Bryce and Whitney got into Bryce’s car and what followed next was a short moment of silence. Bryce just looked at her, waiting for her to get ready to talk.

“My name is Whitney Davis… I got abducted by some bad gang who traficks women and sell them, I’m here because I want to help the police force and catch them in any way I can” Whitney said boldly

Bryce’s eyes widened..

“I was kidnapped with some other ladies and in the quest of escaping, I got into an accident which caused a temporal memory loss and my face was changed but now that I have my memory back, I want to make my abductor pay.. Him and the rest of his squad” Whitney said.

Bryce just stared at her with wide eyes.. A broad smile spread on his lips immediately

“Actually, I’m on a mission too. Need to apprehend some traffickers and I think those people you’re talking are the same people I’m after” Bryce said.

“Yeah, I know… Who wouldn’t suspect a cop who suddenly became a lecturer overnight” Whitney said.

“But don’t you think your disguise is kinda ridiculous? I mean, they’ll definitely suspect you” Whitney said and Bryce chuckled.

“That’s exactly what I want them to do.. I want them suspect me so that they won’t be able to even guess I have an accomplice in that school too” Bryce said.

“With me being in the school, all the bad guys will definitely come at me and by coming at me they’re gonna foolishly fall into the trap I set for them” Bryce said and faced her.

“I’m gonna help you too. Actually we have same goals and it is to make them pay, they have my little brother and I need to know where he is and what they did to him.

That’s the reason why I decided to become a cop in the first place” Bryce said

Whitney just nodded.

“I hope you find him”

“I don’t just hope I’ll find him,, I know I’ll find him.. I can feel it” Bryce said

“So back to them. When you were being held in their hideout, did you see any one or perhaps anything there” Bryce asked

“Well I haven’t seen anything that particular but I saw someone and he’s in the same course as me… His name is Tyler”

Bryce raised his brows as she continued explaining..




Abbie walked in Alex’s ward with a basket of fruits and Kate by her side.

“Alex!!” Kate rushed to Alex and hugged him.

“I heard you got stabbed yesterday, are you okay?” Kate pouted.

“As you can see, I’m alive” Alex smiled, touching her hair.

“I brought you fruits” Abbie smiled and placed the basket on the table beside the bed.

“Where are your parents?” Abbie asked.

“My mom just left earlier ago” Alex replied and Abbie just nodded.

She was so surprised yesterday when Marshall smiled at her. She was expecting them to kick her out but they did the contrary.

“Does that mean they’re accepting our relationship?” Abbie thought and smiled at that thought.

“Today is Thursday, aren’t you supposed to be in school?” Alex asked.

“Yes but,, I was so worried about you” Kate pouted and Alex smiled.

Alex gestured at Abbie with his eyes and Kate immediately understood what he meant.

“I’ll go buy us some snacks, will be coming!” She said and gave them privacy.

“Heart..” Alex stretched his hand and Abbie smiled lightly before sitting where Kate was sitting, she took his hand.

“You’ve been quite gloomy and aloof since yesterday, what’s the matter?” Alex asked, slowly sitting up on the bed.

Abbie heaved a sigh and looked down

“I was just thinking about us,, the person st..abbed you because of me. What if the person comes after-”

“Heart” Alex cut her off..

“I still don’t care.. I’m not scared of that person. Next time, I won’t allow him to take me by surprise again. I love you and I can’t imagine my life without you.”

“Besides, guess we’ll be having an epic story to tell our future kids. How their dad survived three knife stabs” Alex joked and Abbie chuckled.

“It’s not funny yunno” She smiled.

“I love you and I’ll never leave you” Alex said.

“I love you too Sunshine.. And I’ll never leave you too” Abbie said.

“Pinky promise?” Alex pouted, showing his pinky finger.

“Pinky promise” Abbie said and they intertwined their pinky fingers.


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