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Episode 25

?Break up Ring/Promise Ring and Jealous Boss/Ex-Boyfriend?

Clara’s POV

“Mom, I am late. I will have this on the way. Bye!”

I take the sandwich and take a bite of it. Mom comes and hugs me.

Okay, what’s this? She hugs me like I am never coming back.

I hug her back. I look at Micheal from her shoulder and he shrugs.

“Goodbye.” She says once she pulls away. What?

“Mom, did something happen?” She wipes the tears from the corner of her eyes.

“Nothing, Sweetie! I am just happy you are here. Remember, any decision I take is only to see you happy.”

“Okay. I know you love me and I love you too. But this is getting weird.” I have to confess.

“Go, you will late to your office otherwise.”

I peck her cheek. “Bye, Mom!” Taking another bite of sandwich, I go to the front door.

It’s been a month since the accident. Dalton, Mom and Micheal were there for most of the time.


Dalton left for two days to settle everything in LA to come back here.

He is doing everything he can to get me back. What surprised me was Mom was so angry at him for leaving me,

I don’t know how he convinced her to like him back.

She is back to calling him ‘Son’ like she used to.

Is he a wizard?

He winks at me after that and tells me I am next.

Yeah, like that’s going to happen! His handsome face, hot body and loving attitude are not going to melt me down!

Okay, I am melting again! Cold, clara! You should be stone Cold!

Micheal is still a bit angry at him. I have been discharges last week and I am starting office from today.

I am feeling good today. Dalton is back in the city. Our fight is nearly over.

My heart is no longer broken I am feeling happy. Everything is in place. But I am still angry at him.

I open the door and gasp. “What are you doing here?!”

He standing there, leaning against his car with his arms folded near his chest in his dark grey suit, looking Hella Hot!

He gives me his charming smile. Okay, I have to be honest.

Am I angry at him? Yes, I am. I was. During all the time I spent with him at the hospital, he took care of me and it just… the anger just evaporated.

Am I going to give in? No. He broke my heart. He left me. He then came back and says he wants me. I am not a doll!

He has to work for it if he wants to get me back. But he is making it incredibly difficult!

I mean, imagine your man, standing at your door looking like that, waiting for you to take you to work.

My poor heart is like, I want him! Urgh! It’s hard to resist.

“I am came to pick you up for work.” He answers opening the door for me.

“No. Thank you. If anyone sees us together, there will be rumors flying in the office.” I walk past him.

“Please, Cara Mia. Let me take you to work.” He pleads and my heart is flipping.

There is another thing, where he is doing this thing saying please and it’s not healthy for me, that I know.

“No.” I turn around to walk away. Suddenly I am lifted into air by my waist and I am being carried to the car. “What are you doing?! Stop! Dalton!”

“I am taking you to work.” He says with finality and makes me sit in the passenger seat.

He closes the door. I try to open it, but it’s locked. Urgh! Dalton!

He comes and sits in driving seat. “Open the door.” I order.

“Cara.” He says looking at me. “We both know, I am not going to.

There is no point in trying.” I know. There is no winning with you.

“Now, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.” I sigh. He leans towards me and I thought he is going to kss me.

He reaches over and pulls the seat belt. His lips lights touch my cheek.

Okay, he is doing it intentionally! I take in a moment to breath his scent. Oh my God!

Just like that, he is back I his seat as he buckles my seat belt.

He smiles. Oh, he knows what he is doing! You sly bastard! “Okay.

Stop that smile! I have seen it in a lot of movies and it’s not working!”

“Oh, yeah? Then why are you blushing?” He smirks. He knows it’s working! Why does he have to be so charming?!

“I am not. Just drive!” I look out the window trying to hide my red face.

“Another thing.” He says and I look at him. He pulls a little box out of his pocket and looks at me.

“Give me your hand.” I do and he smiles before opening the box and taking out whatever is in it.

He pulls out a light pink diamond ring. It’s huge. It’s huge! He takes my hand and slips it on my ring finger.

“I know it’s too early.” He starts. I look at him in shock. “But, this is a promise ring.”

“What?” I am still in awe.

