Alex pulled her closer and made her sit on his thigh.

“I miss you” Alex smiled.

“But I’m here” Abbie said.

“Not you.. I mean this” He said and pulled her face closer, claiming her lips.

Abbie smiled and as usual, she melted into his sweet kss.

She wrapped her hands around his neck, fondling with his silky hair as they devoured each other’s lips like it was some sort of candy…their candy.

Alex’s hands unknowingly crawled under Abbie’s shirt and he cupped one of her bbs.

Abbie smirked in the kss.

“You hands are adventuring into somewhere” Abbie whispered.

“Take that as punishment for teasing me with that video. Just wait till I get out of here” Alex whispered back and reconnected their lips, his palms squeezing her melons gently.

Abbie mo..aned into his mouth as their lips danced on each other. Alex broke the kss and buried his face on her neck

He planted wet ksses as he svcked on the sensitive part. Abbie bit her lips.


Kate who was peeking at them slowly closed back the door and sighed.

“I want to have my boyfriend too.. I’m 17 and mom said I can have one when I’m 18.. That’s like forever” She whined.



“You can place the couch over there and the vase there…” Estella ordered the men who were carrying the furniture.

Since there’s no lectures for them today, she decided to use it as an opportunity to move in the new house she bought online with the help of Rudy.

It’s not that big but its more modern and beautiful, neat too.

She kept smiling widely as she inspected everything. Her sister will be discharged next week and that’s enough news to make her happy.

Though it was really tough and heartbreaking but she told her sister about Whitney’s and their parent’s d..eath.

It was really hard for the poor girl but she’s slowly getting over it.

Her phone began ringing and she smiled when she saw it was Rudy.

Well after the kss at the lab, she decided to give him a chance and see if things are going to work out for them.

“Hello?” She picked.

“Just wanted to know if you’ll be free for the rest of your life coz I want to spend it with you” Rudy said.

Estella’s eyes furrowed, she could also hear his voice behind her. She turned and what welcomed her was a kss on the lips.

“Good morning” Rudy smiled charmingly

“G-Good morning” Estella touched her lips and blushed.

Rudy chuckled and looked around.

“I can see they’re almost done moving the things in” Rudy pocketed his hands.

“Yeah, my room is almost ready. Come let me show you” Estella grabbed his hand and led him upstairs.

They walked in a room.

“Tada!!” Estella exclaimed before she giggled

“White.. My favorite color” Rudy said, walking around

“Mine too” Estella smiled

Rudy got to the bed and hit it with his leg and sat roughly on it, htting it abit afterwards.

“What are you doing?” Estella raised a brow.

“Just checking it out. I specifically ordered them to buy a solid bed.” Rudy said

“Why?” Estella tilted her head sideways.

“So that it shouldn’t break when we are…” Rudy paused and smirked at her.

“We are…?” Estella raised a brow in confusion, urging him to continue.

Rudy shook his brow and smirked more.

Estella stared at him, completely dumbfounded. Her eyes slowly grew wide when she understood what he meant.

She immediately blushed.

“You pe..rvert!!” Estella shot and ran to him, she picked a pillow and began htting him.

“Hahahaha” Rudy laughed as she did.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her down, she landed on top of him, their faces just few inches away.

“I love seeing you like this.. Happy and stress free. I hope it never changes” Rudy tugged a piece of her hair behind her ear as he stared at her lovingly.

Estella looked at him for a while before she smiled. Rudy looked at her lips and started leaning in when…

“Miss?? Someone is here, she wants to see you” A knock came up.

Rudy sighed. Estella chuckled and pecked his lips before she got off him.

Rudy stood too and they both left the room to the living room.

They got there and Estella was surprised to see it was Whitney. What’s she doing here? And how did she find her new house?

“Whitney? What’s wrong? Wait,, don’t tell me you came to ask me about who to choose between Tyler and Julian” Estella said.


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