By Worthy stories

Episode 11

Clara’s pov

“Wow Dalton! Look at the tiger there!”, I said excitedly.

I feel hands circle around my waist

“Hmm”, he hummed. When he said punishment, I never expected it to be this.

“Dalton”, I said in almost a whisper.
“Yes Cara Mia”, he said in his husky voice.

“Leave me. Everyone is watching”, I whispered again.

Trying to pull his hands away from my waist.

But his hands are so hard.
“No. Never. I don’t care”, he said as he suddenly turned me around and was about to kss me.

“Dalton! So, this is the punishment huh? Kssing me in front of everyone!”, I said in a slow and calm voice.

“No. I want everyone to know that you are mine”, he said possessively and held me tight to him,

“and if you think this is a punishment, I don’t care, you should not have let your hair down”,

he said as he pulled my hair to another side, exposing the hickey to everyone.


“Oh please. Okay. So, if I put my hair this side and expose the hickey to everyone, will you ?”,

I asked as I pulled my hair to other side.

“You hate my ksses that much?”, he asked with a cold voice, but I can feel that he is hurt.

“No Dalton! If you keep kssing me, my body is getting heated and I don’t know what I will do!

I may even kss you back hard! My body will never be in my control whenever you are with me! Urggh!

That’s why I am telling you to stop !”,

I said and threw my hands in the air. I looked back at him and found him smirking.

Why is he smir-Oh sht! Sht! Sht! Sht! Did I just say that?!

“You feel what? Say it again”, he said as he took a step forward. I took a step back.
“I… I… that… it…-“.

“Say it Cara. Say it again. I want to hear those words again from your mouth”,

he said as he cornered me against a tree.

I pressed my back onto the tree, while blushing furiously.

I looked down at my feet in embarrassment. Way to go Clara! Is there any other way you can embarrass yourself anymore in front of him?

He won’t stop until he makes me say it again. I should do something. I lift my head up.

“No! I won’t! Why should I?”, I said trying to look at him seriously and to maintain an arrogant face.

“Oh no! Cara Mia! You will say! And you know why? Because you are my secretary and you will do as I say!
Now say it again”,

he demanded as he brought my lips closer to his while lifting my face with my chin.

My breathing hitched and I kept looking at his eyes and back at him.

He stared deep into my eyes, once our eyes met. Desire is clear in his eyes. He stared at my lips and I, at his.

“No Willa! They are not!”, we suddenly heard a small boy kid’s voice.

We broke apart. We both looked down and found a girl and boy of may be six years.

They both have brown hair. They both look like they are having an argument.

“Yes! They are!”, the small girl shouted and stomped her foot on the floor while pointing at us.

“They are not!”, the kid shouted while pointing a finger at us.
“They are Rocky!”, she said angrily. I looked at Dalton with a confused expression.

He has the same expression on his face.

I looked back at kids and they looked like they may fight any minute. I stoop to their level. I put my hand on each of their shoulders.

“Kids, what are you fighting about?”, I asked calmly.

“I am saying that, you both are in love so deeply and I am trying to prove him that love exists!”,

Willa said angrily and folded her hands near her chest. Her lips are in an angry pout.

“Oh, for God’s sake girl! They are not. And love doesn’t exist!”, he argued back.

I blushed a little at their conversation and looked up at Dalton. He just stared at me.
“You list-“, Willa started, but I cut her off.

“Guys, stop it. We are not in love okay?”, I said slowly.

Immediately the girl’s face dropped. I also heard a sharp intake of breathe from Dalton.

“See! Told yo-“, Rocky started, but I cut him off to.

“But Rocky. Love does exist”, I said and he looked back at Willa. She is smirking at him.

“What are you looking at? We are both wrong!”, he said while folding his hands near his chest and smirking at her.

“Whatever”, Willa said slowly and flipped her hair back. I stopped myself from laughing. They are both so cute!

“Let’s go. My dad will be waiting for us”, he said and gave her his hand.

Willa took it and they both ran fast after saying bye to us. I smiled at them.

I turned to look at Dalton and found him deep in thoughts.

“Dalton”, I called him and he looked at me.

“What are you thinking about? Let’s go”, I said and he gave me a curt nod.


We started walking and went to watch other animals.

I came to zoo when I was ten years old and now again.

We walked around. I felt him taking my hand and holding it. He intervined our fingers.

