ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 31 – 40

ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 31 – 40

By Naomi Cindy B


The Merricks**

Nirvana rushed out of the bathroom and started creaming without wiping water off her body

She slept off without knowing at exactly 6 and now she woke up at nine, she has a test by 9:30 and Mr JK is not funny, he’s strict!

She has four other tests to write after that and she just knows for sure that she’s s¢rewed today unless if she sits very close to Farrell

ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 31 – 40.

She finished creaming and just wore the first thing she grabbed in her closet

A leather trousers and a white crop top

She slipped it on and hurriedly shoved her feet into her white sneakers

She never bothered to comb her hair, she just rolled it into a bun, she refused to look at the mirror

She walked to the bedstand to take her phone but unfortunately it didn’t charge

The battery died last night and she plugged it, forgetting to put on the socket as a result of the lots going on in her mind

“Sht!” She said and put on the socket

She left it at home and dashed out of her room, running past Grayson without looking back

Grandma Kara is sitting in the living room already

“Where are you rushing to?” She asked

“Test!!!!!!” Nirvana shouted, running out

She got in the car and Murphy understood she’s late Immediately, he drove her speedily to school and they got there three minutes to 10

“Bye Nirvana” he said as she dashed out of the car

“Bye!” She replied without looking back

She ran into the school, bumping into many people but she kept saying sorry without looking at them till she got to class at exactly 10, she came face to face with Mr JK who has a stern look on his face as usual

The whole students turned their attention to her and she wished the ground will readily open and swallow her right now

“Just coming by this time?* Mr JK said said, lowering his glasses from his face with his pointer finger

“It’s exactly ten, I’m not late” she replied slowly, shifting uncomfortably on her spot

“So you’re the one who’ll conduct the test right?” Mr JK said

“I’m sorry sir” she quickly said

” Get your ass a seat” he said and Nirvana rushed to sit, luckily Farrell reserved a seat for her beside her so she sat

“You’re lucky, seems he’s in a good mood today” Farrell wishpered

” I know right” she replied

” Farrell Marco and Nirvana latecomer” Mr JK said and they both faced the front quickly

” It’s Nirvana Merrick sir” Nirvana said and everyone laughed

“How silly, you both should stop the whispers if you really wanna do well in this course” he said

They both went mute but Nirvana can still hear Farrell giggling

The test questions were distributed and luckily Nirvana can answer four out of five, Farrell helped with the remaining one and they’re the first ones to submit

“Class wizards huh?” Mr JK said

“Yes Mr JK” Nirvana replied

While leaving the class, Farrell passed by Jamison’s table and dropped a paper without Mr JK’s knowledge, the answer to the last two questions has been written in it

Jamison winked and they left the class

Few minutes later, Jamison came out and stuck hands with them

“Did you check the HIS 101 we did yesterday?, The scores are out, I got 29, Shawn got full marks, that freak” Farrell said

” You hate him because he’s your only competitor” Jamison said and she rolled eyes at him

” Can you check for me?, My phone is not here” Nirvana said and Jamison checked after she gave him her reg number

“26” Jamison said

“I’m dead” Nirvana said sadly

“You tried, Jamison scored 20” Farrell said

“You won’t understand” Nirvana said sadly

“Something wrong?” Jamison asked, noticing her sadness

” No” she replied as they went back to the class for the remaining tests which she wrote with difficulty cos of her hurting palm

By the time they’re done with the tests, her palm got worse and it swelled up, she feels pains on her knees too as a result of the bruises, then sadness in her heart as a result of what happened last night


ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 31 – 40

Vincenzo folklore museum**

“Her line is still off” Brandon said to himself after trying Nirvana’s line for the uptenth time today

His wristwatch did not give him sign that she’s in danger so he’s sure that she’s fine

“Did she knowingly switch off her phone?” He wondered

Paxton came back and sat beside him

“Did you see her?” Brandon asked impatiently

He actually went to her school to check up on her since Brandon insisted

“She’s not” Paxton replied

“What!, Why?”

“Her palms are swollen with bruises allover, she’s limping too, seems her knees is wounded, she told me she fell last night” Paxton replied

” My fk!, Heather!” Brandon said angrily

” I wanted to take her to the hospital for treatment but she stubbornly declined, you know how stubborn she can be at times” Grayson said

” Dmn, I need to go” Brandon said and stood

“Now?” Paxton said

“Yes” he replied and started walking towards the door

“You feel something for her?” Paxton suddenly asked but he never answered till he left


ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 31 – 40

The Merricks, past 8**

The moon lightened up the sky and it’s a beautiful sight to behold but for Nirvana, she’s in pains

Immediately she got home from school and took off her leather trousers, her knees has swelled up too, coupled with her palm

It’s freaking painful

When Kara sent the maid to call her for dinner, she had to lie that she’s writing her assignments, telling her she’ll eat when she’s done

She sat on the edge of her bed and when she can’t get her mind off him, she decided to sneak out of the house again

She sneaked out and Grayson saw her, he followed curiously

She limped to his door and stopped

“What if his girlfriend is in?” She thought

” No I can’t go in” she said to herself

She continued standing there, rubbing her palm on the door as if he’s the one


ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 31 – 40

Brandon just finished smoking the second stick of cigarette, he hasn’t been concentrating since Paxton told him that

He stood by his window, looking at her window hopefully but she didn’t open up

He threw away the third cigarette in frustration and decided to leave the house for some fresh air but Immediately he opened the door, his heart skipped beats when he saw her by the door

Her eyes widened and she turned back, she started limping away

He rushed after her and grabbed her arm, turned her to himself and slammed her against his accommodating chest, he hugged her tightly, feeling that inner peace again

Nirvana’s eyes won’t stop widening, he caught her…her eyes widened to a point and tears threatened to fall

“Your….girl.. girlfriend” she stuttered

“She is not my girlfriend, that daughter of a foolish dog is not my girlfriend, she lied, believe me” he said and Nirvana made to break the hug but he never let her go

“Whatever you have to say, say it like this” he said and can feel her tears soaking his chest

” I got 26 over 30 in my test” she said and he smiled

“You tried bug” he said

“You’re not mad at me?” She asked

“No, you just have to try harder….is that the only thing you have to say to me?” He said, stroking her hair and inhaling much of her shampoo

“I missed you and I was scared a lot” she said, coiling her hands on his back

” I’m sorry for everything…. and I missed you too little bug…. don’t you ever try to run away from me anymore cos you can never escape” he said, grazing his hand on the back of her neck

“Huh?” Nirvana said, not believing her ears

” I said I missed you” Brandon smiled

ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 31 – 40

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