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Chapter 31

“Mavis…?!” Brinkley’s mouth flew open as she folded her fists slowly with widened eyes

Claribel smiled secretly while Ashley scoffed

“Mavis..!! How dare you speak such words” Chief Wilson yelled, Mrs wilson only kept staring confusedly and Sophia kept wondering why

“Withdraw your statement immediately” He added.. Mavis smiled shortly


“I won’t, Father.. cuz it’s the truth!, I will do just that if I were him” Mavis found him self saying and he even wondered why he’s talking like that.. he truly ought to support his sister and family.. right?!

Chairman James’s tightened his palms on the glass cup he was holding.. in fury

“Are you even my brother..!” Brinkley suddenly said and Mavis scrunched up his eye brows.. their eyes met, boring into each other

“You are the bast@rd that got me pregnant.. took advantage of my drunken state and still has the guts to spit out rubbish from the pit you call your mouth!!” Her subconscious mind yelled as she stared furiously at him wishing she could strangle him till his last breath

Mavis broke the stare and looked elsewhere, his gaze landed on Tristan who smirked secretly

“He’s right.. my son has the right and freedom to marry whom he loves and not some kind of forced marriage” Sophia flashed a warm smile, shoving a spoonful of omelette in her mouth

“So.. in one word, you are in love with her and is determined to marry her legally..” Chairman James laughed shortly, pointing at Claribel with his gaze on Dylan

He nodded

“She’s the woman I love” Dylan said slowly.. Claribel swallowed nothing as her heart thumped faster

“Stop making it look like it’s true!!” Her mind yelled

“And you know the implication of that..!” Chairman James yelled

Dylan scoffed

“Losing my inheritance as the rightful heir to Tristan..” he paused, scoffing again

“Let’s see if that is going to be possible even after having about 60% of the properties in my possession” he said

Brinkley was breathless..

“Without the Chairman’s signature and approval, you have no access to them” Tristan cut in immediately

“Says someone who has no experience on business administration” Dylan retorted and they both exchanged daggers glares

“I will not go back on my words.. I approve no one as your wife and mother to my grand daughter apart from Brinkley Wilson” Chairman James said frankly

“Did my father approve you before you got me pregnant and marry me..! Why making this difficult for my own son!” Sophia yelled back

“Because.. I don’t want her!” Chairman James said sharply pointing at Claribel

“She’s obviously from a poor background and will make all i’ve laboured for.. all my life go bankrupt!” He added

Claribel turned to him with a silent gasp

“What the…!!” She said in her head wishing she could just punch his mouth hardly that his teeth falls out

“But she’s better than a drug addict!!” Dylan replied bluntly and Brinkley bit her lower lip.. Ashley laughed silently

Chief Wilson wanted to speak but his wife beat him to it.. talking for the first time in minutes

“You all should stop talking and eat..!! Learn some table manners” she shouted, hoping she didn’t say anything stup!d, at least.. it’s better than been quiet like a dumb fool

All eyes turned to her and everyone stopped talking for a moment.. Chairman James broke the silence

“How do I believe you truly love a woman..?, something you refused to do since Mariana’s death!” He said

Dylan swallowed nothing, trying not to fidget as he managed to keep a straight face

“We’re engaged” he raised his palm, exposing the diamond ring on his finger

“And what if they are fake rings.. I’m more smarter son” Chairman James smirked

Claribel moved uncomfortably on her seat

“Gawd..! I hope he doesn’t find out..!! I need my money” she thought

“I know you won’t believe dad..” Dylan said, slipping his hands into his hoodie pocket and brought out a white heart-shaped envelope with a card in it

“Here’s the invitation card to our wedding.. coming up in a week time” He said and chairman James arms dropped

Ashley and Tristan smiled secretly.. Mavis smirked, Sophia flashed a broad smile while Claribel’s eyes widened..

“Invitation.. Invitation card..??!” She muttered unbelievably in a whisper



Flash back

{…five days ago..}

The driver’s seat car door opened and Deanna bent slightly, sitting conveniently before using the seat belt.. she turned to Dylan who looked frustrated, with a smug smile and a wink

“What are you up to this time.. I waited for about forty minutes..” he said and she smiled igniting the car engine, with her right palm on the car gear

“I had to prepare everything incase the need arises..your dad could try proving smarter and you know Tristan definitely wants you to go against his orders and lose the inheritance to him but you’ll need to k!ll two birds with a stone” Deanna said zooming off

Dylan scrunched up his face..

“Ion understand”


“You both should have a grand wedding, I mean you and Claribel, to make your dad believe you’re truly engaged and we could sort out the properties later” she said

Dylan looked at her with a scoff

“Have you gone crazy.. how do I have a wedding with that psycho.. she won’t even agree..!” he raised his voice a bit and she shrugged, focusing on the road

“You have to convince her.. that’s the only way to erase this whole betrothal case with that drug addict” she said

Dylan ruffled his hair in frustration, looking at Deanna with a sigh

“Where did I meet this maniac!” His mind cried

“Its impossible okay..! What of if the truth later get revealed that she’s my daughter’s nanny and everything was just a plan” he said

“Trust me.. I know how to handle that” Deanna said with a wink

Dylan sighed

” I’m doomed..” he breathed

“I made copies of your wedding invitation cards already” she said and his eyes widened immediately with a gasp

“You did what..!!” He said to confirm if he truly heard her right.. but his ears were obviously not deceiving him

“Tell me it’s a joke Deanna!” He added and she sighed

“Com’on Dylan.. I’m sure I’m doing a good job, you’ll be needing the cards in convincing your dad trust me!” She said

Dylan heaved a deep sigh

“Remind me of how we became best friends..Cuz I’m sure I was charmed” he feigned a cry

Her gaze left the road.. landing on him

“Brat.. you’d thank me later” she muttered


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