singing in his ears,he will be fine and open his eyes totally”

the priest said and walked out.
what does he mean,I don’t seem to understand for he speak in parables..

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