A HOWL IN THE NIGHT: Episode 1 – 5

Xavier sees her, taking in her inviting smile, and turns away immediately. Even Ian reels back in surprise as he looks at me and whispers, “that girl… is she one of those special-needs kids? She hasn’t stopped staring at me since I got in here.”

I burst out in laughter, my smile illuminating the darkened room. Every student’s eyes turn towards me, but I barely notice, consumed by enjoyment at his words. The teacher pauses, his eyebrow cocked as he surveys my joyous form. “Anything you would like to tell all of us, Mona?” he asks dangerously.

“No sir,” I sputter, the laughter dying quickly. The students soon turn away except for two persons, one glaring at me in fury, the other with an unfamiliar expression I cannot distinguish. “She isn’t special needs,” I whisper in Xavier’s ear, my face still contorted with laughter. He nods, absolutely serious.

Connecting gazes with Sidney, he casts her a smile. “Pay attention,” he mouths, pointing to the board. I giggle softly as she pulls her electrifying gaze from me to absorb Xavier’s words, then turns with a defeated huff towards the front. Ian, on the other hand, just watches me blankly, staring at me until I start to blush. I hurriedly look at my notebook, doodling cartoon faces and random scribbles.

During the entire period, girls keep throwing glances towards Xavier, and he seems completely comfortable with the attention. He stares straight ahead, devoting his attention to the teacher, absorbing everything the man says. Out of the corner of my eye, I take in his profile. Long lashes frame emerald eyes, leading into a straight nose and light red lips that are twisted into a light smirk as I sneak glances at him. He turns his head, ignoring the girl’s lovesick simpers, and smirks even bolder at me. “Like what you see?” he asks slyly, smiling sweetly at my scowl. My blush reoccurs, spreading across my face like wildfire.

“No, actually,” I scoff, though the red decorating my features betray the truth. He laughs quietly, amused by my disconcertment. Girls shoot me hateful glares, including Sidney, who had turned around to catch Xavier’s attention once more. Obviously no one likes how close I am to this handsome man.

If only they knew how much of a psycho he is.

When the bell finally rings, and we finally file out of the classroom, a throng of amazed people, most from other classes, surrounds him. I roll my eyes as he is immediately buried by his new fan club, girls and boys alike. Xavier catches my glance before he is swallowed by his admirers, mouthing, “I’ll be back soon. Wait for me!”

I hide my smile until he is completely submerged, then it forces itself to the surface, shown for the whole world to see.


I am exhausted, physically and mentally, by lunch time.

Xavier has been dogged by so many people that even he is tired now, huffing beside me like a car that has just run out of gas. “This,” he says, running a hair through his perfect, blue hair, “is why I haven’t gone to school for the last thirty-two years.”


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