ON THE LIONESS TAIL: Episode 11-The End


Episode 11.


She hit the door repeatedly but no answer came.
She wasn’t going to give up until her husband comes out.

Zain continued hitting loudly.

Chief Dre was in Opa’s chamber with her. He ignored Zain as she kept hitting none stop.

“Please go and find out what she wants. She will tear down the door if you don’t answer her Dre.
Opa said calmly..

Dre replied.
“Zain drives me crazy, why can’t she respect the fact that I’m in here with you. Why did the gods even allowed me to get married to her. Opa, if I knew I wouldn’t have gone for a second wife. You were enough for me and still enough but my quest for a son drove me into her arms. I totally regrets it. She gives everyone problem and very unrepentant with her faults. Oh Opa… you make me so happy with your tolerance and maturity, the way you handles everything with Zain is beyond words. I envy your patience…Queen of my heart. I wonder how you manage to remain calm despite all her drama….

Opa urged Dre to go and open the door.
Dre went and opened the door.
Zain barged in immediately without care.

“Chief Dre why are you doing this to me? Did I force you to come and marry me? I’m young, beautiful, smart and think faster than lady Opa. What do you want in her that I don’t have yet you will rather bury your head in her bossom. I want you all by myself, I want you to spend every waking morning with me… you are my husband. I hate to share you with any other woman. Yes, it disgust me so much that I have to share my husband. I want you in my chamber tonight Chief, just like yesterday. the weather is calm and cool. My husband should be wrapping his arms around me in bed not leaving me to another woman’s chamber.

Opa sat on her bed watching Zain without a word.

Dre quickly cautioned her.

“Watch your tongue Zain. Opa is not another woman. Is because of all this your dirty attitude that made me stay away from you. you asked me to come to your chamber to help massage your waist yesterday night and did and even more. I did everything you asked of me Zain. Just this night that I want to spend with Opa…. and you came again troubling our tranquility. What do you want?

Zain clapped her hands together dramatically and before saying.

“I want you…not just yesterday but everyday. Lady Opa can’t give you what I will give to you. She is not what she appears to be. She killed our son due to jealousy. If you don’t take caution she may hurt you. Mark my words tonight. Come let us go to my chamber, if not I won’t move an inch from here.

Opa asked Dre to follow Zain but Dre refused.

“Okay, since you want to watch Opa and I in bed, I will be delighted to open the show in your honor. Watch how I will cuddle up Opa tightly in my arms and if you trouble me I will send the guards to drag you out.

Dre started moving towards Opa’s bed.
Zain angrily stormed out after swearing under breath.

The following day, she decided to go and visit Tira, Mario’s second wife who had become her gossip partner.

When Mario saw her coming, he smiled within himself.
He has seen a perfect tool to use against Dre.
Mario called Zain and she went to him.

Mario and Zain engaged in a silent talk.

They continued talking for days.

He made an interesting deal with Zain.
Mario gave her something wrapped in a brown paper.
Zain only needs to be dropping little by little in Dre’s food until he finally parks up then they will shift the blame on Opa.

Zain has finally seen a way to hurt Opa and Dre, her ungrateful husband.

Kaya was still with her sister in another kingdom.

“I tried everything I can, his sister, his mother and uncle tried also but is all the same. They look at me as if is my fault Kaya. They whisper within themselves, even lady Maran, his sister who used to be close kept a distance. I heard her telling someone that her only brother shouldn’t die or all hell will break loose in this family… Kaya, the gods sees my heart… They know I have never hurt anyone in my life. Why would I even do this to my husband, the father of my lovely children. The gods has blessed us with two sons and this beautiful daughter who is not up to two years. I remembered you told me that I will have two sons and a daughter, Kaya. I remember some of the things you said and is finally happening. I don’t know what to do anymore…my husband must not die…

Maya cried out.
Kaya looked at her sister sadly.

“, You took everything I told you in the past with a pinch of salt forgetting that it was the gods that were speaking through me. You forgot all the instructions and started living a care free life when you arrived here. You opened your heart up to everyone who smiled with you or acted as a friend. Maya, did you follow the instructions I gave you concerning your husband, The things I asked you to do immediately he falls sick? because you wouldn’t be crying heavily now if you di….

Maya interrupted.

“I did…. everything. I urinated inside a cup and sprinkled all over his body just like you instructed. But the sickness worsen instead. I urinated again and took some in my hands and even touch both eyes…I sprinkled repeatedly untill the whole place started smelling of urine I have to clean it up. I did what you asked me to do but It never worked. I can’t watch him die please, he can’t eat, he can’t speak, the wound on his leg is spreading fast to other parts of his body and is not a sight to behold. They think is my fault… they blames me for this. His mother brought a native doctor to check him but after few days the old medicine man said the sickness is beyond him. His uncle also brought another medicine man but no improvement. Three medicine men from both his mother and uncle has come and go leaving him the same way they met him. Everyone has given up except me. I have pleaded to the gods to spare his life but my plea fell on deaf ears. Everyone is against me even the gods. After doing all you asked me to do and no improvement, I decided to send for you Kaya. I’m sorry that I didn’t take you serious Kaya. I doubted how the gods could speak through you…I never believed that my younger sister has the ear of the gods and can speak things into existence. Please, is there another thing we can do… anything at all I will do. Plead to the gods on my behalf Kaya… my sweet loving husband can’t die…no, no. I’m too young to be a widow. I don’t want to be a widow and make enemies that will hunt me for the rest of my life.

Kaya bent her head in deep thought as her elder sister cries out.
She looked up at her and said.

“Maya… you did everything I asked you to do but in a wrong way. You didn’t follow the instructions. The antidote was just at your fingers tip but you got carried away and forgot everything I ever said concerning all of this. Your husband’s sickness has escalated and I pray that the gods will be merciful and not pay heed to your doubtful heart.

Kaya repeated the instructions to her sister.
“Urinate into a calabash, take a feather and sprinkle the urine on your husband’s leg where the unknown injury started. His leg was what he used to step on the charm, that is why you have to sprinkle on his leg alone and not every part of his body. Only his legs Maya…

Maya quickly did as Kaya instructed but there was no improvement.
Kaya who was supposed to travel back to Zukumo have to stay as she beseeched the gods for their mercies.

Kaya wake up that morning and knew something was not right.
Zukumo kingdom was calling her to return.
Somebody is in danger. She didn’t know who in particular but the person was calling her to come home.

She told Maya that she needs to travel back to Zukumo but Maya started crying while begging her to stay.

Her husband’s condition was still critical and Kaya was still waiting for answers from the gods since Maya’s mistake has caused so much harm on her husband.
She failed to follow the right instructions and now it seems late.

Kaya kept hoping that the gods will give her answer soon because her sister’s husband was drying off with each passing day and Zukumo kingdom beckoned her to return home.

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