A HOWL IN THE NIGHT: Episode 1 – 5

??A Howl In The Night??
?(She’s mine)?
?Authoress Gift?

?Chapter 5?
~Why Does This Blue-Haired Idiot Attract So Many Girls??~

We walk to a rectangular, wooden door with an almost broken handle. A booming voice is faintly audible from the opposite side.

“You ready?” I question, reaching with tender fingers towards the knob. He nods confidently, the exact opposite of my timid form. I wonder, for a minute, how he manages to find all this assurance, knowing that everything is going to be okay. There is no doubt in his features as he waits for the door to swing open. Charm and charisma radiates from him as he prepares to meet the faces of his new classmates.

“Of course,” he says, his voice smooth and silky, words flowing like butter from his desirable lips. I take a deep breath, my eyes narrowing slightly, and I pull back on the knob, exposing us both to the sea of sharks.

I shake as I examine their cold, judging eyes, hating the attention I am getting. They scour me once, absorbing me, then immediately turn their gaze to the gorgeous, enticing man behind me. Every student’s eyes grow wide as they survey his splendor, his sparkling green eyes and beautiful azure hair.

“Hello sir,” Xavier addresses the teacher, bowing slightly. His voice is just as alluring as his face, making some girls sigh with awe and boys seethe with envy. “I am Xavier, a transfer student. Mona has been showing me around,” he gestures to me. Shouts erupt across the classroom.

“You’re cute!”

“How did you get that blue hair?”


“Where did you get that accent, man? You’ve gotta teach it to me.”

“Why are you letting a loser like Mona show you around?”

The last comment is to be expected, in fact, I thought that there would be more. Xavier seems to be annoyed, his eyes lighting up, his mouth opening to defend me. “Don’t,” I whisper, touching his hand slightly, “it isn’t worth it.” Reluctantly he stops, though the fire in his eyes remain.

As I scan the room, I can spy almost every girl in the classroom drooling over him. Their spellbound gazes try to snag Xavier’s glance, hoping that he will pick her out of the crowd. One girl in particular, Sidney, is making doe eyes at him. Ian, her boyfriend of two years, just watches Xavier with curiosity.

Sidney Richards is the queen bee of our moderately large school. With a head of platinum blonde hair that crawls down to her waistline and an incredibly large mouth that spouts out insult and hot gossip constantly, she is the person that leads us all. Only sparing a second glance for the super popular jocks and her “girls”, she is an a-list celebrity, only able to admire from afar. She is certainly pretty enough, with a heart-shaped face and huge blue eyes, coupled with a stellar figure and a height of about 5’6″. She is an angel around the teachers, yet a vixen around the boys, charming an average of around two a week. However, she always manages to keep her boyfriend, Ian. I honestly have no idea why he puts up with her.

The teacher clears his throat loudly, trying to quell the screams and lust-filled yells. There are a couple of snorts, but eventually the chatter dies down.

“Xavier, take a seat by Mona since she is your guide for today,” he orders, and we both head towards the back. Xavier leans his head towards mine, his face bent in concern. “Are you okay? You’re scowling,” he whispers, his eyes boring into mine.

“I’m fine,” I murmur softly, still disconcerted by the way the whole class is staring at us.

He shakes his head, “No you aren’t. I can tell.” We reach our seats, in the back of the classroom, and sit down quietly. I look at him, my gaze betraying the emotions underneath.

“Don’t worry.” I try to shake it off. “I can handle it.”

His eyes crinkle in protest. “Mona, you don’t have to.”

“I know,” I state, my words a sigh. Carefully I draw my Social Studies binder out of my backpack, giving it to him. “Here is what we have been learning so far.”

I can feel Sidney’s curious gaze as she twists in her seat. From her perch about three chairs away, she once again drinks in Xavier’s enticing appearance, her expression of hunger. She casts a sultry glance his way.

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