“Sir, what do we do about the productive idea that we’re gonna present to our customers?” One of my employees asked during our business meeting.

Yes, I’m the new CEO of my dad’s company and I’m trying my best to make my company successful, I don’t want to think about Monica.

WHO’S THE FATHER : CHAPTER 41 – THE END. Thingscouplesdo

Bianca and her husband and baby went back to Maine.

I shrugged with a smile “No worries, it’s already been taking care of, as long as all of us co-operate during the presentation, and make sure you all behave…”

“Daddy!!!” Gigi chanted as she ran into the conference room, and Cathy walked in.

I laughed as I stood up and carried her “Hey Angel, how’s school?” I asked.

“Awesome!!!” She replied.

“Awesome!!!” I laughed as I kssed her forehead repeatedly.

All of my employees smiled at us.

“Go on, have fun in your playroom, daddy’s busy with meeting.” I said and dropped her.

“Yay! Hurry up!” Gigi said as she ran out the room.

I glared at the brunette and held her hand and pulled her out of the room.

“Cathy, I told you not to bring Gigi to work by this time, when I’m having meeting.” I said to her nanny.

“I’m sorry but she kept saying that she wants to see her daddy ever since I pick her from school. I had no choice but to bring her. I’m sorry.” She pleaded.

I sighed “It’s okay, I’ll have to round up the meeting quickly so that I can have time for her.”

“But Teddy…”

“Excuse me?” I cringed.

Cathy bent her head “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. Mr Theodore. Can’t I just…?”

“No, I’m her father and she’s my daughter.” I cut her off disrespectfully.

“Okay, but…”

I walked away from her rudely and went back to the meeting room.

I’m trying my best to follow what Monica said in her letter, making our daughter happy and not to miss her. I give her everything and make her a princess.

I don’t want her to be left alone so I hired a nanny for her 6 months ago, Cathy is just a year younger than me. I was looking for people to be Gigi’s nanny, most of them declined till I met Cathy.

She’s nice and kind but I don’t want to have time for anyone. I didn’t regret the way I treat her but she didn’t deserve it.

I sat down and sighed with a smile “Okay, where were we?”



I scoffed feeling ashamed, I don’t like the way, Mr Theodore ignores me like that and I have a huge crush on him.

He’s so hot, handsome, tall, rich, nice, a little arrogant and caring.

I don’t know why he doesn’t want to have any girlfriend? He’s even old enough to have a Mrs.

He’s always talking about Monica, who left him and his daughter. So heartless.

I just want him to be mine but I don’t know why he didn’t even like me. Am I not good enough for him?

I’m pretty and cute, I’m nice and caring, I take care for his child as my daughter.

“Aunt Cathy!!” Gigi yelled from her playroom.

I groaned and smiled as I entered the colourful room which is full of Barbie dolls, colourful teddy bears, dollhouses, a big plasma TV and other fun expensive toys.

Teddy is super rich, even his daughter’s office playroom is very luxurious, she also have a playroom at home. He own 10 hotels in Florida, 8 in Maine. So lucky.

I wish I’m his Mrs.

“Aunt Cathy!” Gigi snapped me out of my thoughts as she’s sitting and playing on her pink plush horse. “Come play with me!”

I giggled as I sat beside her “So, what did you want us to play?”

“Princess tea party!” Gigi cheered.

I shrugged “Okay, tea party it is.”

“Yay!!!” Gigi cheered “I’ll be princess Rapunzel and you’ll be princess Tiana, fix your hair in bun while I get the crowns.”

I nodded “Okay.”

I hate ponytail and bun hairstyles but I have to. To win the heart of Teddy… I mean Mr Theodore.

I packed my hair in messy bun as Gigi came with the two crowns and Rapunzel’s long braid flower wig.

I shrugged as I wore the Tiana’s green crown.

Gigi tried to wear her rapunzel’s wig “Aunt Cathy, help me wear my wig.”

“Okay sweetie.” I said as I was wearing her wig and her purple tiara.

“Thank you.” She said.

Later on, both of us sat on her pink plastic toy table tea set and started playing.

“So, princess Tiana, how long have you been a frog, living in the jungle?” Gigi speaks with her funny fancy accent, as she took a sip of invisible tea from her small toy pink cup and saucer.

“For like 40 minutes, it has been a rough trip for me.” I replied with my fancy accent as I took a sip of the invisible tea.

“At least it’s not like me who was stuck in the towel for 18 years by mother Gothel.” Gigi said.

Yeah, she’s a huge fan of Disney princesses, I’m not, she made me watch all of them with her.

“So shameful.” I scoffed proudly.

I noticed Teddy’s smiling and watching us from the door, I blushed hard as I kept the cup and saucer on the table.

“Come on guys, continue. I’m enjoying the show.” Teddy laughed and I covered my face with embarrassment.

“Daddy!!!” Gigi cheered as she stood up and ran to her dad to hug him.


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