I looked at our hands and then at him. His face doesn’t show any expression. He is just watching the animals.

“What are you looking at?”, he asked as he turned to face me.

“N-Nothing”, I said and tucked a piece of hair behind my ear and blushed as I got caught while staring at him.

“Come on, it’s already afternoon. Let’s go to do lunch”, he said as he pulled me with him.

“Okay”. We both walked through the zoo and came out. We got in the car and pulled off.

The car ride was silent. I don’t know why, but Dalton is so silent.

The only sound that can be heard in the car is the air conditioner and the sound of gears when he pulled.

Soon the car stopped in front of a star hotel. Dalton came and opened the door for me.

He extended his hand for me to take. I took it happily and he gave the keys to valet to park it.

We went inside and Dalton led me to a table, while holding me by my waist.

He pulled out a seat for me.
“Thank you”, I said calmly.

He went and sat in his seat, in front of me. A waiter came.

“Sir, I am Sam. I am your waiter. What is your order sir?”, he asked while clicking on his pen.

“I want one plate of wet chicken wings. Two plates of…”, he kept saying our order and I sighed before looking away.

I lifted my head up and found that the waiter is staring at me while writing down on his notepad.

His gaze irritated me. I squirmed in my seat uncomfortably, while looking down.

“Is it all sir?”, he asked Dalton. I gazed up to look at Dalton. He looks like he is angry, so angry.

“No. I also want you head on my plate.

Which I will have myself if you don’t stop looking at my girl!”, he said the last words angrily and stood up from his seat to beat Sam.

I quickly got up from my seat and went near him to stop him. I put my hands on his bicep.

“Dalton. It’s okay. Leave it”, I said while rubbing his hand and he seemed to cool down a bit.

The waiter left with a scared look on his face.

Dalton sat down on his seat and was about to pulled me on his lap, when I scurried to my seat.

I know he is angry and I stole glances at him.

“Dalton. You didn’t need to get angry at him, you know”, I said while playing with the fork on the table and looking at it.

“Oh I have the every right and I will do what I want!”, he said arrogantly and in a low voice.

His Italian accent is so thick. I just huffed and shook my head at him.

A waiter came, but he was not the same waiter. He served us our food.

He didn’t look at me. He looks like he is in his mid-forties.

“Do you want anything more sir?”, he asked Dalton.

“No”, Dalton just shook his head. The waiter nodded and left.

We started eating and I moaned at the taste.

I licked my lower lip, as I felt something left there. I lifted my gaze up and found Dalton staring at me, with his fork still in his mouth and he gulped.

His eyes are looking at me with desire. Although I should say that his gaze didn’t make me uncomfortable.

It made me feel hot.
“Dalton. What are you looking at?”.

“You sxy lips”, he answered me in a matter-of-fact tone. I cleared my throat and took my fork.

I decided to clear the awkwardness between us.

“The food is good”, I said smiling.
“I know something that is more good”, he said while staring at my lips.

“Dalton! We are surrounded by people. Stop looking at me like that!”.
“Why? Does my gaze also make you feel hot?”,

he asked smirking with an amused expression on his face. I blushed deep red.

He raised an eye brow.
“So, of all the places, why did you want to go to a zoo?”, I asked curiously.

His demanor immediately changed. He sat straight in his seat.

He seemed uncomfortable with the question. God Clara! What did you do?!

“You don’t need to answer it, if yo-“.
“I want to. When my mother was alive, she used to take me to zoo, because I love watching animals when I was a kid.

I do now also. After she died, I never went there, because my dad never took me and after I grew up, I didn’t want to go, because the…”, he stopped what he was saying and I understood.

The memories haunted him. My heart tugged as I can feel his pain.

I want to hug him to my chest and rub his back.

I want to put his head in my neck and tell him to let it all out. I stopped myself from doing that.

I can feel tears forming at the corner of my eyes.

“I just wanted to go to that place again with you”, he said calmly while staring into my eyes.

I am sure my eyes are filled with tears. I don’t know why, but the feeing now I am feeling are over-whelming me.

He wanted to go to that place with me? I am sure that going there means so much to him.

My heart fluttered with happiness that he shared such a sacred thing of his with me.

“Dalton”, I whispered his name.
“I am sorry for boring you. Come on, let’s eat”, he said and started eating.

