MEANT TO BE: Chapter 61-The End

(being Elva)

Chapter 61

Zeemah writes?

?Elva’s POV?

“Let’s hurry, dad’s private jet is already waiting at the airport” Dianne said and we all hurried with our breakfast of toast and coffee…we will get a better meal once we are in the jet.

We are dressed smartly looking radiant and beautiful.
“I’ve not been to Mexico all my life” Fleur said.

“Mexico is a beautiful city and i bet you gonna enjoy it,once we get there i will take you on a tour of the city,it’s just so sad you will be spending a week” Dianne said.

“Wow…I’m looking forward to that” Fleur said.
Both of them had gotten surprisingly closer over the night.

Dianne spent the night in Fleur’s room while Selena and Dan slept in mine.

I looked over at Mig and caught him staring at me.
I smiled and sent him a wink.
“I love you” He whispered only to my ears.

“Love you too” I whispered back already blushing.
“Vin your cheeks are going red again” Dianne teased and i shot her a look.

“Are you keeping a watch over me huh?” I rolled my eyes.
“Ah…meanest sis ever” She scoffed playfully.
“I’m honored” I said with a grin.

Dianne and Fleur packed the coffee cups to the kitchen to sort out,Mig and i walked out to clean the car while Selena packed our luggage together.

“How are you?” Mig asked immediately we got outside.
“I’m good and i can see you are fine as well” I said and he nodded.

“I’m fine just because of you,if you had left me yesterday,i would have been sick by now” He said and i chuckled.

“I can’t leave you,but i don’t know about you though beause once we get to Mexico,ladies that are more beautiful than i am will be trailing after you” I said jealously and he shrugged.

“Is there anyone more beautiful than you? Even if there is,i can’t spare the person more than a glance..I don’t love you just because of your beauty,I love you cause my heart chose you” He said already holding my hands .

“I’m so lucky to have you” I said.
“Let’s quickly clean the car before those drama queens start their drama” He said and we laughed.

We started cleaning…

“So..will you tell me more about your past?” He asked.
“Of course” I said.

“I’m Vinnie Winters,the daughter of the one of the most wealthiest man in Mexico,i have a step mum and I’m or rather i was a popular model and musician,I’m a novel freak..i have a lot of romantic novels in my library in Mexico” I said and Mig’s eyes widened in excitement.

“I’m gonna read them all once we get to Mexico” He said excitedly.

“And who says I’m gonna lend you” I said playfully and he pushed his brows together in a frown.

I laughed “C’mon”
“Little wonder you were drawn to novels”

I continued ” I dated four guys in the past and …” I was saying when i noticed his face had turn into a frown.

“Mig what’s…or you are jealous” I said and chuckled.
Damn! Mig is unbelievable.
“Were they more handsome than i am?” He asked.

“Of course not…I will keep saying this,you are the most handsome guy I’ve ever seen,even the male models that worked with me can’t be compared to you” I said and he smiled.

“C’mon are you still jealous?” I asked and he shrugged.
“I shouldn’t be because we don’t know each other at that time but i can’t just help it knowing some other guys has to..touched you. I’m a very jealous lover ” He pouted and i giggled.

“I didn’t do anything with them,we just kssed and smooched..i’ve never done it till now” I said and his eye widened.

“You mean you’ve’ve not done anything…like you’ve not had sex ?” He asked and i nodded.

“Most of the guys i’ve been with left me because of that,i can’t just allow anyone access my body without a level of intimacy between us..I believe in keeping your dignity for the your husband” I said and i was surprised when Mig came over to hug me .

I smiled and hugged him back .

“Wow…I really respect you for that,i can imagine how tempting it must have been but you still held yourself back,you are just so different.” He said and i smiled.

“Are you guys not done cleaning the car?!” We heard and turn to see Fleur with Dianne behind her, Selena and Dan all carrying luggage.
“We are done” I said.
“Is our luggage with you guys?” I asked.

“Yes it is” Selena asked.
“So you all should get in the car,i will drive” Mig said and we all entered except Fleur who is waiting for Mig to drive out so she would lock the main gate.

