MEANT TO BE: Chapter 51 – 60

(being Elva)

Chapter 51

Zeemah writes?

?Mig’s POV ?

We arrived home chatting and laughing,we entered the house and i packed the woods to set up the fireplace while Elva and Fleur walked to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

I arranged some logs of woods perfectly in the fireplace before striking the match.

A log fire cracked in the fireplace and instantly added pleasant warmth to the living room.

I stood up and pulled off my sweater before sitting on the couch.

Thanks to the lit fireplace,I’m now feeling warm,i stared into space clicking my tongue.

I remembered Daisy and felt my body shook.
Her death hurt me a lot, she was just like a family and i like her so much.

Why did she just have to die like that,I’m very sure she would have turn a new leaf but that’s too late now ..

I brushed off my thoughts and stood up, walking towards the kitchen to meet Fleur and Elva..I’m getting bored alone.

I met them washing the dishes in the sink with their backs to me.

I smiled to myself as a thought crossed my mind .
I mewed like a cat and they screamed so loud in fear with the dishes dropping out of their hands.

I laughed hard, holding my stomach.
My chest was hurting but i couldn’t help the laughter..the way Fleur had widened her eyes while screaming is enough to make a doll laugh.

They turn to glare at me and i smirked.
“Mig that isn’t funny” Fleur screamed.
“Mig you scared us!” Elva exclaimed.
“That was how you growled like a snow monster earlier” Fleur said with a frown.
“C’mon girls,you get scared easily” I said.
“That was scary,i thought a cat had walked into the kitchen” Fleur said and i chuckled.

Fleur has always been like that since childhood, she gets scared easily and i usually taunt her with it.

“Why haven’t you started preparing as anything?” I asked.
“We are still debating on what to make for dinner so we decided to wash the stained dishes first” Elva said.

“Okay why don’t you make casserole?” I asked and saw excitement written all over their faces.
“Yes!!” They exclaimed.
“But” Fleur said.
“What?” I asked.
“You are gonna prepare it” She said and a frown appeared on my face.

“But you said it yourself that I’m still recovering” I pouted.
“Hmm…yes but that doesn’t stop you from preparing casserole” Fleur said as i felt like knocking down her head.
“Aaaargh” I sighed.

“Okay let all make it together,you will be the main cook. Fleur and i will just be of assistance” Elva said.
“Yeah i agree” I said and smirked when i saw Fleur’s face.

Lazy fellow.


We sat round the dining with our meal placed in front of us .
“I can’t wait to start eating” Fleur said.
I shook my head and she sent me a glare.
We started eating.
“Yummy…I’ve missed casserole” I said with a nod.
“So…we will check out the passage tomorrow right?” Fleur said.
“The door code is still with us right?” I asked.
“Yeah…it’s scribbled on the paper, that’s in the shelf”
“Okay tomorrow then..” I concluded gulping my water.
I was done with my dinner when i noticed Fleur and Elva finished before me .
“I’m going to bed” I said standing up.

“Aw…let’s all go to bed together,wait a little so Elva and i can sort out the dishes” Fleur said and i nodded.
“Okay, I’ll be in the living room” I said with a yawn before walking there.

I sunk into a couch and yawned again… I’m very sure i would have dozed off before they finish washing the dishes.

?Elva’s POV?

Fleur and i took the empty dishes to the kitchen sink and started washing.

We talked about a lot of things and ended up spending up to an hour on just few dishes.

We were finally done,we placed it in the drain board and dried our hands before walking to the living room.

We met Mig already asleep on the couch.
“Whoa !! Mig slept quite early today” Fleur said and i nodded.
She gave him a light tap on his shoulder and he opened his eyes, sitting up right on the couch.

“Mig come sleep in your room” She said and he nodded sleepily before standing up.

We entered our various rooms after saying our goodnight.
I jumped right on the bed squealing excitedly.

“Dmn I’ve missed this room especially this soft bed” I muttered looking around.
I smiled before getting up from the bed.
I picked my pyjamas from the wardrobe, then headed to the bathroom.


I walked back to my room after freshening up for the night and then changing into my pyjamas.
I bounced on the bed and turned on the bedside lamp,i slipped the blanket over my body and yawned loudly.

I will finally have a good night rest.
I closed my eyes and before i knew it. I had fallen into a deep sleep.

??? Next morning???

I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body .
I walked out of the bathroom and headed towards my bed.
My today’s outfit is spread on the bed .

I dried my body before slipping on my undies,picked up the body lotion,pressed it on my palm, rubbed it together before applying it on my body.

I wore my white tank top with blue skirt .
I stood in front of the mirror to adjust it perfectly.

I already received my monthly pay and I’ve told Mig and Fleur about it while we were still at the hospital.

I plan on buying Fleur the black beautiful shoes she always stare admiringly at everyday on our way home and Mig ?… I don’t know yet but i will definitely come up with something.

I brushed through my hair and applied some hair lotion before packing it into a bun,I slipped my feet into my flip flops before jogging out of the room.

I got to the living room and met Mig sitting on the couch with a novel in hand..he’s clad in a cute white top with black jeans.

I pinched his lightly and he flinched, turning back to look at me.
I laughed.
“That’s the pay back of what you did to us yesterday” I said and stuck out my tongue.
He sent me a playful glare and i smiled before sitting beside him.

“Title?” I asked pointing to the novel in his hand.
“The kss” He replied.
“Wow!” I exclaimed looking at him with puppy eyes.
He smiled,already knowing what i meant.
“Okay… okay,i will lend you once I’m done with it” He said.
“Yaaay” I squealed excitedly, hugging him.
He kssed me in the process and i smiled blushing deeply.
“Where is Fleur?” I asked.
“In the kitchen, making breakfast”
“Uh.. okay, let me go help her” I said” I said and stood up.
I hit him playfully on the shoulder.
“Ouch” He said and i laughed, sticking out my tongue before strolling to the kitchen.

I met Fleur already setting up the table..
“Good morning Fleur”
“Good morning Elva”
“ already made breakfast” I said and she nodded.
“It’s pancake and tea..and you know what?” She asked.
“I’m very good at making pancakes,you are really gonna enjoy you” She boasted playfully and i smiled.
“Help me call Mig to the dinning please” She said walking back to the kitchen to drop the tray.

“Mig” I shouted from the dinning..”breakfast is ready” I said.
“Okay… coming” He said and i heard loud footsteps coming towards the dinning.
Fleur also returned from the kitchen and we all sat down to eat.


We washed the dishes after breakfast and truly i enjoyed Fleur’s pancake.
She’s gonna teach me how to make it some other time.

Mig took the paper containing the code and we all headed to the underground passage.
We opened the door and climbed down the stairs before getting there.

It’s dead silent and i kinda felt scared.
Daisy’s luggage stood by the side of the door and Fleur shook her head sadly before dragging it aside.

Mig’s face had turn sad.
He sighed and shifted closer to the door,he pressed in the code and surprisingly the door opened.

“Wow” We exclaimed at once with our mouth agape.

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