“Jane has been kidnapped”

Jeffery’s mind started racing fast, “what did you just say? When did this happen?”

“Earlier today”

“What of her bodyguard, where was he?” Dele explained everything that he was told, to Jeffery.

“I’m on my way” Jeffery immediately grabbed his bag and started to leave the room.

“Jeffery I don’t think that….”

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“Shut up please, stop talking this is my girlfriend we are talking about. Now listen, I need you to help me take charge of things in my stead until I get there” Jeffery quickly rushed back to the airport to see if he could get a flight to take him back to Nigeria.

“I’m sorry sir, but the next flight leaving for Nigeria is in two days time” the beautiful lady at the airport said to Jeffery.

“You don’t understand, I can’t wait until then. The woman I love is in danger and I quickly need to get to her”

“I truly understand sir, but there is no other flight leaving for Nigeria before then. I’m sorry”

Jeffery knew he had to get back to Nigeria as soon as possible, if the kidnappers were going to contact anyone, it was definitely going to be him. His father had taken their family private jet to South Africa, and sending it from South Africa was going to take time. So he decided to call a friend of his who owned a private jet in the Caribbean. He owed Jeffery a favour.

“Hello Radford, how are you doing?”

“I’m good Jeffery, it’s been a while. I must say I am surprised to see your call”

“Yeah, I’m sorry to call you like this, but I need your help”

“Whatever it is you need my help for? Jeffery I owe you big time”

“I’m stuck in the Caribbean right now, the next flight leaving for Nigeria is in two days and I need to be in Nigeria ASAP. I was wondering if you could be kind enough to lend me your private jet?”

“With the way you sound, it seems really urgent?”

“It’s a matter of life and death”

”what part of the Caribbean are you?”


“Then, sending my jet all the way from Haiti down there will take more time, I happen to have a friend who owns a jet himself. And he is currently in the Cuba. I will put a call across to him and have it will come pick you up”

“That would be great, thank you Radford”

“Nah, it’s little compared to the help you have rendered me”


Two hours later, Jeffery was in a private jet on his way back to Nigeria. All through the journey, all he kept thinking about was Jane. How was she feeling, what if Mr. Okafor’s son decides to hurt her? Jeffery knew he should have insisted she came with him, then all of these would have been avoided.

The thought of anything ever harming Jane, made Jeffery so angry he clinched his fist so hard he forgot he was holding a can of beer, so he ended up crushing it. He didn’t realize what he had done, until his palm started bleeding from a cut from the can.


Jane woke up to find herself tied to a chair, she struggled to get herself off the chair, but couldn’t.

“I suggest you save your energy, you are going to be needing it in due time.

“What do you want from me Timothy?” Jane asked, trying to buy herself some time.

“With all the pain you caused my family, you still have the guts to ask me such question? You killed my father! And you sit there and ask me what I want from you?”

“For all it’s worth, I’m sorry for your father’s death”

“I want a lot of things from you Jane, and trust me by the time I am done, you will be sorry”

“You know you and your father aren’t innocent? You and your father almost ruined my life! What I did, I did it to protect myself”

“To protect yourself? He was harmless Jane, and yet you $tabbed him with a knlfe”

“Harmless you say? Your father raped me almost every other day, and so did you. I could have been your sister Timothy. What wrong did I ever commit to deserve such treatment from you both? I’m sorry, but there was only a limit to what I could take”

Timothy walked up to her and slapped her hard on her left cheek, when Jane raised her head to look at him, he $lapped her again, this time, it was harder causing Jane to bleed on her lips.

“What happened to your smart mouth? Go on talk to me!” Timothy yelled at her. “I am going to make you suffer Jane, you will suffer so much, you will plead for death. I will make sure you feel the pain I felt when you tore my family apart”

Jane smiled, “I’m glad you felt pain, at least I know I wasn’t just the only one who felt it too. You know, sometimes it’s good we have a taste of what we always dish out to others”

“I can see you still think you are smart, we will see about that. But first we call that rich boyfriend of yours and get some money from him, there is a lot I could do with it”



Jeffery got to the airport to find Dele and Michael waiting to pick him up.

“Hey … welcome back man” Michael greeted as he gave Jeffery a hug. While Dele took his bag from him and put it in the car.

“Thanks guys, have you guys heard anything from the kidnapper?”

“Not yet, but Black’s men are working on getting her back. Sorry man” Dele said as they got into the car.

“If that bastard had done his job in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened. I need to see him, where is he?” Jeffery gritted his teeth as he spoke.

“He is at my place with Amaka, in case the kidnappers decide to contact her” Michael said.

“How is Amaka, hope she wasn’t badly injured?”

“No, she suffered a few bruises though, but nothing that won’t heal within a few days” Dele had tried taking Amaka to the hospital but she refused, saying all she needed was some pain killers. Which he later got for her, but he still thinks she needs to visit a hospital.

“This is exactly what I was trying to avoid in the first place, I didn’t want anyone getting hurt” Jeffery looked out the window, wondering where Jane could be, or what was being done to her.

Michael drove them to his house. When they got there, Amaka was sitting quietly with Anita in the living room.

“Jeffery” Amaka immediately stood up and enveloped him in a hug.

“Hey Amaka, how are you?” Jeffery asked.

“I’m so sorry for what happened, I should have..”

“Shhhh…. None of these was your fault” Jeffery rubbed her back.

“I should have fought harder, maybe I shouldn’t have allowed him to send Jane that text” Amaka sobbed on Jeffery’s shoulders.

“It’s okay, it wasn’t your fault. You did what you could” Jeffery comforted her until she stopped crying and he helped her to sit down.

Then Anita came and greeted him, “hey Jeffery, welcome back”

“Hey Trouble, how are you?”