Mig drove out and applied the brake awaiting Fleur to come join us,she finished locking the gate and rushed over to the car,she got into the back seat with Dianne, Selena and Dan while Mig and i took the front.
Mig turned on the ignition and drove away but not without looking at the house once more.

I’m so gonna miss this house.
The car was lively as we were all chatting and laughing.
“That reminds me…how did you claim Dan? Because i know Doc Steph won’t hand him over to you just like that” Fleur asked Dianne.

“Well…I brought out his birth certificate and with few investigations,they don’t have a choice to let him go with me not when he was screaming ‘Mummy’ happily” Dianne smiled.

“Wow so he remembered you and couldn’t remember Elva” Fleur said.

“Yeah…you know he spends more time with me than Vinnie who is always going for concerts and shows and more so he has my face more in his memory” Dianne said.

“He actually told me one day that i remind him of his mum’s sister,Vinnie” I said.
“Really?” Mig asked.
“Yeah but then i thought it’s normal” I said.
“Whoa!..amnesia is such a bad thing” Dianne said.

“It is, for some people but it’s definitely not for me cause i enjoyed the time i was suffering from amnesia and wished it never ended” I said.
“Yeah…not when you have people who cares so much for you ” I said.
“I think i should also have amnesia” Dianne said and we laughed.
“Yeah…i can make you have by just hitting a big plank on your head” Mig said and we all laughed again.
“We finally got to the airport” Mig said before driving into the parking lot,he parked in a safe space before we all alighted.

Dan sleeping peacefully in Selena’s arm.
We were led by two men into dad’s private jet.

Mig and Fleur exclaimed at the luxury and i smiled,we all sat in the jet and it closed automatically… lifting gradually till it finally got to the sky ..

The waitress came to take our orders,we ordered different meals and drinks.
We chatted alongside eating.

We finally got to Mexico in thirty minutes.

“Tighten your seat belts,we’ve arrived at our destination.The jet is about descending” A loud voice said through speaker and we quickly ensure our belts were well tightened.
The jet descended slowly..
We finally stepped out of the Jet breathing in fresh air.

Just then i saw Dad’s bodyguards walking towards us.
Tim and Tony.
Whoa…I’ve missed them so much.

They smiled as they got to us.
“Oh my God, Vinnie” They said happily pulling me into a hug.
“TT” I said happily,pecking their cheeks each.
” I’ve missed you” They both said.
“You have no idea how much i miss you guys too”
“How have you been?”
“Have you been fine?” They asked and i nodded.
“Very fine” I smiled.

“But Mr Winters does not know you are coming with Dianne” Tim said.
“Yeah…you know Dad loves surprise,so I’m gonna surprise him” I said.
“That’s more like you Vin” Tim said giving me our normal ‘high-five’ ..

“Yeah Vin is here,I’m not visible anymore” Dianne said rolling her big eyes in a weird manner which made everyone laugh.

“Welcome Dianne” TT said and she scoffed, pouting her lips.
” Wow is this little Dan?” They both asked and Dianne smiled.
“Of course that’s my precious son” She said with pride brushing back his hair.
“How did you find him” TT asked,in surprise.
They looked so happy to see Dan.

“Well.. there’s a lot of gist for you guys but that will be when we get home” Dianne said and they both smiled checking Dan’s face.

“My bad!” I exclaimed and they all looked at me.
“I have to introduce this two wonderful people” I said pointing to Mig and Fleur who smiled softly.

“TT this is Fleur,my best friend and Fleur meet Tim and Tony my dad’s favorite bodyguards” I said.
“Ohh…nice to meet you guys” Fleur said.
“Nice to meet you too Fleur…you are a beauty” Tony said and i saw Fleur’s cheeks turning pink.

Well…Tony is quite cute too.
“Nice to meet you Fleur, can i give you a welcome hug?” Tim asked and she nodded.
“Of course” She said and Tim pulled her into a hug..She smiled with her eyes closed.

