I smiled. I like this girl “So you’re here to interview as…?” I trailed off, expecting an answer.

“I’m sorry, I won’t speak until I see your mom, the real boss.” She said, looking scared.

I stood up with a smirk “Gurl, you’re looking at the boss of Ginger Bucks.”

“Where?” She said iconically.

I scoffed “I’m Monica, the owner.” I showed her my big frame picture on the wall.

Her eyes went wide “What? I can’t believe it, I’m so sorry. You look so young, like you’re 18 years old. So beautiful. Please let me have a job here, I promise it won’t…”

“It’s okay, let’s start with the interview.” I said as we sat down.

My telephone rang and I pick the call “Yes Anna?”

“Mickey kept crying and crying, the nanny couldn’t take it so she’s here with your son.” The secretary said and I groaned.

“Fine, let them in. I’m sorry Brenda.” I said.

“It’s okay, but it’s Beatrice.” She said.

Stella walked in carrying my baby Mickey with a baby carrier.

Yeah, you guys might think that after I left Teddy, I found out I was pregnant but that’s not it. Mickey is not even my child. It’s Mia’s son, my nephew.

3 months ago, Mia miraculously gave birth to a baby boy through surgery still unconscious.

The doctor, who’s my dad’s friend, who that helped Mia saw that there’s no one to take care of her so she remembered that she has an elder sister who’s me, and she called me, to take care of the child till Mia regain her consciousness.

I wanted say ‘No’, because I don’t want anything to do with that bch, and he should be taken to foster care and should be adopted but the doctor emotionally made me change my mind, that he’s a baby, my nephew, I should have a heart… Blah, blah, blah.

So I agreed and there he is. The cute little boy.

I laughed as I stood up and carried my baby. “Hey, my little Bobby.” I kssed his head and he giggled.

“You have a kid?” Beatrice asked.

I nodded “Yeah, um mom, please watch Mickey, I’ll be back for a minute.” I said as Stella collected the child and left the office.

Yeah, I call Stella as my mom, she’s my mom’s formal co-worker, who has been there for me ever since I come back from Florida.

I sat down “Okay, let’s take a look at your resume.” I said I collected her paper and I checked it. Nice.

“So… What did you wanna hire me for?” She asked.

I raised one of my eyebrow “What can you do?”

She sighed “Well, I can cook, I can make salad, meat, casserole, noodles and I can bake different types of snacks like cake, pie, bread…”

“Okay, I’m not really talking about chef stuffs but since you’re good in, sorry, the chefs are full, no vacancy for chefs.” I pouted.

Beatrice became sad “Oh, cool.”

“But, how would you like to be my personal assistant?” I asked.

She grinned happily “Really? Yes, I would love to.”

I smiled nodded “Yeah, now get me a creamed coffee.”

Beatrice grinned happily as she stood up and left.

I scoffed but felt sad as I sighted at the portrait picture of me, Teddy and Gigi.

I really miss them, I still don’t know when I’m going back but what about Mia? I’m gonna be arrested.

You wanna know how became this successful? Ever since I ran from Florida through bus and I’m here in Maine State, I didn’t want to go back to my parents and I rented a room self contain apartment and was managing my life there.

I decided to start living my dream from there so I started making and selling homemade food to people.

Stella, a 48 years old woman, she was that helped me look for the apartment. She supported me in my dreams and helped me to please the landlord anytime my payment is due.

She really supported me till now, I understand her because she doesn’t have a child that’s why I call her mom instead.

So my catering job begin to grow mo

My telephone rang again and I groaned angrily as I pick up “What Anna?”

“Two people are here for you, their names are Sean and Teresa, they said they’re your parents.” Anna said.

My phone dropped, feeling shocked and hurt to hear those words, my parents? It’s been 6 good years since I saw them? Why are they here? They threw me out of their house and now they want to see me?

I don’t want to see them, I can tell Anna to send them away and they’ll be banned from my restaurant just like they kick me out of their home and disowned me. But they’re my parents, right?

