AFRAID TO LOVE: Episode 51 – 60

Afraid to Love

Episode 51

Ronald beamed with joy as he caught sight of his brother-in-law at the front door. “Welcome, Jeremy.”

Jeremy stepped into the well furnished living room. He had his hopes up.

Ronald closed the door behind him. “Take a sit.”

“Don’t bother, I’ll stand. Where’s Purity?” He didn’t want to spend time there, just to get Purity and move to a quiet place where they would talk.

He hadn’t seen her after the previous night and was so worried about her. He badly wanted to see her.

He knew it was going to be really difficult talking to her after what he’d seen that night.

The anger was there, however, he still wanted to be with her, he craved for her.

Now he was the one going after her- it was women that usually come after him. It was very different with Purity, he didn’t mind at all. Love could really change people.

“Purity’s not home.” Ronald flatly told hm, dragging him from his reverie.

Ronald’s words hadn’t sank into Jeremy’s head. He waited for few seconds to let the words sink in. “She’s not home?”

“I just said that.”

Jeremy was beginning to get angry. It was her fault, all her fault. They were to meet. She was the one to come to his office, but she hadn’t; he was at her home for her only to be informed that she wasn’t there. Purity Theodore, what is wrong with you?
“Where can I find her?”

“Um,” Ronald was confused. He had no idea what was going on between Jeremy and his sister. Purity was worse, she was acting strange and going back to her former self. “Should be at the company.”

“Thanks.” He could have gone there first. He turned his back to Ronald and went straight to the door.


Jeremy stopped walking and turned to face Ronald. He sent him a questioning look.

“What’s up with you two? Purity is weird.”

He smirked. It had to happen. “Normal crisis in a relationship. We’ll get it fixed. Bye.”

Jeremy found his way out of the house before he be interrogated by Ronald. Those inquisitive eyes and his puzzled look. Jeremy knew that if he started answering his questions, he’d never leave and his pending conversation with Purity would be post-poned and that would make matters even worse.

Thank God he escaped. It’d be up to the brothers to figure out the whole thing for themselves. If they really wanted to know.

Hastily, he slid into his car and drove out of the Theodore’s duplex, going straight to the Theodore’s Enterprise. Purity, Purity, Purity. This woman was making him go crazy. He left his work just for her. How many women make him do this?
“Good afternoon, sir.” Heather greeted Jeremy.

Jeremy smiled in return. He took his time to examine Purity’s secretary. He remembered the first day he was there, it was really an ugly scene between them both. He hadn’t seen her since then. She was pretty and well mannered.

He felt sorry for her, knowing she was putting up with Purity and all her crazy acts. Maybe the secretary wasn’t all that bad, but her big mouth was what made Purity treat her that way. His smile turned into a grin as he recalled that day’s event.
“How are you doing?”

“I’m fine, sir.” She replied, looking down.

Jeremy observed this, “Are you scared of me?”

She looked up at him and held his gaze. “Of course, not. Why should I be?”

He laughed loud. “You still remember what happened the first day I was here?”

Heather cursed that day. It was a very embarrassing day for her. She hated to remember it.^”Sir, why are you here?” Heather didn’t want to discuss that day.

Jeremy understood. “To see my fiancee of course.”

That statement surprised her. “But sir, she’s not here.”

“What do you mean by that? Didn’t she come to work this morning?”

Heather nodded. “She did. But left thirty minutes after she arrived. She was acting awkward.”

Oh, no. This can’t be happening. “Did she tell you were she was going?”

“She didn’t.”

“Holy shit!” he exclaimed, enraged. “What is wrong with her?” He couldn’t quite place his fingers on it. Something was wrong with that woman.

Still enraged, he went into her office. The door was unlocked. The room was neat and in order, as if she never came in. But the desk was disorganized.

Seems she left in a hurry, as if running away from something, he thought to himself. He got to the desk and laid his hands on it. He saw a piece of paper in her writing and read it. “Country house?”

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