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Chapter 51

“Kss me” Dylan said srnselsssly, staring at her pink tempting lips.. Claribel felt her heart abnormally skip many beats at once as she stared at him also without a reply

He cupped her cheeks and leaned in closely, taking her lips in, bringing down his hands to her waist.. Claribel’s eyes was still widened in shock but she couldn’t deny longing for his lips all this while

Whatever this was going to cause is none of her business for now, all that’s in her head now is to reciprocate the ksss.. their hearts kept beating fast and the feeling was affectionate and wistful


He bit her lower lip slightly and his tongue made his way into her mouth as he sck£d on her lower lip softly

They broke the kisss to catch their breath and Dylan car£ssed her face

“I’ve never felt like this in years..” he mumbled

Their gaze was still on each other

“Everything about you reminds me of her, including your closeness with my daughter, Alex” he continued

Claribel raised her hand to his hand on her cheeks and slowly removed it

“I’m just a nanny to your daughter” she said lowly and left the room almost immediately before he could reply

Dylan closed his eyes, heaving a deep breath

“She’s really making me feel crazy” he muttered and touched his lips

“What took you so long” Lady Ann asked as Claribel returned to the kitchen.. she realized her lips were swollen and she smiled secretly

“I was… Hum, nothing special” she stuttered

Lady Ann stared at her suspiciously and she scrunched up her face


“Nothing.. ” Ann said quickly and continued what she was doing

Claribel rolled her eyes, picking up an apple from the fridge, reminiscing about the kss.. she smiled without realizing

“Andrea hasn’t woken up yet..?” Ann asked as she took a bite

Claribel nodded

“Yeah.. it’s a saturday, she needs to rest” she said

“When is the interview starting..?” She asked and Lady Ann hissed loudly, making her wonder why

“Dylan insisted I cancel the interview.. I still don’t know why” she breathed

“He has his reasons maybe.. when the ladies arrive, you’ll just have to send them back” Claribel said proceeding to walk out of the kitchen

Ann pulled her arm back and stared completely into her eyes.. Claribel blinked repeatedly

“What..?” She asked

“Wait.. you have the same mark with Andrea’s mum” Ann’s eyes widened staring at a black mark beside Claribel’s eyes

Claribel gently slapped her hand off

“Stop talking about her around me please” she grimaced and walked away

Ann furrowed her brows with a deep breath

“Why do I feel like there’s a connection”


Wilson’s Mansion?

Brinkley felt nauseous but she managed to control herself and continued her meal, to avoid suspicions but she suddenly couldn’t control it anymore

Even her food was irritating and she felt so weird, she stood up immediately rushing to the toilet as she covered her mouth with her palm

Everyone except Mavis was surprised as they all turned to the direction of the toilet

“What’s wrong” Judith muttered

Brinkley came out of the toilet some minutes later with a wet face, she was feeling so dizzy and felt like collapsing anytime soon

“Baby..” Cindy called as usual

“Are you okay?” Chief Wilson asked also with worry written all over his face

Brinkley opened her mouth to talk but before she could speak, her vision became blurry in bits and she felt her legs getting weak..

Mavis noticed she was slowly going down, he rushed to her quickly and she instantly collapsed in his arms

“Brinkley!!!!” She heard Cindy scream.. faintly before she finally slipped into an unconscious state

Judith sprang up from her seat immediately, Cindy got to her first and Chief Wilson also rushed to her

“To the hospital.. Cindy get the keys please!!” Mavis shouted carrying her in a bridal style as he rushed out of the house


Alive Hospitals..

Paisley, along with Granny Teresa rushed into the ward with worry written all over their faces, Paisley’s eyes were red and swollen, she had obviously been crying..

They were informed late last night and arrived early in the morning because their estate gate had been locked by that hour

“Jessica!!” Paisley called looking at her daughter, laying lifelessly on the bed with her head and legs wrapped with bandage Harold was beside her bed and her palms was in his

“Granny..?” He called and Teresa broke into tears also

“Has the bikeman been caught?” Paisley turned to Harold suddenly and he shook his head negatively

“But the cops are after him” he assured with a deep sigh

“Calm down paisley.. he will surely not go Scott free, all we need to do now is to see the doctor and pray against any complications for her” Teresa said to Paisley who nodded slowly as she pulled her into a warm embrace


“What do you mean my that..?!” Paisley raised her voice in fear, breathing heavily

“Calm down madam” the female doctor tried consoling

“She lost a lot of blood already and needs a transfusion, also she will have to undergo a surgery due to how hard she hit her head on the tarred road..” she explained

“How much are we talking about now?” Teresa asked with furrowed brows

“You should firstly make a deposit of seven thousand dollars immediately before we start the surgery preparation” the doctor said

Paisley gasped

“Deposit!!.. seven thousand dollars?!!!” She shouted and Teresa covered her mouth immediately

“Doctor, are you sure she’ll be fine after the surgery?” Teresa asked and the doctor breathed

“There’s a high chance of surviving it after the surgery.. but I’m afraid she may lose her memory or slip into a long lasting coma after the operation” the doctor said in a professional voice

Paisley eyes widened

“Wait.. what!!”


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