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Dylan’s Mansion..

Deanna came in almost immediately.. hearing no voices anymore

“Dylan..!!” She raised her voice.. calling for the third time as he jolted out of his thoughts, almost staggering


“Deanna..” he muttered and she furrowed her brows in response but he said nothing again

Deanna stared suspiciously at him as she entered fully

“Start explaining everything.. in full details!” She ordered, pulling him to the couch and Dylan started explaining the whole events that happened in his father’s house

“So you mean.. She spent the first night in the maids quarters..!” She asked after he was done narrating

Dylan nodded slowly… Her eyes widened in shock

“How the h’ll did you allow that bch to sleep with you!!” She yelled again

Dylan breathed

“I was injected.. okay!

I definitely can’t do it in my right senses.. I have no idea of how Claribel got to know” Dylan said ruffling his hair

“Now I see why she was deeply hurt. .. we’re making it look like we’re using her to get what we want!.. she’s human and she has her own feelings too, I can relate..” Deanna said soberly

“I haven’t been thinking straight ever since.. I just sense more troubles ahead”

Dylan sighed

“And now..?!”

“She’s definitely not gonna continue our plans with us, she told me to my face to maintain the boss and babysitter relationship… She told me she’s here for the sake of Andrea so I shouldn’t cross my boundary” Dylan said at once, feeling so frustrated

Deanna gave no reply

“Right now, I really hat£ myself..” He winced

“Why can’t you just give up the properties to Tristan..” Deanna asked intentionally and he furrowed his brows

“Of course I won’t.. cuz if I do, I’ll have nothing under the Langfords name, including this house, I can’t imagine losing everything I’ve laboured for since my graduation to that careless brother of mine” he said

Deanna breathed

“I should look for way to talk to Claribel.. she’s your only hope right now” she said and he nodded slowly

“Thanks Deanna.. for everything” Dylan forced a smile and she flashed a beautiful one too but it immediately disappeared as she remembered something


“Living with the kids was like hell on earth for me… My phone and car tyres gotdestroyed..” Deanna complained

“What..!” Dylan said surprisingly

“So frustrating.. I know right”

“I think we should give her sometime to put herself together” Deanna changed back the topic

“I hope she forgives me.. my conscience won’t free me, if she doesn’t”

“My greatest fear is… Is Brinkley getting pregnant for me” he said slowly

Deanna breathed

“Let’s put that aside..okay, she won’t”

“Come to think of it, when a lady feels bad and angry to see a guy with another woman, what does that mean?” Dylan suddenly asked referring to Claribel

“She’s been possessive in such case..” Deanna replied

“Does it mean, Claribel is being possessive over me..?! Is she acting like this because of the plans or she’s.. she’s into me?” He wondered

Deanna smiled secretly

“She’s definitely can’t be into you.. you’re her boss remember” she said intentionally

“It doesn’t matter, does it..?, we kssed four times already” He said without realizing and Deanna’s face lightened up

“Huh..that’s just part of the plan right..”

“Dylan.. She suddenly called, boring her eyes into his

He scrunched up his face

“Do you feel a thing for Claribel.?” She asked and an awkward silence followed immediately

He tried speaking a few minutes after but was interrupted by his phone’s loud ring

He picked up the phone and swiped green without hesitation, answering the call

He ended it a few minutes later

“You have to go..?” Deanna asked like she knew

“Yes, it’s urgent” he said and picked up his keys hurriedly

Deanna watched him leave and a smile escaped her lips

“I hope I’m right this time..”

“But why did Claribel suddenly look like Mariana then..” she wondered innocently

She shrugged and walked out of the sitting room heading towards the garden where you the kids are as different thoughts ran across her mind



“Don’t tell me you failed this time..” Roxanne seethed folding her fists slowly in anger

“Boss lady… I’m sorry it was just so difficult to do” the guy trembled and a ear deafening sI.ap followed immediately

He groaned in pains

“How dare you tell it to my face that your assignment was difficult to do huh!!” She yelled furiously

“I’m sorry..” he winced and she raised her left leg to his head

“You have only tomorrow left… i”ll be leaving on Wednesday, make sure you get the cash and drugs else…..!!” She paused as a dvilish smirk escaped her lips

“I’ll gladly feed your bones to the dogs” she said

“Noo boss… I’ll get it tomorrow unfailingly, please give me the last chance, I promise I won’t disappoint this time around” he said shaking while the others only watched in silence

“Leave!!” She growled and without hesitation, he jumped on his feet and ran off immediately

Roxanne breathed heavily as she went back to her seat

The door suddenly flung open revealing a little girl of about ten years of age

She had a striking resemblance with someone familiar… She’s really beautiful.. her coldness will always make you wonder cuz she seldom smiles

She entered fully and almost immediately, a boy of her age entered too

He was handsome like a demi god.. his brown eyes made a good match with his hair colour and his smiles were really cute

No doubt, they’re twins.. identical twins

They advanced towards Roxanne and her face lightened up as her lips formed a smug smile

“Vince… Velvet..” She called and they bowed before sitting on a low stool beside her

The kids snapped their fingers and almost immediately, everyone scurried out of the room

That’s a sign that they needed privacy

Roxanne stroke their hair, closing her eyes

“Mum…” The girl called.. She’s called Velvet

Roxanne eyes flew open

“Yes” she scrunched up her brows

“You promised to tell us who our father is today” the boy said.. Vincent is his name but everyone calls him Vince

“Your father..?” She breathed

“He’s alive.. pretty much alive and living comfortably with his daughter” Roxanne said

“He has a daughter..?” Velvet asked in surprise and Roxanne nodded

“Alexandrea” she muttered and they mouthed an “ohh”

“Take us to him.. let him know about us” Velvet said pleadingly

“Have you wondered why we’re going to New York on Wednesday..?” Roxanne asked and the kids shook their heads sideways

“No mum..”.

“We’re going to fight for what’s rightfully ours.. I promise, you’ll know your dad soon

I’ll take you to him” she said and they flashed a smug smile

“Thanks mum..” They both said and she nodded watching them leave fully

“I waited for ten years already.. it’s time to have what’s rightfully mine and if I can’t have him.. then no one else will! I’m his bride and the mother to his children!!” Roxanne said breathlessly as she stared completely into the air

A smirk displayed on her red lips almost immediately

“The battle line is drawn..let’s see who laughs at the end.. New York!! Here I come..”


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