Mig cleared his throat and i think she got the message because she quickly pulled away from the hug.

I saw Selena’s eyes change totally.
What…Does she have a thing for Tim?
Wow…this is gonna be great.

“So this is Mig, the guy i love. He’s my boyfriend and also a brother to Fleur” I said, grinning helplessly.
“Wow, is he some Greek god?” Tim said and Mig laughed.
“He’s more handsome than Ryan” Tony said.
“Of course he is” I boasted.

“Hey Mig what’s up…I hope we can be friends” Tony said pulling Mig into a manly hug…
“Yeah we are friends already” Mig said cheerfully reciprocating Tony’s hug.
“What’s up buddy…you are making me jealous,you are just so handsome” Tim said and Mig smiled,they both shook hands.
“Selena how are you?” Tim asked and her face brightened up in a smile..
Now i get it.
“I’m fine Tim” She replied.

“Okay so let’s get going…the Lamborghini is waiting” TT said and they both helped with our luggage, leading the way.
I tucked my arm in Mig’s,we stole a quick kss and giggled walking behind them.

We all stopped walking suddenly when we saw reporters already surrounding all of us.
“I told Dad not to tell anyone that we are arriving today” Dianne yelled angrily.
“Mig have this .. they are gonna scream their heads off when they see your face” Dianne said throwing a face cap at Mig who quickly wore it, pushing it down his face.

“TT were trying to keep the reporters off but they kept increasing taking pictures of us and asking unnecessary questions.

??Wow…Vinnie Winters is back.. please can you briefly tell us about your encounter?”

??Geez…the popular Vinnie Winters is back looking more beautiful”

??Did you purposely stay hidden for a while?”

??Are you prepared for Sasha Lee this time?” ….The reporters kept throwing questions at us while we kept struggling to reach where the damn Lamborghini is with camera lights flashing in our eyes.

??Vinnie is your relationship with Ryan gonna continue?”

??Who is this guy with you? Your new boyfriend?” One of the reporters asked and they all turned to Mig but they can’t see his face cause it’s covered in face cap.

??He’s well built…is he your new male model?”

??Can you please remove the face cap?”

They kept throwing questions and won’t let us get to where the Lamborghini is..
“Damn…Elva this is crazy” Mig whispered to me.
“Yes it is”
“Can’t you make them leave?” He asked.
“I can but i just have to answer one of their questions and they will let us be” I said.
“Then answer it” He said frustratedly…I looked over at Fleur and saw her face covered in confusion.

“Hey I’m just gonna answer one of your questions and you will let us leave okay?” I yelled amidst their noise and they all kept quiet,their cameras fixed on us.

??Vinnie Winters,the long lost popular model and musician is about answering our questions and well we can’t wait”

They kept calm and faced me,i know almost everyone in Mexico will be watching this right now and Dad would already been aware that I’m back… surprise broken.

I cleared my throat…I just have to answer one of their question and leave here.

??This guy here is the one i boyfriend” I shouted boldly.


??Are you done with Ryan?”

??Did you eloped with this guy?”

??Can we see his face?”

??Ryan is the cutest and hottest guy in Mexico…is this guy a match for him” One of them asked and i laughed.

??Let’s see his face”

??Are you afraid he is uglier than Ryan?” One of them asked.

“Ryan is no match for him…if he removes his face cap,i bet most of the ladies here will drop their cameras” I boasted .

??Go ahead,let’s see” They all screamed and i can see Mig growing nervous.
“Don’t worry Mig,once I remove your face cap,flash them your sxiest smile” I whispered and he nodded.

I removed the face cap and he did as i told him.

‘Wow’ was heard from different angles..the ladies were already drooling, screaming their heads off, almost dropping their cameras like i predicted.
The males were ofcourse already sending him jealous glares..
We looked at ourselves and smiled.

??Please be mine”

??Let me spend a night with you”

??I love you”

??Just kiss me please”

“Hey do you all wanna know something?” Mig shouted and the ladies screamed, shouting that his voice was heart-melting.

