By Worthy stories

Episode 21

?-Stubborn Hearts?

Clara’s POV

“I have to do this, for the sake of my peace that you will be happy without me.”

“I am sorry. I want you to live a long life.”

“I have to do this.”

“I love you.”

His words keep ringing in my head. The look on his face when he said I love you as he left keeps coming back to me.

I won’t let him leave me and our relationship like this.

Never! He can’t just walk away from me as he pleases.

I am a part of this relationship too. It’s a two way street.

With determination, I walk into his office. He is not here yet.

Going to his table, I set everything in place, his files, notepad, pens and a glass of water.

As I set his table, my past memories come back.

Everything is clear now. Then I remember how I behaved in front of him these past few months when I don’t remember him.

I offered him coffee, I called him the Handsome Man, I dumped water on him and all these other silly things.


Oh God! I was even asking him who his ex-girlfriend was!

I was jealous of myself! I sound like an idiot when I think about that.

I made a fool of myself in front of him all these weeks.

Honestly, I don’t feel that embarrassed also, because it is My Dalton who saw me do all these things.

Then I remember how he gets suddenly cold to me.

He was trying to keep me away by being near me.

Oh Baby! Why are you doing this?! I remember how he held me close as I cried in the conference room when we talked about the sxual harassment in the company.

I remember how he spoke rudely to me when I was in his office once to apologize.

Oh and the menu card I used to hid from him.

What was I thinking?!

He took care of me every time something happened like the time I stepped on a glass and the time I fainted and woke up in his lap.

He says he is the danger to me when it’s the opposite.

Opening his table drawer, I take his file to put it in, but I found a file with my name.

What is this? What surprised me is not that he had a file on my name, but why would he need one.

He is with me every walking second. I pull it out and put it on the table.

Opening it, I see my medical reports, some pictures of me taken before I joined the company.

He had me followed? There are some security papers as well.

Did he assign security on me?

I just stare at the file. There is everything about me in here.

He is not away from me even before I started working here.



My heart swells with warmth. He can’t do all this and leave me.

I will do anything it takes to stop him! Closing the file, I keep it back in his drawer.

Just as I close the drawer, the door opens and in walks The Handsome Man.

Warmth spreads over my body as I see him walk in.

My Handsome Man. He looks up and our eyes meet. The surprise is clear in his eyes.

That’s right! You thought I would just let you leave me?

I realize how psycho that sounds, but he is the real psycho here.

He is the one breaking our relationship and breaking both of our hearts.

“Good morning, Mr. Bryant!” I greet him as I fold my hands near my chest. A smirk is surely playing on my face.

“Clara.” He seems to be coming out of shock. Arh!

It was a completely different feeling hearing him call my name before and after regaining my memories, both in a good way.

He says my name with such love that my heart is melting and I want to kneel and do whatever he says.

He comes to me in three long strides. “What are you doing here?

Did they discharge you already? How are you feeling?”

“Oh, so much concern for your ex-girlfriend.” I have to say that sassily.

The hurt is clear in his eyes. We both know we both love each other and the break up is because he wants to protect me from himself.

No matter how stupid it sounds, that is the situation.

I shouldn’t have been rude. “I am sorry.” There is a pause before I speak. I put my hand on his chest, like I used

to do before. “It was rude of me.”

“It’s okay.” He takes my other hand in his, just like he used to do.


Oh God! How can he part when he remembers everything? “How are you?” I give him a smile.

“I am fine. The doctors said everything is good and they sent me home yesterday.”

“But you don’t need to come to the office. You should be resting.”

“How can I rest when I got to know that you are leaving in a week?”

I can’t rest! All I can think about is how to bring you back to your senses!

“Who told you that?” He asks. I don’t want to throw William under the bus now.

I pull away from him, but let him hold my hand.

“I saw your schedule.” I lie. He sighs.

“William told you.” He figures out. Sht!

“Why?” I have to know.

“Why, what?” He looks genuinely confused.

“Is it not enough that you broke up with me that you want to go so far away from me?”

My heart is aching. He looks at me silently like he can’t bring himself to speak.

He looks at me like he is in pain.

