AFRICAN WALNUT Fertility Booster

Do you know that walnut is a fertility booster?

Ukpa (Igbo language)
Awusa(Yoruba language)

Botanical name Tetracarpidium conophorum or Plukenetia conophora
Family name. Euphorbiaceae
Nigeria name Asala or Awusa in Yoruba. Ukpa in Igbo ,irin goro in Hausa

Common name: Gabon nut,conophor nut,
It’s that time of the year again when the African walnuts are seen everywhere in the market.
The African walnut has been noted for its remarkable benefits to human health and proven to be an excellent source of essential minerals, vitamins, fiber and phytonutrients needed for healthy functioning of the human body.


Have you heard of L-arginine before? It’s very vital for those suffering from hypertension and other heart diseases! And guess what? African walnuts have loads of it!
Serves as an Antidote
Both the nuts, leaves and barks of the African walnut act as an effective antidote for counteracting poisons, insect stings, scorpion stings etc. It is also effective for treating certain types of toxic metal poisoning.


This special nut is also known to boost sperm production, sperm health, sperm development and sperm count. For instance, taking a serving of this nut for over 8 weeks has been shown to boost men’s fertility. This is mind-blowing!!!
Researchers reveal that men who include more African walnuts in their diet stand higher chances of improving their sperm health, sperm development and spermatozoa count. This is attributive to the high amount of healthy fatty acids present in these nuts. The leaf extracts of the African walnut (ukpa) can also be used for boosting fertility in women as well as for treating fibroids.

WEIGHT LOSS CREW: To shed off that excess body weight, belly fat and reduce body cholesterol, the African walnut is a top choice snack for you. But know that you must stick to the serving size because they are quite high in calories.

SLEEP DISORDERS: For those having disturbed sleep especially at night, taking this special nut before bedtime might be that magic pill you need because it increases your melatonin which acts on your brain and signal your body to give you a sound sleep.

IRREGULAR MENSTRUAL FLOW AND OVULATION PROBLEMS: African walnuts are rich in omega 3 Fatty acids which aid to regulate hormone levels and manage menstrual cramps (pains). Its high iron content (14%DV per serving) is vital to replenish blood and energy supplies while menstruating.

DIABETES: African walnut is a healthy snack to help reduce the risks of type 2 diabetes.

COGNITIVE (BRAIN) FUNCTIONING: the healthy fats and pyridoxine in African walnuts are key facilitators to improving cognitive function. Growing kids should tap from this benefit as well!

ANAEMIA AND IMMUNE SYSTEM: With the high antioxidant and iron content of African walnut, you are sure to ward off infections, anaemia and even eye related problems by just consuming a serving of this nut daily!
CANCER: African walnuts have been shown to play a vital role in reducing the risks of prostate and breast cancer in humans.

Culinary Purposes
Although the African walnuts can be eaten raw, but it is preferably eaten cooked, sun-dried or roasted and snacked on. The nuts can equally be ground and used for soup preparations. Ukpa has a similar flavour with that of a chestnut and hazelnut and serves as the perfect spices for flavouring meat, fish and several dishes.

Anti-inflammatory Properties
African walnut is an excellent source of tannin which is very effective for tackling body inflammation thus can be used for treating rheumatoid arthritis, bronchial inflammation or asthma.

Anti-aging Properties
African walnut is a rich source of antioxidants such as ellagic acid, melatonin, manganese, vitamin E, polyphenols and selenium thus can be used for preventing the onset of early ageing as well as prevents cellular damage.

To obtain maximum benefit from African walnuts, you must learn to stick to the serving size as overdoing it might not bring desired results especially for the watch watchers…yeah!
A serving size is about 30g = 7 whole piece or 14 halves of shelled African walnuts!

Snack on the cooked or boiled walnuts.
Ground some walnuts and use the powder on sandwiches, salads, or any other dish.
Add chopped/shredded walnuts to desserts to add a nutty flavor to it or Add chopped/shredded walnuts to unsweetened yogurt, cereals, smoothies and berries to make a healthy dessert.
To roast walnuts, use a 70-75°c oven for 15-20 minutes.

woman try to bring this home always in its season!!!!