MEANT TO BE: Chapter 1-10


Chapter 4

Zeemah writes?

?Fleur’s POV?

I yawned opening my eyes at the sound of the alarm,i slipped the blanket away from my body and sat up. I switched off the alarm,got to my feet and wore my flip-flop before heading to the bathroom.

I’m on morning shift,i have to get to work before 9am,i got to the bathroom,pulled off my pyjamas and placed it on the sink,i have to get pyjamas for Elva soon” I thought putting on my shower cap,i got under the shower with sponge and soap in hand.

I took a towel from the cabinet after i was done bathing and tied it firmly around my body.
‘Plus a towel for Elva’ I thought.
I walked over to the sink to brush my teeth…I finished brushing and hurried back to my the room,i opened the wardrobe and brought out a cream armless gown with a belt,i opened the drawer and selected my undies and then walked back to the bed,i laid the clothes on the bed,dried my body and applied body lotion.
I started getting dressed and in few minutes,i was done.
I picked a pair of black shoes and quickly slide my feet into it.
I brushed my hair and applied hair lotion, carried a black shoulder bag,adjusted my dress once more before walking out of my room.

I knocked on Elva’s door but there was no response,i knocked response.
‘Or could she be in the living room’ I thought.
I peeped inside her room and saw her on the bed still asleep with a novel on her che$t. I walked in heading towards her. She’s still in her yesterday’s outfit..I gotta get her a pyjamas today.

I wouldn’t have liked to disturb her but i have to tell her something.
I tapped her shoulder twice and i saw her lashes bat. She’s opening her eyes.

Elva’s POV?

I opened my eyes at the taps on my shoulder.


It’s Fleur..she’s dressed for work.
“Good morning Fleur” I greeted,sitting up.
“Morning Elva,hope you slept well ?” She asked.
“Yes Fleur, thanks” I said.

“I didn’t wish to disturb you but i just want to tell you that you can microwave yesterday’s leftover cause i’m running late now,i won’t be able to make breakfast” She said.
“Okay i will” I said
“Bye i will be back by afternoon” She said walking towards the door.
“Bye” I said.

“Arrrgh” I groaned and fell back to the bed,i felt like having more sleep but it’s damn morning.
I got up from the bed and walked to the cupboard,i opened it and a blue blouse with a pair of black shorts caught my eyes,i picked it out. I selected my underwear and walked to the bathroom…

I pulled off the cloth i was wearing and set it aside for laundry,i wore the pink shower cap and got under the shower..
I brushed my teeth and then got dressed right there in the bathroom…I don’t know if fleur took my measurement cos the clothe seems perfect on my body like it was made specially for me..

I walked out of my room and headed to the kitchen.
I brought out yesterday’s leftover from the fridge,plugged the microwave and slipped in the meal closing it back immediately.
I rested my back on the kitchen counter with my hands folded beneath my breast waiting for the meal to heat up.
I wonder where Mig is

‘Should i ask if he wants some ?’..
“I better do” I said and walked out of the kitchen heading to Mig’s room,i got there and knocked gently,i was about knocking again when the door opened revealing Mig,his hair looked messy,he was still in his pyjamas…
His appearance didn’t even hinder the perfection of his look.
I felt my cheeks heat up as we stared at eachother..I don’t know the reason i’m always shy to speak to him.

“Good morning and i’m sorry for disturbing you,the thing is..i’m microwaving the leftover so i came to ask if you care for some” I said.
“Ohh..Sure,i will join you soon” He said and i nodded walking away.
I breathed a sigh of relief as i entered the kitchen.
I switched off the microwave and brought out out the now ‘hot meal’..I dished it out in two plates and carried it to the dining room,i went back to the kitchen to get two bottles of water including two glass cups..
I sat down deliberating if to wait for him or not,i decided to wait for few more minutes then if he doesn’t show up, i’m gonna start eating..
I perceived the scent of shampoo followed by the sound of footsteps,it got louder and bolder as he approached the dining..I know it’s Mig without even turning.
He sat opposite me and.. damn!

He looks hot !!

He’s putting on a black sweater with grey pants,he looks fresh and clean from bathing and his thick black hair was dripping wet..He licked his lips and i almost shiver.
“Sorry for keeping you waiting” He said and i nodded swallowing hard.
We ate in a strained silence…I was getting uncomfortable with different thoughts running through my mind.

I stood up immediately i scooped the last spoon into my mouth, walk to the kitchen and placed my plate it the sink,i started washing with more effort than i’ll normally apply.
I washed and rinsed my plate then placed it in the drainboard,i dried my hands and walked out of the kitchen..

“I will be in my room” I said to Mig at the dining and he replied with a nod.
I felt his gaze on my back as i walked to my room..I opened the door and closed it gently behind me.
I walked to the bed, sat and picked up the novel on the bedside table..
I opened it to the page i stopped, smiled and continued reading..

Mig’s POV?

Arrrrgh !!

Why does she have to be damn attractive..I mean she’s exactly my type, i like ladies who gat more flesh..She’s beautiful with nice curves and i found myself staring at her while we were having breakfast, her deep black eyes glistened,her lips looked more pink than it was yesterday,her face is starting to regain it’s color.
Her black hair had a gloss to it even without applying hair lotion…and her hair is so long that it spreads on her shoulder down to her waist..
I was about starting up a conversation with her when she stood up went to the kitchen..She left the kitchen and walked back to her room.
And my gaze had of course rested on her back as she walked away..

“Oh..God,get a grip of yourself” I scolded..She’s just a stranger who would leave as soon as she regains her memory.
I stood up from the chair, i have to go feed the horses..I took some carrots from the store and got a bucket of clean water then walked to the stable.
I got there and opened the little door,i dropped the carrots and water on one side and i smiled walking towards the horses.
We have two horse in the stable,clea and con which belongs to Fleur and i..Clea is mine while Con is Fleur’s.

I rubbed their backs as i got to them and they neighed at me in recognition.
I picked the carrots and started feeding them ,they both chewed on it very fast and i kept feeding them more till there was nothing left…
I placed the bucket of clean water in front of them and they both dipped their mouths into it.
I was about rubbing clea’s back when i suddenly heard a loud bang followed by a shout of pain from the house..

“OMG that’s Elva,i hope she isn’t hurt” I thought, rushing back into the house.

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