60 DAYS WIFE : CHAPTER 41 – 60

60 DAYS WIFE : CHAPTER 41 – 60

Written by Authoress Mide

Chapter 41

Something just hit Harris and he turned around to see Alex staring at him with a pure anger boldly written on his face

“How dare you??” Alex said
“I wanna have taste of your wifey” Harris said and laughed.

“You wanna taste my food, something I’m yet to eat,,,,, you wanna eat it first……..I won’t let you have my woman”

He rushed over to Harris side and start hi.tting him pretty hard on his face, I moved away from them and watch as Alex hi.t him pretty hard on his face……..

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“Alex leave him, stop hi.tting him” I said as I ran and hug him from behind, I used his back to cover my chest and hide my injured face. I moved him away from Harris side.

“Lila let go of me let me teach this ba$tard a lesson” he yelled
“Not under my watch” I replied

The door opened, I glance at the door to see Steve and Pete rushing in, they saw Alex and bow their head low

“We’re sorry sir”

“I employed you guys to protect her and you failed,,,,,,,, you are fired” Alex yelled angrily
“Alex I was the one that told them to give me some space” I said lowly

“Lila stay out of this” he said
They still bow their head down and they keep apologizing, I just pity them

“Take Harris out of here” I said and they nod their head

They bunched him off the room and we remained in that same position, my hands wrapped around his waist and my head resting on his back.

“Fk Lila wear your clothe before something will happen” he said and I nod my head
“Just don’t move” I said

I let go of him and quickly put on a small crop top that’s on the bed.

He turnef around and face me, he held my cheek and soothe it softly

I gently remove his hands from my cheek and went to sit on the bed ignoring his presence
“What’s wrong??”

“I wanna cancel the contract” I replied avoiding his gaze
“Your reasons??”
“It’s personal” I replied

“If you can’t tell me a reason then the contract can’t be cancelled” he said

I watch as he sat on the bed bedside me, I fold my legs together and play with my fingers

“Alex you hurt me yesterday all because of your stupid anger and now your step brother almost rapped me” I said fighting those tears that’s threatening to fall

“He’s the one that damage your lip right??”
“He’s the one, he hit my face because I screamed at him,,,,,,,, because I was resisting him” I replied

“Lila I’m sorry for everything, sorry for hurting you yesterday” he said and I just nod my head.
“Alex your sorry can’t do anything I wanna cancel the contract, no one wants……..”

He shut me up with a deep kss and I widened my eyes in surprise, the almighty Alex is kssing me

He broke the kss then stare at her, she get to see her real beauty
“Say no more”

“Dmn!! I was so blind before that I don’t get to realize your true character” Alex said and I bash my eyelashes multiple times

“I don’t understand” I replied innocently
“You will understand later” he said as he kss my cheek and get off me

I turn my back against him and I felt his hand on my waist pulling me closer to his body

“Don’t worry I’m not gonna touch you, so don’t be scared” he whispered and I smiled as if he’s reading my mind
“You’re early today??” I said

“I came cause I forgot something” he said as he snuggle himself on my body
“You can go back to work” I said and he chuckled

“I’m not leaving you” he said and I smiled.
We remained in that same position as I slowly close to my eyes to sleep
“Deli are you sleeping??”

He asked and I nod my head like a baby

60 DAYS WIFE : CHAPTER 41 – 60

Alex pov
“Deli are you sleeping?” I asked and she nod her head slowly
I slowly disengage myself from her and tip toe out of the room

I step out of the room and went straight to Harris room, I entered his room without knocking and I saw him dressing his injury
“Are you here to hit me again” he said and I rolled my eyeballs

“Hitting you is a waste of time and energy, I’m just here to warn you” I said, I rest on the wall as I watch him dress his wound

“About your fake wife” he said and I smirk
“She’s legit, a real wife” I said
“You guys don’t act like one” he said and I chuckled

“We don’t like attention, Harris stay away from my woman” I said

“Don’t be stingy let me have her too” he said
“Then get to weep over your phallus”I said and walk out of his room

My phone rang and I stop walking, I pick the phone and connect it to the ear pod that’s in my ear
“Mr park is she awake??”
“No Alex I’m scared” he replied

“Don’t worry she’s gonna wake up” I said as I check time on my wrist watch

“Alex she’s my life” he said and I smiled
“I understand you, Mr park you know I have never fail a surgery before so relax”

“She’s gonna wake up very soon” I said and he chuckled
“And let’s talk about your special patient tomorrow” he said

“In the office tomorrow morning” I said and he chuckled
I cut the call

I know I behaved badly to Lila but did that cause I don’t want to fall in love but now things is already changing, that girl is too crazy and stubborn, so now I’m gonna treat her better like a baby

I entered the room and tip toe back to the bed, I wrap my hand around her waist and she shiver under my touch

“So you are awake” I said and she giggled
“I woke up as soon as you left my side” she replied

“I’m sorry I went to do something” I said and she nod her head

We remained in that same position, I inhale her fragrance and want us to stay like this for long
“Mm” she groan

“Hey what’s wrong??”
“My stomach, menstrual cramp” she said lowly
“Have it arrive??”

“I don’t know yet” she groan
“Go check yourself out” I said and she nod her head

She stood up from the bed groaning, I saw a blood stain on the short she’s wore
“Lila you are stained” I said and she just cover her face feeling embarrassed, she enter the bathroom

I sat on the bed and glance the place where she lay, the bed sheet is not stained but how come her clothe is stained so fast

“Alex please get me a sanitary pad, check inside my wardrobe you will see a pink bag……. check the bag you will see the stuffs there” she lowly

I checked her wardrobe and I truly saw the pink bag, I opened it and brought out one pad then take a short and pass it to her

Soon she came out from the bathroom putting on a new short and I smiled at her.
She walked past me and went to lay on the bed ignoring my presence, is she mad at me??

“Delilah are you mad at me??”
I move closer to her and snuggle myself on her body and I feel her smiling faintly

I pulled her closer to her with my hands on her waist “are you okay?”
“It’s not better” she groan

I touch her flat stomach and she shiver under my touch, her skin is flawless
“Everything will be okay” I said and she nod her head.

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