WORLDS APART : Episode 61 – 70

?Worlds Apart ?

? unknown identity?

Episode 61

I kssed her slowly, she opened her m0uth and I slide my t0ngue in and a soft m0an escaped her mouth immediately. I carried her up and she wrapped her legs around me. I carried her in and locked the door.

I carried her to my inner room and dropped her on the b.ed. I could see she was desperate for me and so was I.

I bent down towards her and she grabbed me immediately and began to kss me r0ughly, this girl is not gonna be the death of me.

Mara are you sure you wanna do this I asked?

Like seriously, you are asking me that sht, just do it already she said.

As you wish I said and kssed her, my hand went to the back of her g0wn and I pulled 0ff the z!p and pull the g0wn away. She was wearing a red p@nt and br@. I quickly tossed off the br.a and began to svck her bre@$t making her breathless.

Mara’s Pov

He bit my npp.les and svck on them. I m0aned loudly. I couldn’t control myself anymore. Jay please don’t st0p I cried out in ple@sure as his hands found their way to my p@nt, he pulled them off.

He pushed in two fngers at once and bent to svck me as he fngered me.

Oh my oh my g0sh I screamed loudly as he gave me unmeasurable ple.asure. Suddenly, I felt my building and I poured it out and he lcked them all.

My breathing was heavy, you t@ste good he said and kssed me and I t@sted myself in his m0uth.

I didn’t know where the courage came from, but my hands found their way to his short and I pulled it down. His h.ard dk sprang up immediately and I held it and began to r.ub it slowly.

I turned him around and bent to his dk and put it in my m0uth just the way Anna thaught me. He groaned softly while I $ck it looking straight into his eyes.

He was enjoying everything because he kept saying nonsense and promising me everything in the world. I $.ck him so good and and he cu.mmed and I sw@llowed it all.

Jay grabbed me to himself, he dipped his hands into his cupboard and brought out a pack of cd,since I wasn’t on p!lls, he wore it and bent me on fours and thru$t in from beh!nd.

Oh my g0sh I screamed as I felt him inside of me.

You gonna scre@m my name as I fk y0u he said to me and I nodded.

He began to$t in and I lost my voice my m0ans filled the whole room as he thru$t in and out w!dly.

Scream my name babe he said and he sm@ck my a$$.

Jay! I scre@med in pleasure.

Louder! he said and sm@ck it h.arder.

Jay! I scre@med loudly and he turned me around to face him. He placed my two l.egs on his shoulders and began to thru$t in and out.

Oh my g0sh Please don’t st0p I scre@med in ple@sure as he continued dr!ving me cr@zy. I felt my building up and suddenly we both cu.mmed. I had a virginal cl!m@x.

We both fell on each other arms weakly.

Thanks babe. Jay said and kssed me on my forehead as he dragged me to himself.

For what I asked smiling.

For not giving up on me. Mara you see I really love you and I promise never to hurt you he said and I smiled.

And no matter what we are not gonna break up again. And that reminds me, you had sx with that girl. I said frowning.

Quit frowning Mara, It dosen’t suit you and after all we were about to, and you guys entered and since then I never had sx with anyone he said.

Then how come you have tattoos in your body? I asked.

Well that’s a story for another day he said.

And you smoke?

I do smoke normally, even when we were together but I kept it from you, but I promise to stop he said.

You were keeping secrets from me? I asked annoyed.

Come on chill babe, I promise never to do that again. Now go to sleep he said and I closed my eyes and fell asleep immediately.

Next morning

I yawned loudly as I streched on the bed. The ray’s of sunlight was shining directly into the room.

I snapped my eyes open and I remerber I was in Jay’s house and the event of yesterday came into my head making me blush.

I was still n@ked, my bre@$ts were showing. I turned and I saw Danny staring at me,Holly Molly I screamed as I used the duvet to cover myself.

Nice bre@sts you got he said with a smirk on his face.

Did you look at her bre@$ts? Jay said coming in with breakfast.

No I didn’t see anything bro, I closed my eyes as you instructed he said smiling.

Stupid boy I know you almost ate her alive Jay said and hit his head after he dropped the food.

I wanna clean up my mouth I said and Jay threw me one of his shirts and I wore i. I stood up and I felt a slight pain between my l.egs, this boy was so h@rd on me.

Bro you damaged her l.egs am so proud of you Dan said and they both did high five.

Am gonna kill you both I said and walked to the bathroom angrily.

Hours later.

I sat at the garden with Dan and Jay, it was really cool.

It’s good seeing you guys together so now am gonna leave you guys to fk your brains off and you guys should make babies he said and walked out.

Am gonna kill him I said.

How about we make babies he said smiling, just then I remembered I haven’t called mom. I know she’s gonna be d@mn worried.

Call her then Jay said.

?mom am sorry I couldn’t call on time I said immediately she picked up.

?oh my God Mara are you fine, are you okay? You almost gave me an heart attack mom said immediately.

?come on mom an fine and am with Jay, just tell Dad not to worry bye Mom I said.

?bye dear take care she said and cut the call.

You have grown to love her Jay said sitting opposite me.

She’s not that bad though.

Mara how about we go on a date Jay said.

You want us to go on a date I asked.

You know I haven’t taken you out as your boyfriend. I want the whole world to know you are mine and mine alone. So will you go on a date with me? He asked.

Of course I would I said and hug him excitedly.

Ok you go get prepared it’s 7 pm and then dress is already set he said.

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