I just stared at him. Who says this man doesn’t have a heart? I smiled at him and continued eating.

I tried to crack jokes to change the atmosphere between us and I should say they worked because there was an amused expression on his face and he almost smiled but hid it soon.


We came out of the hotel at may be three in the afternoon. We talked so much or should I say, I talked so much.

He kept listening to whatever I was saying. He never once looked like he was bored.

“Now where?”, I asked as we sat in the car. He looked at me.

“You will see when we go there”.
“Okay”, I said and turned on the music.

I bobbed my head for the music and turned my head to look out of the window.

We are out of the city. But I don’t care. I feel his hand on my thigh, but I didn’t say anything.

It feels comfortable. I don’t know why, but it does.

A smile formed on my lips. He just put it there, he didn’t try anything.

I put my head back on the seat and closed my eyes.

I feel the car speed up. I concentrated on the music. The car went through some bumps.

Why are there bumps on the way we go? I hear the car screech and opened my eyes.

I see the sky of the evening. How much time did he drive? I heard the car door open and turned my head to see that Dalton has opened the door for me.

There is a small smile on his face.
I came out of the car with a confused face as to why he brought me here.

He took my hand and I looked around. We are on the top of a hill.

He brought me in front of the car and we both leaned on the car.

The top of the hill is covered with trees. The whole city can be seen from here. It looks so beautiful.

“Wow Dalton! It’s beautiful from here!”, I said while looking at the city.
He just gave me a smile.

“So, why did you bring me here?”, I asked and turned to him.

He pecked my cheek and took a quick look at his clock. He put his hand on my shoulder and turned me to the city again.

He pulled me closer. The sun changed from the glowing yellow to an orangish red.

The whole sky is filled with a pink and light orange color. The scenery is mind blowing.

“See”, he whispered in my ear and I gave him a confused look.

“See what?”. He is looking at the sky, mainly the sun. Now I got it.

I just watched the sun and the sky. The Sun has slowly set down.

We both watched it without missing. When it completely set down.

We both turned to look at each other. It’s so peaceful here. No one can hear us. No one can disturb us. He just stared at me.

“You are beautiful”, he whispered and I never felt more beautiful.

I blushed and smiled at him.
“The sunset is superb.

So, you wanted to watch the sunset?”, I asked him and he held me by my waist.

“Yes. But with you”, he said as he slowly ran the tips of his fingers on my cheek.

“Why?”, I asked while staring into my eyes. Our lips are so close
“Don’t ask me. Cause I don’t know myself”, he whispered and kssed me. I didn’t hesitate.

“Dalton”, I whispered his name, while giving him a confused look as to why he stopped. He held my face.

“I don’t think I can control myself if I go any further Cara Mia”, he said while panting and I blushed while nodding my head.

He lifted me from the car and was looking at me. I gave him a questioned look.

He looked down and looked up at me again. I followed his gaze and found that my legs are wrapped around his torso and I can even feel his bulge.

I blushed and slowly dropped my legs to the ground. I grinned sheepishly.

He almost gave a big smile. He pecked my cheek and went to open the car door for me.

“Thank you”, I said still blushing and sat down.

“You are welcome”, he said and went to his side. He sat in the driver’s seat.


Soon we are off the hill and we are in the city traffic. I am still blushing remembering the kss.

He kept his hand on my thigh again. I didn’t mind. It felt natural.

Though the traffic is passing by, my mind full of the events that happened today.

I am lost in my thoughts, that I didn’t see we are near my house.

“Cara”, I hear him call and looked at him.

“We have reached your house”, he said while lifting his chin and nodded towards the house.

Oh, that was fast. The ended so soon. I looked up at him while smiling.

“Thank you. I had a wonderful day”.
“You are welcome”, he said and just stared at him.

I leaned down slowly and pecked his lips lightly.

He closed his eyes for that one second and opened them to look at me again as I pulled away.


I got out of the car. I just didn’t want the day to end. But it ended already.

I don’t want to leave him. But I should.

“Have a good sleep”, I said and went to the door of my house. I opened the door and turned back to look at him. He pulled off. I went inside and shut the door.

“Wow! Tell me what happened!”, I hear my mother say and my brother is looking at me curiously.

I squealed as I am startled. But they seem unaffected by it.

Good. Now I have to face the wrath of my family.


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