Abbie ran in the ward and saw a doctor and nurse trying to hold Alex back who kept shouting, trying to leave.

He woke up few minutes ago and when he remembered when the guy told him, fear gripped him that Abbie might be in danger.

“What is even wrong with you two!! My girlfriend is-”

He paused when he saw Abbie standing by the door.

“Heart” He muttered and held his bandaged tummy then rushed to her. He was wearing the hospital apron.

Alex immediately cupped her cheek, checking her out.

“Heart are you okay? Did he hurt you? Huh?” Alex asked as worry marred his face.

Abbie just stared at him with tears glistening in her eyes. She quickly hugged him.

“Sunshine.. Thank goodness you’re okay, I was so scared” Abbie muttered, crying in his arms.

Alex kssed her hair.

“Me too”

Bryce and Rudy exchanged glances before they looked back at the couples.




Alex finally accepted to take the blood infusion in order to replace the one he lost. He was laying on the bed with Abbie sitting right next to him.

“So you mean someone threatened you to breakup with me if not he’ll harm you?” Abbie said.

“Yes but that’ll be over my déad body. I’m never leaving you” Alex held her hand and Abbie just nodded.

Somehow, she began feeling guilty. It’s because of her that Alex is in this condition.

“But why? Did your family offend someone?” Bryce who was leaning beside the door asked.

“No sir… My family is a simple family” Abbie said.

“You can call me Bryce outside the school milieu” Bryce said and Abbie nodded.

Bryce furrowed his brows as he went deep in thought. This is another crime case which he has to solve or..

“Could it be related to the one I’m currently on?” He thought and looked at Alex then at Abbie.

“These two,, think I should get close to them. I have a hunch they’ll lead me closer into succeeding my plan” Bryce thought

His thoughts were cut short when the door swing open and Lilian ran in the ward. She pushed Abbie aside and held Alex’s hand.

“Alex, are you okay? God, who could possibly do this to my son” She said, looking so worried.

Marshall walked in and was surprised to see Bryce but quickly masked it up with a smile.

“Mr Bryce Bennett, the president’s son in person. It’s an honor to have you here, I heard you saved my son’s life and for that I’ll be eternally grateful” Marshall stretched his hand forth and Bryce accepted his handshake.

Bryce’s gaze furrowed when he noticed something on his wrist and he looked up at Marshall’s smiling face.

“It’s really nothing” Bryce smiled too.

“I’ll have to go now.. Uhh Alexander? Quick recovery” Bryce smiled and left

“What is that darn cop doing here?? I thought my men klled him” Marshall said inwardly

He turned to Abbie who was expecting them to throw her out but Marshall did the unexpected and smiled




Bryce stopped his car and got down it, calculating something.

“He has a scar on his wrist. That’s the exact place I wounded Don during our last encounter” He thought as he walked.

He halted when he saw Whitney waiting in front of the police station. She turned to him and smiled.

“I’ve been waiting for you sir” Whitney said.

“You’re also one of my student” Bryce said, coming closer.

“I have something important to tell you and I hope you’ll help me achieve what I want” Whitney stated


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