“A promise that I will get you back.”

I look at the ring and then back at him. No! No! No! I try to pull it off.

“You are not getting me back with a ring!” He stops me as I try to pull it off.

“I know. I know.”

“We have broken up, Dalton.” Hurt passes his eyes as he hears me say that.

Well, you broke my heart too! I am sorry! “I can’t!” He stops me again.

“You can have it as a break up ring then.”

I look at him like he lost his mind. “What?” He pauses for a moment before he speaks.

“It is a break up ring. If you ever take it off that means we are back together.”

“That’s ridiculous, Dalton!”

“I don’t care. You can take that ring off, if you want and I will take it that you are ready to be my girlfriend.” He smirks. Fk! He got me!


“Yes, Baby?”

“That’s not how it works!”

“That’s exactly how it works for me.” He shrugs like that’s really how it works.

“Who gives a break up ring?!”

“I do.” I sigh and lean back in my seat. He starts driving and keeps his hand on my thigh like he always does.

I remove it, but he places it again. This continues for a while.

I get tired, but I know he is only enjoying it. No point! He is just so stubborn!

I let him be and look at the ring, HUGE ring on my finger.

He can buy me a ring, but this huge… Something is off. I don’t understand why he wants me to wear it that much.

I think about it and my memory goes back to the time we spent in the hospital last month.

I remember flirting with a male nurse there and even gave him my number just to provoke Dalton.

That was the day I got discharged. For some reason, he never even messaged, not that I was looking forward for that.

The whole time, I was flirting with him, Dalton remained calm.

His normal self would usually freak out and go possessive over my ass, but this time… he was surprisingly calm, very calm in fact.

I gasp as I look at the ring. This is not a promise ring!

This is not a break up ring! This ring is to not let any men near me even if I flirt with them!

That way he doesn’t have to get jealous!

“Dalton.” This is stupid.

“Yes, Cara.” He looks at me as he stops the engine.

We have reached the office cellar. I nearly shove my hand in his face as I lift it up.

“Is this because I flirted with that nurse in the hospital?”

He doesn’t answer for a minute. “No. But the idea of the ring started then.”

“Oh, yeah?” He nods his head at my sarcastic question. I try to remove it.

“Oh, you want to get back together already? Thank you, Baby.” He tries to hug me. I push him away.

“No! No!” I put the ring back. “See, I am wearing it.” I sigh and sit back.

He reaches and pulls some pills out from the cover in the back seat.

“You didn’t take your tablets yet.” He takes my hand and puts two pills in them and shoves a bottle in my other hand.

I don’t even ask where he got it from. “You always forget them.”

He scolds me and I just take them before giving the bottle back.

“You are coming back to work as my PA?” He asks. He usually never asks. It’s always his way.

“No, Dalton. I want to continue working in HR department.”

He looks away. “I am not going to force you.” He suddenly turns to me and pulls me in for a hug. ”

I love you.” Oh my God! This is going to be hard! Hearing him say those words never gets old. My heart flutters.

“I love you too.” I hug him back. We just stay there like that for I don’t know how long.

“Whoa! Let me see!” Tina takes my hand in hers.

“I wish I had a boyfriend who gives me a promise ring like that.”

She says checking out the ring on my finger. Nick is thrusting his mouth with french fries beside me. We are in the canteen having lunch.

Yes, I told her that it is a promise ring. I don’t want to call it a break up ring.

I don’t have the heart. I know he is trying and that we will be going back being together eventually… I mean… It’s only natural.

Even though I act like we are not together with him, in my heart we are not broken up yet. No one in the office knows whom I am dating though.

All through the morning, I have done but think about us both.

Dalton has called me two times in between reminding me to take my medicines.

He has been calling me with his old number. The MD number and for some reason, my heart is all rainbows and unicorns about it.

I am so stupid! He has asked me to join for lunch.

But this is my first day back and I don’t want to miss lunch with my work friends.

It would only make them more suspicious. I told him I would join him late.

So, here I am, gushing about my promise ring or more like break up ring. Oh Dalton! You Handsome Man!

This is going to be so tough!


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