A HOWL IN THE NIGHT: Episode 1 – 5

I listen keenly as he begins to speak again. “You seem to believe that I’m a werewolf, not asking any questions about it after seeing me morph,” he says softly, “it is usually hard to accept.”

“Who says I believe it?” I scoff, turning away once more so he can’t see my fiery cheeks. I mean, it is hard for me to not believe it, I saw him morph into one of those sharp-toothed, furry beasts. But I don’t want to accept it. I don’t want to acknowledge that my life is suddenly spiraling out of control.

“Yes you do,” he smiles, making my heart jump out of my chest, “I can see it in your eyes.”

“Shut up,” I demand, tilting my nose up slightly, though inwardly shaking with embarrassment. I have never talked to a boy, let alone a beautiful one, for this long. And on the very first long conversation I have with a guy, he professes to be in love with me?

This is seriously messed up.

Xavier peers at me, at my face hidden behind my thick bangs. “Did you have glasses in the forest where I rescued you?” he asked.

I nod in reply, “yes, but don’t worry about trying to find it. I have this one,” I finger my thick lenses. He seems unsatisfied, his facial expression of sadness.

“Like this,” he comments sadly, “I can’t see your cute eyes that well. Is there any way you could go without them?”

I shake my head, my cheeks flushing once more. He stops completely, bending down so he can be at my level. Quietly, halting me with a gentle touch, he observes me, examining my face. He frowns, his sparkling eyes creasing a little in disappointment. “Mona,” he says, “you look very different from when I first met you.”

Yeah, I think inwardly, probably you didn’t realize how ugly I am until now. “Disappointed?” I ask scornfully.

“No,” he smiles, “you are just as beautiful as you were yesterday.”

I choke on my own breath, shock coursing through me. No one, let alone a shockingly handsome man, has ever called me beautiful, or even pretty.

“It’s just,” he complains, “that your bangs cover half of your face, and your glasses cover your eyes. It’s almost as if you’re hiding from me,” His facial expressions bend in a frown.

I glare at him, my face now almost permanently red. This conversation really is introducing a lot of firsts for me, and a ton of embarrassment. “Oh really?” I ask, trying to make my voice indifferent, uninterested.

“Yeah,” he says, deep in thought. We both are silent, walking together calmly, neither of us knowing exactly what to say next.

“Hey Xavier?” I finally speak, surprising Xavier a little. He glances at me, his face of bafflement at the fact that I am starting the conversation this time around.

“Yes?” he replies, “ask me anything.” His face perks up a little.

There are so many questions I wish to ask him. For one, why is he insisting on calling me beautiful? What sort of lunatic man would think I am beautiful in the first place? Why the crap do werewolves actually exist?

But instead, this question just has to escape my lips. “Why don’t you just leave me alone?” I ask bitingly, mentally slapping myself in the face for wasting an opportunity to ask a better question.

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