“Is that a question an ex-girlfriend is supposed to ask?”

“I will kill you, if you mock me right now.” He smiles at my threat.

I would have been flattered by that smile if it was any other time, but not now.

“Who breaks up like that, huh? You come into my life whenever you want and leave whenever you want?

Who gave you the permission to play with my heart?”

“Cara.” He whispers as he pulls me close by my waist.

Oh, his hand on my waist feels so good! His arms are my home!

He looks into my eyes. I stare back into his. When I used to do that before, I used to fear that he might know that I like him, that I like my boss, but now… there is not fear.

Three is just pure love and longing. “I love you.” Fuc”*! My heart!

“Stop! Stop it! Stop saying that if you are going to leave!” I try to pull away, but his hold is tight.

“I wanted to say that to you every time you walked in here,

I wanted to say that when I had you in my lap when you fainted in your cabin, I wanted to say that to you when you bought me coffee… Fk!

I wanted to tell you that every day morning when you came and dictated me my schedule.”

My hands instinctively go around his neck. “I wanted to tell you… that I love you.”

“Martin!” Tears gather in my eyes. Why does he do this to my heart?! Why! “I hate you!”

I love you too, you stupid fool! I hug him to hide my tears and I hug him tightly. He does the same.

“I know.” He whispers. He presses his lips against the top of my head.

I savor this sweet moment of being in arms. Pulling away I look at him.

“Give me your phone.” I demand and he obeys. He pulls the phone out of his pocket and places it on my now extended palm.

Taking my phone that I placed on his table while cleaning, I dial his number. MD.

It rings and a picture of us both appears on his phone with my contact name.

CM. Cara Mia. I look up at him and he looks at me not understanding what I am doing.

“What happened?”

I bite my lip and think about how to say it. “I… I always had this contact on my phone and I wondered who it was.

I know it is you now, but I just wanted to… I don’t know.” I trail off. I want to reassure myself.

“I understand.” He says.

“I once called on this number and you picked up but you didn’t answer.”

He nods. “I didn’t know if you called me because you remember who I was or you accidentally dialed it.

I was too shocked and happy to see your name on phone when you called.” I stay silent as he speaks.

“You called me with this number a few days ago.”

“I did. I accidentally dialed your number from my personal number.

That’s why I didn’t speak then too.” I nod my head at his response.

“You saved my name as Cara Mia?” He looks at me weirdly. “What?” I ask. Why is he looking at me like that?

“No. You saved it.” I stare him in surprise. I did? “You said it rhymes with the way you saved my contact, MD.” He explains.

“Oh.” I wonder.

“You don’t remember everything?” He asks.

“I have gaps in my memory.” I have been trying to recollect everything from the beginning, but some things are like puzzles.


“Yes. The doctor said that it’s normal and that slowly I will gain all the memories back.”

He doesn’t seem convinced, but he nods. “Okay.” I give him his phone back.

“Now give me the ring.” I ask. I took it off his hand when he wanted to leave me in the hospital, but he took it back as he left.

“Clara, don’t.” His voice sounds like he in pain.

“I will give it back. I just want to… confirm something.

” He looks at me for a second before giving me the ring.

I check the inside of the ring and the marking is there like I saw in my vision or memory.

I love you. It is engraved inside the ring as I saw in my memory.

I look up at him. “What is it?” He asks. I shake my head.

“I just… When I fainted in my cabin and woke up in your lap…” He urges me to continue.

“I regained the memory of giving you this ring.”


“Yes, but didn’t know who the woman was in my memory.

I thought I was imagining things.” He smiles down at me.

“Here.” I offer to put the ring on his finger. He happily gives his hand.


Slipping the ring on his finger, I stare at it for a second before letting his hand go.

“I will transfer you back to the HR department.” He says and I look at him.

“No. I want to work here.”

“Clara. You should not-”

“You might have a say in our relationship, but you can’t do that to my professional life.”

I stand stubborn. If I have to bring him to his senses, I have to be strong.

Although I know that he is already meddling in my professional life since the very beginning of our relationship two years ago when I first started working under him.

We started mixing personal and professional long ago.


“I am going to work as a personal assistant for my next boss.”