“I’m not here for any other lady but Vinnie Winters, she’s the love of my life and also the key to my heart… y’all should watch out for this two musicians and modelling couple” He said, placing a kiss on my lips.

The screams and camera flash lights that followed was almost deafening.
We stopped kssing and smiled at each other.

??We are already your fans”

?? I’m a fan!!”

??We love you”

??We are expecting a song”

They cleared the way for us and we walked to the Lamborghini.
We hopped in while TT hopped in the Camry behind us.
The driver turned on the ignition and drove away heading to our mansion.

“Wow…that was quite a show” Dianne said.
“Yes it was” Fleur said.
“Mig you gat a lot of attention on your first day” Dianne said.
“Yeah i did” Mig said happily winking at me.
“Those reporters are crazy” Fleur said.
“Yes they are but didn’t you see how Mig crawled them already have fans” Dianne said.
“Yeah and Mig that was a brave kssed Vinnie right in front of everyone” Fleur said.

“Yeah..I did, she’s my girlfriend and i can kss her anywhere and i also did that to make them know Vinnie belongs to me alone” Mig said and i blushed.

“Wow…Fleur don’t you think we should also get boyfriends for ourselves” Dianne said with a playful serious look.

“Yeah we should so they won’t keep rubbing their love in our faces” Fleur also said and we laughed.

“Wow..We will be home soon” I said nervously.
“Yeah…Dad would have watched the news and i bet he’s already waiting outside for his daughter” Dianne said and i nodded.

The driver drove into our estate and the security examined the car before the driver was allowed to drive in.

“Home sweet home” I said happily..
I laughed as i saw my dad already waiting outside. I didn’t wait for the driver to park the car properly before jumping out.
“Dad” I screamed rushing into his arms happily.

?Mig’s POV?

We stepped out of the car and watched as Elva hugged her dad. Dianne and Dan also went to join them.

Wow…this looks better than the mansion i do see in movies..
There are fleet of expensive cars under a huge parking shade.
The whole floor is covered in shiny marble tiles.
The mansion is so big and high with different sculptures and designs that could take your breath away.

Securities stood at different angles of the mansion armed with guns and riffles.
I can’t keep describing this mansion.

Elva spent minutes hugging her Dad and crying in his arms.
It was so touching.

Fleur and i waited patiently,i shot glares at the bodyguards who wouldn’t keep their eyes off my sister.

I almost freeze when i saw Elva’s dad walking towards Fleur and i.
He’s a big handsome man, looking younger than his age…his skin glows with wealth.

“Good afternoon sir” Fleur and i greeted nervously.
“Dad this is my boyfriend and his sister…they took care of me during the time i was suffering from amnesia” Elva said.

“Yeah…they are nice people” Dianne said.
“I watched everything in the news just before you all came..How are you?” He asked smiling and i felt a bit relieved so as Fleur.
“Fine sir” We said.
“You are so charming and kind-hearted,i approve your relationship with my daughter, it will be nice having you in our family…come here man,come give me a hug” Elva’s dad said cheerfully to my surprise..
I quickly rushed to hug him with a smile.

I had been afraid he would be one of those wealthy men who looks down on people but he proved me wrong.
Well.. seeing how humble Dianne and Elva is,their father can’t be any different.

“Dad really likes you” Elva whispered to me happily and i smiled.
“Come over you too” He said to Fleur who gave a dashing smile before also joining in the hug.
“Thanks so much…the both of you saved Vinnie from death and cared for her without even knowing who she is..I will forever be grateful to you. You don’t know how much my daughters mean to me” He said.
“It’s nothing sir and its so nice to meet you” We said.
“Nice to meet you both also…Now let’s all go in,some delicacies awaits you all” He said and we smiled.

We walked towards the door and it was opened by a bodyguard.
“Darling you are not stepping a feet into this house with those two low lives” A woman, with a stern look said, walking out of the door,in a shiny red gown that could blind eyes..her face is in a heavy make up and i can say she looks more like a witch.

Elva’s stepmom??



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