I sighed with hesitation “Let them in.” I said.

“Okay ma’am.” Anna replied and hung up.

The two old couples walked in looking poor and excited to see me.

“Monica! Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it’s you. I’ve missed you so so much.” Mom said as the both of them hugged me tightly.

I cringe my face and clenched my fist and cringed trying not to push them away.

They disengaged and sat down in front of me. I stood and fold my hand.

“I’m so happy to see you, Monica. Look at you, so successful, just like you always dreamt of.” Dad said proudly.

I didn’t even moved my face, I’m giving them starring merely glare contempt look.

“Baby, we’re so proud of you.” mom said as she kssed my cheek.

“So proud, I’m so lucky to have a daughter like you.” Dad said.

I wonder what they want from me now, am I not an embarrassment to the family? People thought I was a slvt and because I was pregnant… It’s so painful to think about it.

I sighed sadly “What did you guys want?” I asked.

Mom and dad scoffed, acting surprised. “What did you mean, sweetie?” mom asked.

Why are they acting as if they didn’t know what happened?

“Can’t we just check on our daughter? It’s been years.” Dad said.

“Now we’re seeing you, you’re amazing! You just left us We’ve missed you.” Mom said.

I sat down and checked my documents for no reason “Are you guys done?”

Mom and dad gave me a shocked look “What are you talking about, Monica?”

“Don’t you miss us?” mom asked.

I scoffed silently “Miss?” I sighed “I’m sorry, I have a lot of work to do, please leave.” I said as I stood up and walked out of the office.

I started shedding tears because honestly, I’ve missed them so so much but they didn’t seem to care about me.

I mean, I’ve been in Maine for good 12 years, they didn’t even look for me. Now that I’m successful, they came back.

I wiped my tears off and smiled as I entered the restaurant and was attending people.

“Hi.” “Enjoying your meal?” “Thanks for coming.” “How are you?” “How’s your meal?” I said, attending each customers, eating their meal.

“Monica!” Stella carrying Mickey, who’s crying and she gave me the child. “He has been crying since he left the office, he misses his mommy.”

I held the child properly and laughed “You know I’m not really his mom, just his aunt.” I said, patting his back and he remains calm.

“You’re the one who’s raising him. See? Now he’s calm.” Stella replied.

“That doesn’t mean I’m his mom.” I said

I don’t want to be keeping anymore secret. If Mickey grows up, he will even be with his mother.

“I have to leave work by 6:00 today. I’m want to prepare for my flight tomorrow.” I said.

“No problem…”

“Ma’am!” Beatrice ran in with my coffee, panting heavily. “I’m so sorry, I’m late, there’s a long line at the cafe.”

I shrugged “It’s okay, thanks for the coffee.” I said as I took a sip.

“Let’s get back to work, let me show you how I do my work.” I said and Beatrice grinned happily.

“Yay!” She cheered as I gave Stella my baby and Beatrice followed me to the kitchen.



Yippee, Mrs Monica like me already.

I’m a huge fan of her work, I’m so happy with my new work.

We entered the kitchen and… Who’s, the kitchen is beautiful, with different types of big and small kitchen appliances and equipments, like 5 chefs cooking delicious foods.

I grinned happily as Mrs Monica is showing me the kitchen. I wish I’m like her.




I was sitting beside the patient bed, who’s unconscious for the past one year.

It’s a miracle she had a premature baby boy, who’s given to the patient’s big sister.

She didn’t really carry the baby in her stomach before she was born.

After three months of pregnancy, the doctor noticed that she’s not strong enough to carry her baby.

So they did surgery for her, removed the fetus and kept it in an incubator machine and the baby started to develop there.

Till the baby was totally born and Doctor Quince, travelled to Maine and gave the baby to the older sister, since the mother is still unconscious.

I don’t think she’ll regain her consciousness. But what if?

How would she reacts when she noticed that her baby is taken away from her big sister?


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