AFRAID TO LOVE: Episode 41-50

Afraid to Love

Episode 41

What is he talking about? Of course, she had agreed to marry him and that’s why she had to reveal everything to him.

He had to know the truth. “Yes, Jeremy. I will marry you and that’s why I need to -”

Purity felt a hand, brushing her hair. Her body shook in surprise. Behold! It was Jeremy’s hand. She’d been so busy trying to explain to him what she needed to say. She hadn’t realized that he had left his chair to hers and he had apparently touched her hair. No man does that. She was still thinking of the right words total say to him when he lifted her off the chair. Her hands were firmly trapped in his.

Electric sensations ran all over her body. What was Jeremy about to do? She couldn’t think much, for she was overwhelmed by those feelings.

He stared right into her silver eyes. “Why did you say yes? Why do you want to marry me?” He was too close. His emotions were beginning to cloud his brain. Purity, Purity. Only she could do this to him.

She couldn’t understand why he was asking that question. Was he ending things with her? He knew the reason. “I don’t understand you,” she tried not to stammer. “Why the question?”

“Please, answer.”

Purity heaved a sigh. “Fine. We agreed to be friends. To help your papa, he’s sick. And…and…” she trailed off.

“And what?” Jeremy’s heart danced with excitement. Was she gonna say she liked him?

She hung her head. “My parents wants us to be together. My father, especially believes you are the right man for me. The only man who could tame me. He believes you are just like him. It would break their hearts if we let them down.” She paused, then quickly added. “I believe he is right.” she raised her head and held his gaze.

He smiled at her. It didn’t hurt that much. She had come to terms that he is the right man for her. “What is my father wasn’t ill and our parents let us pick our mates and we met, you’d still like me?”

Purity smiled faintly. She knew were he was heading. “Maybe.”

“Do you know why I want you to be my wife?”

“Yes. Probably the same reason.”

He shook his head. “No. Its…. Its because…… because……” he scratched his head. Why isn’t this d–n word coming out? “Um…”

She laughed at his stuttering. “Cat caught your tongue, right?”

“I like you.” They finally came out. He watched her closely for her reaction. Seeing that she was too astonished to speak, he continued. “I want you to marry me not because of our parents. They had played some part in it, but its not just them. Its about us. I want you. Need you.

To get to know you more and then spend eternity with you.” He was sure that amazement was killing her. He grinned, left her hand and dropped a knee to the ground. Searching his pocket, he brought out a tiny black box.

Purity watched him with her mouth open and her eyes, dilated.

He opened the box slowly. There was a tiny jewelry in it. He took it out- it was a diamond ring. Taking hold of her hand, he slipped the ring on her third finger. It fitted perfectly.

“Jeremy,” she gasped.

He titled his head upwards. “Now, you are mine.”
He got on his feet. “It fits well. Do you like it?” he beamed.

What just happened? Her brain was still processing what just token place. Jeremy said he likes her? Not marrying her because of his papa? He had given her an engagement ring symbolising their union? She never imagined this would happen so soon. She liked him too. She was very happy. She hid her excitement.
“Oh, Jeremy, this is lovely. How did you know my size?” her eyes were admiring the beautiful ring on her third finger. It sparkled. And it matched her neck-lace and ear-rings.

“Well, I didn’t know your size, I just got it and figured it’ll fit your tiny finger.”

She laughed gleefully. “Its beautiful.”

“Are you happy?” She was supposed to be. He could see it in her eyes. Thank God it went well. There should be no regrets.

Purity nodded. “Yes, I am happy. Thank you.”

He beckoned her to sit, which she did. He rested on the table. “You had something important to tell me?”

“I did?” Purity asked, she was trying to recall.

“Yes. You don’t remember?”

Uh-oh! About her past. She didn’t want to anymore. “Its just that, I… I….”


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