MEANT TO BE: Chapter 1-10


Chapter 9

Zeemah writes?

?Mig’s POV?

We both walked to the couch..Or rather,i walked while she limped,we sat down and a smile lit up my face.
The thought of Elva not avoiding me even after witnessing that…I felt happy there is someone apart from Fleur and my parents who accepts me the way i am..

She really surprised me,i thought she would have picked her bag and left but i was wrong..
“Now you look more cute when you smile” Elva said and i found myself grinning more..
“Hey, you are blushing” She said and laughed.

“I’m not” I lied.
“Lies, i saw you” She teased and i chuckled.
“Where’s Fleur ?” I asked.
“Oh..She went to attend to an emergency” Elva said.
“Ohh…Why don’t you come with me to the kitchen,let’s make our breakfast even if it’s too late to be called breakfast” I said and she smiled.
“Ok” She stood up limping before me to the kitchen.


“Elva just sit,i will do the cooking” I said.
shifting a kitchen stool towards her.

“No i will help” She said and i shook my head.
“I would have allowed you help but you ankle still hurts and you can’t be limping to and fro in the kitchen..Just sit and watch me okay” I said and she nodded sitting.

“Now what should i make?..Soup,casserole,spinach salad…I virtually know how to make all the dishes” I boasted.
“Really ?” She asked.
“Yes, Mum taught me all i need to know” I said with pride.
“Ok i want you to make….” Elva said.

“What ?” I asked.
“Chicken Casserole” She said.
“Ohh..That’s the simplest of all” I said and started bringing out ingredient for the chicken casserole.

I placed them on the kitchen table and wore an apron.
Elva kept looking at my every move and her smile gave me some burst of energy.


“Wow..The aroma is enticing, Mig you’re a very good cook” Elva said and i smiled.
The meal is ready and i’m now dishing it out in two plates,i remained some for Fleur.
I placed the two plates of casserole in a tray.

“Allow me help with that” Elva said already getting down from the stool,she took it from me before i could object then limped with it to the dining..
I took two bottles of water and glass cups after her.
We sat facing each other at the dining..

“Now, let’s enjoy the meal chef Mig prepared” Elva said sarcastically and we chuckled.
We started eating and i can see nodding her head at interval…She’s obviously enjoying my Chicken Casserole.
“Yummy..It tastes very nice” Elva said.
“Ofcourse…Don’t forget i’m a chef and not just any chef, one of the best chefs” I boasted and we giggled.

We were done eating in minutes.
“Elva i’m gonna show you round the house,the places Fleur didn’t get to show you” I said.
“Ohh…Really ? then let’s go. I want to see it now” She said.
“No you can’t” I said and a frown appeared on her face..”It won’t be great if you are still limping,just wait for few more days then we’ll go” I said and she nodded.

I stood up and started packing the empty plates back into the tray to go wash them.
“I’ll do that” Elva said already getting up to collect it from me.
“No Elva,just sit. I will do it” I said.
“Stop treating me like i’m amputated,I’m going to use my hands to do the dishes not my ankle..You did the cooking, i should help with the dishes..Please” She pleaded.

I gave in after much persuasion,i left her to go wash the dishes while i went back to the living room,i sat on the couch,picked up my novel and continued from where i stopped.
Elva joined me few minutes later,she also picked up hers and continued reading.


“I’m back home..Two novel freaks” We heard and looked up.

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