HIS SIGNATURE- Faith Lucky: Episode 1-10


? R0M.ANCE ?

………. Episode 1……
?Rachel’s pov ?
I woke up and stopped my alarm from ringing.
I yawned as I led myself to the bathroom and reached for my toothbrush. I put some paste on it and began brushing looking at my reflection in the mirror.

I was done in no time and had my bath quickly getting ready for work.

I had to be early cause today was super important. I would be giving an outside job today. I was excited and also curious.

Am Rachel, 23 and lives alone. I worked in a company owned by one of the youngest richest business Tycoon in the country, Alex Owens.

He was pretty rich and from what I heard… He’s an easy going man but too observative. He has an exquisite taste of fashion and had great abs.

I don’t want to bore you with his accomplishments so far cause they were too many cause I think all he was after, was money.

I got to the office and I felt a leap in my tummy when I was requested by the Manager in charge of the company.

He was a very strict man and God knows if he’ll take the task lightly with me.

“Rachel Givens… You’ll be going to Mr Alex Owens mansion to get his signature on an important project we’re working on. Go home and pack your bags… Your ride will be here in 10 minutes ” The cocky old man said and got back to what he was doing.

i still couldn’t believe what I just heard. I’ll be going to meet Mr Alex Owens at his mansion!! Today…

I’ll be meeting the almighty Alex Owens.

I stuttered severally as I left the office. I went to my apartment and began folding my clothes with anxiety eating me up.

?Alex’s pov ?
I got down from the car with so much on my mind.
Can June do this to me…?

I went into her house which was open. I walked slowly up the stairs. As i approached her room, I heard the worst sound that tore my heart to pieces.

June’s loud m0aning…

She sounded like she couldn’t get enough of the person b@nging her.

I pulled the door knob and opened the door. I was ready to see this; I wanted to.

I leaned by the door watching June and some guy fck on the b.ed. And worse, it was my favorite s*x style.
June is a true btch.

I stood there just calm and watch her take in the roughness the guy used in thrusting into her.

Her eyes fluttered up and met with mine and she flinched. So did the guy.

“Al… Alex “she stammered.

I smiled dryly.

“Sorry to ruin the fun. Carry on but just know, the next time I’d be setting my eyes on you round me or my mansion… That day your mother will loose her only child. “I said and left.

I couldn’t still believe it was June I saw back there.
How could she ever cheat on me…? Wasn’t I enough or something.

why didn’t I see this coming before I became intimate with her…?

I just don’t deserve this, not now, not ever.

?Rachel’s pov ?
The car stopped in front of Alex’s mansion 3 hours later.
It was a very long drive.

With my bag in my hand, I went into the luxurious mansion. The maids welcomed me happily. Then, I was taken to my room.

“Do you happen to know where Alex is? “I asked the maid as she dropped some flowers on a vase.

“He’s…. Not at home “she replied.

I wonder why it took her long to say it. Was she lying??

She left a minute later after making sure I needed nothing else.

I wanted to explore everywhere cause the house looked magnificent from the outside.

I left my room and walked up the stair’s with my hair pin in my hand.

Such a big house, I thought.

There were sculptures made of silver almost ten feet away from each other by the hallway.

A huge chandelier hung high on the ceiling lighting up the living room.

Then a big portrait of mr Alex Owens hung at the extreme.
The sketching was intense and I could see the meanness in his eyes.

I got to the end of the stair and looked further, more rooms….

As I walked past the third door, I tripped and my hair pin slid into a room.

My heart was beating fast. Look what being too curious has brought me too…

I’ll just take my pin and appear back in my room before I get into trouble.

I squeezed the door knob and luckily, it opened .

I walked in wondering where my hair pin was…..
Just then, the bathroom door opened and I think someone walked in cause I hid immediately.

My heart was beating fast.
I was hiding beside the bed.
I tried to peep to see who it was but fear wouldn’t let me.

“Who’s there? “I heard a masculine sexy voice ask.

I felt him approaching the bed and my breath hitched.

“If you don’t Come out at the count of three, I’ll feed you to my dogs. “He said and then I knew it was none other than Alex Owens.

I really wanted to come out but fear wouldn’t let me.
He’ll feed me to his dogs…? But I couldn’t hear any dog barking much more dogs.

I began praying my last prayers before I get eaten up.


Oh lord…


I finally concluded my prayers.


I jumped out before he could finish saying the word ‘three’

His face was damp for a while before He smirked when he saw me. His eyes ran through my body and I wondered what he was thinking…

But one things for sure, am in trouble.

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