“I should be the one asking you that, how are you? You don’t look like you have slept a wink in the past 24hrs?”

“Actually I haven’t, but that’s the least of my problems right now. Where is Black?”

“He is out at the back of the house, I think he is getting a smoke or something. And what happened to your hand?” She asked referring to the cut on Jeffery’s palm which he hasn’t even bothered to clean the dried bIood on it.

“That bastard has the nerve to be smoking when my girlfriend is out there in danger?” Jeffery was about storming off to the backyard, when Dele stood in his front.

“Calm down Jeffery, violence will not solve any of these.”

“Calm down you say? My girlfriend has been kidnapped by that idi®tic lunatic, and you are asking me to calm down?”

“And I assure you, we will get her back sir” They turned to find Black standing in the living room. “I’m sorry, she got kidnapped under my watch, and I don’t think I can ever forgive myself if anything is to happen to her. So please take my word for it, I am going to get her back alive. Even if it’s the last thing I do”

“I don’t care what you do or how you do it, I want my girl back!” Jeffery barked out. The whole room was silent, everyone was afraid to speak for they all knew they were treading on eggshells with Jeffery. Black nodded quietly as he paced the room trying to contact his agency for any feedback.

“Very well then, while we wait who would like something to eat? Perhaps a snack maybe?” Anita asked, trying to break the silence. “Jeffery would you like something to eat?” She directed at Jeffery when no other person answered.

“No I’m fine” Jeffery grumbled as he slumped on a couch from fatigue.

“Forget I ever asked, it’s not negotiable. Everyone is eating, so you all had better take your seats and be good boys. Including you Black, you are about to bore a hole into my rug with your constant pacing” with that said, Anita left the sitting room and went into the kitchen to get everyone some snacks.


Few minutes later, she came back to the sitting room carrying a tray with some peanuts and a glass of juice for everyone.

“Anita I just told you I’m fine, I really don’t feel like eating anything right now” Jeffery protested as she served him.

“That is the reason I am offering you snacks, and you had better eat it before I go bring you a main meal which you must eat. How do you intend to help Jane if you don’t eat something? In no time you will run low on energy and what do you intend to save her with if you don’t have enough energy to even help yourself? Please eat, while I go get the first aid kit to attend to your wound”

To avoid further argument, Jeffery took a sip of his juice. “Good, now do well to eat the peanuts as well” Anita ordered as she came back to the sitting room carrying a first aid kit and started cleaning up his wound with some spirit. He obliged her and took some peanuts and just then, his phone rang. He quickly abandoned the peanuts and took his phone out of his pocket to find it was a private number calling.

Black quickly brought his laptop and connected Jeffery’s phone to it, and asked Jeffery to pick the call and place it on speaker.

“Hello?” Jeffery said.

“Good day Mr. Jeffery, I believe you know who is talking?”

“No I don’t, please who is this?”

“Well this is Timothy Okafor, the monster whom you have been trying to protect your girlfriend from”

Jeffrey’s jaw was clinched, he wanted to yell at him, but then he knew better than that.

“Good day Timothy, I believe you have my girlfriend with you?”

“You are very correct, and I have no intention of holding her much longer if my demands are not met in the next 24hrs”

“What..what do you mean by that?”

“If by the next 24hrs, I’m not given 100million naira, then consider the last time you saw your girl to be the very last. And if you ever think of contacting the police, I will have her body chopped to pieces and delivered to your doorstep, you have 24hrs” With that said, Timothy ended the call.

“Did you get anything, were you able to trace his location?”Jeffery asked Black.

“No, it kept showing several locations at once, that guy is quite smart, we would have keep him much longer on the phone when he calls, it will help..”

Black wasn’t done talking when Jeffery grabbed him by his shirt and pushed him to the wall. “Now listen to me, I don’t have all day, my girlfriend is in danger of being killed by that lunatic, so you had better hurry up!” He said with gritted teeth. Michael and Dele had to pull Jeffery away from Black.

“Jeffery you need to calm down, we are going to get her back”

“Guy, the next time you ask me to calm down, I will have your teeth removed. Undermining you are my sister’s husband,I will do it all the same!”

“No one is having their teeth removed. We all need to calm down, Jeffery we are going to get Jane back alive, I need you to have faith” Anita said and turned to look at Black who was straightening his shirt that Jeffery had ruffled up. “Black do you think you can work on the locations you got from the call and see if it would lead us to somewhere?”

“That’s what I intend to do”

“Good, now you do that while we hope he calls again soon and we try to stall the call so his precise location can be gotten”

“This is rubbish, I need to call my bank” Jeffery started typing on his phone.

“And do what?” Dele asked.

“What do you mean and do what? Didn’t you hear what he said? I’m going to get him the money so he can release Jane”

“And you think, he is going to give her back once you give him the money? He is definitely not going to do that” Michael said.

“Jeffery, I don’t think giving him the money is good idea” Dele said

“The ransom is the only bait we have, once you hand it over to him, then we are powerless” Black said from a distance to avoid being punched.

“So what do you all suggest we do?” Jeffery asked helpless.

“We wait, definitely he is going to call again soon to give you an address of where to bring the money” Black was already seated at the dining with his laptop.

Jeffery felt so helpless, the wait is killing him. He walked up to Michael’s bar at the corner of the sitting room and poured himself some scotch, which he downed immediately.

“I think there is something Jane would have wanted us to do at a time like this” Amaka who has been quiet all these while said.

“And what could that be? Jeffery asked with so much hope in his voice”

“Pray, she would want us to pray. So let’s all come together and pray for Jane’s safety”

They all came together and held each other’s hands, as Amaka led them in prayers.


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