He looks away as I say it. Now that he is boiling, I just have to add fire to it.

I have to become the devil. “Who knows, now that I am single.”

He immediately looks at me knowing what I am about to say. His eyes are turning red already.

I know you too well, Baby. “Maybe…” I trail off. Ew. I can’t bring myself to say it.

“Maybe, what?” He is almost daring me to complete the sentence.

Now, I am determined. I meet his eyes as if challenging him.

“Maybe I will fall in love with hi-m Dalton!” Before I can even finish the sentence, he flips the chair beside him.

It falls and slides across the large room. It’s a good thing that only we are in this office.

He is angry. Angrier than I expected. I bite my lip.

My heart starts racing. He looks at me. Angry eyes looking back into mine.

I am not scared though. I know he wouldn’t hurt me. He takes a minute to cool down.

He comes to me and caresses my cheek. “It will be hard for me to accept that you will move on and fall in love with someone else as time goes by.

“I laugh internally. He is a fool if he thinks that. I can only love you.

I want to say that out loud. “But I will accept it. I have to.

” He moves closer and I just want to pull him to me. “Provoke me all you want, Cara.”

He leans down and kisses my cheek, not sensually, but with love. “I will be provoked.” I look at him in surprise.

Is he giving in so easily?

Only you have that power. I will be provoked till this week ends.”

My heart clenches at his works. He will be gone after that.

No! “Play all the games you want to play with me.

But I have made my decision.” His voice soft with love.

Our noses are touching as he speaks. Anger courses through me as I hear him say that.

“You fool!” Tears are threatening to pool in my eyes.

“You stupid!” I can’t hold back. He looks apologetic.

“How can you?” He looks away like he is not able to see the pain my eyes.

“You know what you are?” He looks back at me. “A coward!” I say the words angrily.


“You run away from love, you are running away from the person you love and the person who loves you.”

“I am not running away. I am leaving to protect-”

“To protect me from you?” He just stares at me as I say that. “You are absurd and you will see that too.”

“It is because I love you that I have to leave.” Now tears are in my eyes.

“You love me?” He looks offended at my question.

“You know I do.”

“Then stay.” He shakes his head. “Stay and let’s fight this together.”

“I want to, I want to fight everything in life together with you. But, if we are together, you might not even be…” He trails of not wanting to complete.”

“Alive?” I ask.

“Cara, how can I fight anything knowing that you are not in this world because of me? How can I fight anything without you?”

“I don’t know, you tell me. Because you are planning on leaving me. So you must have figured it out.” I feel angry.

“Cara.” He looks like my words are causing him pain.


Well, he is causing me pain too! Not that I want to hurt him, but he has to see the truth, he needs to.

“I will feel better knowing you are not in danger because of me. That’s worth fighting for.”

I let out a laugh like I am crazy. I put my face in my palms to cool myself down.

“Cara Mia.” He whispers softly, pulling my hands away from my face.

I look at him and meet his eyes, staring into them as I calm myself.

This man… This man that I deeply love has become so selfless that he nearly looks selfish.

But I love this man. He is my man. My Handsome Man.

He pulls me in for a hug. I put my arms around him without holding back.

I need to recharge myself to fight with him for this whole week and this… being in his arms helps me recharge.

I will have to be patient with him. I will have to fight with him and I have to make him see things clearly.

He places a peck on my head and lingers his lips there for a second.

I close my eyes as I feel relaxed. He can’t leave me. At least for this, I have to keep him here, to just hug him like this whenever I want to.

He says he has to leave and here he is, holding me with love.

We fight to be together and here we are together.

What a strange thing this love is?

I pull away and look at him. I feel recharged, but I still want to stay in his arms.

He looks at me like he doesn’t want me to go. Yet he is the one that’s wanting to leave.

“You are going to stay stubborn aren’t you?”

“I have to.” His words seem almost forced. I nod my head at him.

“You know I am much more stubborn than you are.”

I state and he gives me a small smile as he nods his head.

“Your morning meeting will start at ten O’clock. I will mail you the details.”

I say in my professional voice. He looks at me in surprise because of my sudden change in behavior.

The fight has just began!

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