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Chapter 61

Granny Teresa’s House..

“Please come back” he said, stroking her brown hair

Andrea sniffed repeatedly, watching them sadly

Claribel heaved a deep sigh

“You would be a fool to return to his house.. he doesn’t deserve you” A voice echoed in her head


“For the sake of his little daughter, you should return” Another voice said and she shook her head sideways

She realised he was still hugging her and without hesitation, she pvshed him away from herself and looked at the scattered fruits

Her heart was beating madly fast and she was overwhelmed with guilt looking at Andrea’s tears

She took few steps to Andrea and bent to her level, hugging her tight and the girl reciprocated the hug, wrapping her little arms around her with several hiccups

Dylan bit his lip hard watching their closeness

She leaned in and whispered some words into her ears for some seconds

Andrea nodded in tears hearing her words

Claribel stood up and moved away from Andrea… She took a final glance at Dylan before running off in tears before they could stop her

“Claribel!!” Dylan shouted, watching surprisingly

Andrea walked back into car without uttering a word

Dylan looked on confusedly

“What did she tell her?” He wondered


A Small Apartment..

Cathy groaned in pains as the nurse finished dressing her arm

The nurse heaved a sigh, pulling off the disposable gloves

“It’s getting better” she said and Cathy nodded

“I hope so”

“Make sure you use your drugs regularly for it to heal fast, it was almost rotting” the nurse said packing her tools into the white box

“I’ll try” Cathy nodded, handing her some dollar notes and the nurse left immediately

She rolled down the sleeves of her hoodie, covering the arm before picking up her phone, she switched it on and immediately dialed Ann’s number after it’s booting

Ann picked after few seconds like she had been expecting the call

“Where the h’ll did you drop your phone!! I’ve been trying to reach you” Ann’s yell echoed

Cathy heaved a deep sigh

“I’m sorry okay, my battery ran down and I couldn’t find my charger” she said

“Well.. the worst has happened and you need to swing into action!” Ann said

“What?” Cathy batted her lashes repeatedly in anticipation for her next statement

“Claribel resigned already, She really left this time” Ann released the bombshell and Cathy’s eyes widened



Treasure Shopping Mall


? They look so cute together

? I bet they are couples

? Geez.. Cutest couples ever

? A picture please

? The lady has such a pretty baby face

? I wish my boyfriend took me to a mall

? Yuck! True love doesn’t exists

? I must take a selfie with the guy.. he’s hot

Many people made comments as Cindy entered the mall with Mavis

“See.. I look older, that’s why they think you’re my girlfriend” Mavis whispered into Cindy’s ears in mockery

She kept rolling her eyes

“I’m your elder sister brat!” She glared and they started picking things

“I’m taller yunno” he stuck out his tongue and laughed, dodging her hit

“Short girls are the cutest” Cindy rolled her eyes

“Eish..” he smirked and they walked fully into the hall

Many ladies adjusted their skirt as Mavis walked past them.. he scoffed


A lady snapped a picture of them without their notice in admiration.. the murmurs grew louder as they shopped

Cindy heaved a frustrating sigh

“He’s my younger brother!!” She yelled and everyone’s eyes widened in surprise

?That’s a lie

“Really..? But you two look like couples” a lady said and everyone nodded

“Of course not, my girlfriend is more pretty” Mavis said and Cindy folded her fists

“Hey!” She glared, giving him the middle finger.


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