Chapter 1

“Dad, please… I am sorry..” I beg kneeling in front of him with my head bowed down. A tight sIap landed on my face.

“Didn’t I raise you well Amanda? Why are you such an embarrassment?” He barks!

“She is still your daughter Mandlenkosi! You need to stop!” My grandmother shouts from where she’s sitting! I hiss, I thought he was done! My body is shaking with anger.

THE FORBIDDEN DAUGHTER : CHAPTER 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo

I stumble trying to stand up as he grabs my jaws!

“Stop it Mandla! It’s too late now, there’s nothing we can do, the child is pregnant and you can’t reverse that! Just accept it!” My grandmother shouts as he was about to sIap me again!

“My sweetheart, your mother is right, Amanda is already pregnant… there’s nothing we can do now!” My stepmother shouts making her way from the kitchen!

I glance at her with so much anger. She has a mischievous smile on… I don’t know the truth yet but I swear she has a hand in this!

“Get out of my sight!” My dad shouts… I am angry that he’s not even giving me a chance to explain myself!

I raise my face and I am met with his angry gaze. The very same man who used to adore me and treat me like a princess! I lock my eyes with his for a while before standing up to leave…

I am going to stay in my bedroom, I won’t even eat their stupid supper! My stomach is grumbling already but I won’t be able to sit on the same table with the man who has hurt me repeatedly! I refuse!

As for my stepmother and her precious daughter Zime, I have no words for them. What they did to me is unforgivable, I am turning 17 this year but I’ve never heard of this, it only happens in movies.

The door opens just as I was about to lie down and cry myself to sleep. My grandmother’s warm face appears, much to my relief.

“I believe you my dear daughter. I raised you from the day your mother left us, no one knows you better than me in this house, that’s why I have decided to come up with a temporary solution for this.” She says limping and sat next to me.

She’s forever complaining about her knees. I guess it’s the old age.

I open my mouth trying to speak but my sobs gets worse.

“It’s okay Amanda, I love you. Your mother was a wonderful daughter in law, it’s a pity that God decided to cut her life short.

I wish he took me instead, but we are always reminded not to question God plan.


“I hope you are helping her pack all her belongings!” Dad’s harsh voice filled the room before he even showed his face! Grandmother looked at him with his mouth hanging…

“Please don’t try to convince me mother! I’ve taken a decision! I want her out of my house!” He moves his gaze to me… “You see that door?” He ask and I nod… “I want you to get out of it and never come back!”

“You are wrong if you think I’m going to convince you. However, this has your wife written all over it.

You used to be gentle and support Amanda in everything as a father, things changed few years after my daughter in law passed away.

You married the d’vil’s daughter, nothing you can do that comes as a surprise to me anymore! You always choose her daughter that is not even yours over your own flesh!”

“I don’t care what you say mama! Amanda is a disgrace! She needs to leave my house!”

“It’s raining outside Mandla, and your daughter is pregnant.”

“I don’t care mother! She needs to learn her lesson!” He said that and smashed the door closed! I am trembling with fear.


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