???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 21 – 30

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 21 – 30

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“Boss, she’s here” Carlo said

“Let her in” Lex ordered lazily and Carlo bowed before going out

Soon he came back in with with Frenchie, a tall girl with long sexy legs and cute half Asian face. She looked cute and dangerous with her tattoos from her bbs to her thighs, from flowers, to butterflies and a cute girl face. Her belly button was pierced and on it was a long flowery belly ring

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 21 – 30

She was wearing a short tube strap hand top and jean shorts that wasn’t even covering her ass cheeks properly

“Boss” Frenchie bowed and Lex stretched a picture of Gary, Zane and Kai to her

“Here, I want you to go close to them, him especially, they’re friends and he is our weakest” he said pointing at Gary’s face “we need an opening”

“Sure thing, how do I go about it?” She smirked


“You’ll be going in as his assistant, try to be closer to him look around and be sure to update us every day”

“It’s easy boss, I’ll do so”

“Good” Lex nodded and dismissed her, she immediately bowed and left

“Make sure she always gives you an update” Lex said and Carlo nodded

“Yes boss” he bowed and left also, Lex sighed and leaned back on his swivel chair

“You… I’ll be sure to bring you down” he chuckled slowly..
???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 21 – 30

“There’s nothing that’ll keep me in that house with that little thing again” Zane said holding his head

“She gave you a migraine?”Gary asked and Zane nodded

“She’s your little wifey, you should get used to her”he said and Zane glared at him

“What did she do this time?” Kai asked in a calm voice and Zane sat up to explain

“My mom came yesterday and we ran to the room, I was avoiding my mom and in the process of doing that, that headache suggested something ridiculous I still can’t believe I agreed to”

Gary raised his brows

“She mo..aned, she fkin mo..aned like we were having some kind of hot steaming sx or something”

Gary bursted into a fit laughter and Kai followed

“You’re wife is really something” Gary said admist laughter and Zane sighed shaking his head, even Kai, his only hope was also laughing

“Talk about hopeless friends” Zane grained facepalming himself

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 21 – 30

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“You still haven’t told me the reason your blushing this hard” Layla said, Annalise had been holding her cheeks that was burning crimson red

“He hugged me” Annalise said dreamily, Layla have her a weird look Charlotte, Emma and Olivia who sat behind them peeped throu ears up at this

“Okay what?” Layla asked

“He hugged me and… And he kissed me” Annalise explained dramatically


“Yes” Annalise nodded continually with a smile, in anger Charlotte, Emma and Olivia left the table but Annalise and Layla was in their own world to notice

“Wow” Layla exclaimed but Annalise immediately frowned her face

“What?” Layla asked again

“It was all a dream” Annalise wailed and Layla sighed paying her back

“I understand your level of madness, it all starts from the ground level and before you know it, you’re a professional in the madness industry”

“Don’t mock me” Annalise sniffed standing up “I’m going to the restroom”

“Be quick” Layla said and Annalise nodded before leaving.

After doing her business, she went to the wash basin to wash her hands, suddenly the door opened roughly and it closed almost immediately

Annalise looked up to find Charlotte, Emma and Olivia standing before her

“Lock it” Charlotte said to Olivia who did as she was told before coming back

“What… What did I do this time?” Annalise asked moving back slowly

“Oh, do you know you offended is huh” Charlotte laughed mockingly

“I didn’t do anything but I just asked a question”

“What were you saying about hugging and kssing, who were you talking about?” Charlotte asked

“No…no one” Annalise stuttered

“You’re pissing us off” Emma sucked in her breath

“It.. it was Zane” Annalise replied her eyes down before she knew it, she felt a hard impact on her stomach and she flew backwards because of the force

“Oww” she winced holding her stomach as tears stung her eyes

“You didn’t only hug, but you also..” Charlotte laughed angrily, she walked to Annalise and squatted, holding up her cheeks

“You also kssed him?”

“It was only a….” Annalise couldn’t complete her statement when a hard sI.apped came across her cheeks, Charlotte raised her up to get feet

“What the fk are you tryna say huh?” Charlotte asked and pushed Annalise who couldn’t maintain her balance she fell backwards and hour her head on the wash basin, she immediately fell unconscious

“What?, She just fainted?” Olivia scoffed and went to Annalise

“Get up bch, we ain’t even started yet…..” She stopped when she saw tricks of bI.ood sliding from Annalise head to the White toilet tiles

“Fk!!” Olivia screamed in ho..rror

“What is she dead or something?” Charlotte laughed and Emma followed but Olivia pointed at the bI.ood on the tiles

“B… BI.ood” Olivia stuttered, that was when Charlotte and Emma realized how serious it was

“Quick, check her pulse” Charlotte said and Emma did so

“She’s still breathing” Emma responded and Charlotte breathed out in relief

“Let’s go, let’s get out of here quickly before someone comes in”

They picked up their phones and purses they had and ran out, leaving Annalise


Layla kept calling Annalise phone but she didn’t pick up

“She wants to spend the entire day in the bathroom?” She tried again but Annalise still didn’t pick up

She immediately became worried, she ran to the restroom quickly

On getting there, she fell out of shock, she covered her mouth as she saw Annalise on the floor unconscious, she crawled to her

“Ann… Anna.. Annalise” Layla called

“Sht!” She cvrsed when she saw bI.ood and immediately dialed a number on her phone with shaky hands.

???’? ??? ?? ??????? : CHAPTER 21 – 30

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