MEANT TO BE: Chapter 1-10

(being Elva)

Chapter 10

Zeemah writes?

?Elva’s POV?

“I’m home..Two novel freaks” We heard and looked up.
It’s Fleur.
“Welcome Fleur” I said.
“Thanks Elva” She replied with a smile.
“Hey sis” Mig said.
“Hey bro” Fleur said sitting on a couch opposite ours.
“So..How was the emergency?” I asked.

“It was gruesome,we would have lost lives if i hadn’t gotten there on time” She said with a tired expression.
“Wow, I’m glad all went well” I said.
“Yeah but i’m starving” She said using her palm to rub her flat stomach.
I left some Chicken Casserole for you,its in the kitchen” Mig said and her face lit up.

She scurried into the kitchen and i smiled.
I turned back to my novel…”Mig” I called.
“Yes” He answered.
“Elara is becoming fierce” I said referring to the novel.

“Yeah what do you expect from a girl whose parents were murdered by the parents of the guy she loves ” Mig said.
“That’s terrific” I said.
“Ofcourse it is” Mig said.
“I’m beginning to love it,hope you haven’t thrashed the torn copy,i would like to stick the pieces together with some gum so i can also have a copy to myself “I said.
“I didn’t thrash it, it’s in the library shelf,you are free to have it” He said.

“Okay thanks…You seem to have almost finished that one” I said referring to the novel in his hand.
“Yeah i’m almost done with it,it’s also great” Mig said and continued reading.
I don’t want to rush this novel,i want to savor every bit of it. I’m a fast reader,i could finish reading a novel in an hour but not like this novel..It seems unique.
Did i just say i’m a fast reader?
How did i know that?…cause this novel seems my first..Or;
Have i read any novel before this?
Am i a lover of novels? I asked myself trying hard to remember but i felt a sharp pain tore through my head…I cried out.

“Elva what’s wrong?” Mig asked worriedly.
“Uhn..uhn i just felt a sharp pain in my head” I said.
“Sorry…Are you okay now ?” He asked.
“I’m full” We heard Fleur said before she jumped on a couch.
“You two are novel freaks” Fleur said before burping loud ‘twice’.
“Oops forgive my manners” she said but Mig shot her glare.
“I’m sorry” She said again and i noticed Mig wasn’t looking pleased.

“I said i’m sorry…What’s with the glare huh” Fleur scoffed at Mig.
“You know how much i detest that,you should have at least covered your mouth..You lack some manner!” Mig scoffed back.
“But my apology should have pacified you,it wasn’t intended,it just came out suddenly” Fleur said with a frown.
“But yo..” Mig was saying.
“I’ve said sorry Mig..What’s all this about” Fleur said getting pissed.

“Just ha..” Mig was saying.
“Whatever” Fleur said angrily before stomping to her room..
“I think that was uncalled for,she didn’t do anything wrong besides she also apologised” I said to Mig before we heard the loud slam of Fleur’s door.
“But that isn’t enough to get her pissed” Mig said soberly.
“Just go apologise to her” I said and he stood up and walked to her room.
I know he felt sorry…It’s actually nice watching their little fight.
Do i also have little fights with my siblings?
Do i even have siblings?
I quickly shut out the thoughts to prevent another pain in my head.

“Wow” I muttered when i heard giggles,like they are playing or something.
Didn’t they just quarrelled now?

I smiled and continued reading my novel.

They both came back into the living room distracting me with their laughter.
They sat on the couch.
“Let’s play a game” Fleur said.


We sat round the table to play a board game,Fleur taught me the procedures before we began and surprisingly ‘i won’.
We switched to a simple card game which Fleur won…She jumped excitedly and i can’t help but laugh.
“Wow it’s late !” Mig exclaimed.
“It’s 7pm” Fleur added.
“Let’s go make dinner” She said.


We all said our ‘goodnights’ after eating the meal Fleur prepared..
Fleur is a good cook also but Mig is more good.
I slipped under my blanket after bathing and changing into my lovely pyjamas then i picked up my novel.

I plan on finishing it tonight,i’m always distracted by mid-days so it’s better i savor this quiet moment to enjoy it.
I continued reading from where i stopped.
“Wow” I said cleaning my tears after i finished reading it.
It’s emotional and i’m glad it ended that way …I checked the bedside clock and gasp.
It’s 2am..I have just few hours to sleep.

Well..I didn’t regret spending my sleeping time to read that novel..
It’s worth it..
I wasn’t feeling sleepy yet so i had to open the parts i like and started re-reading it.
I didn’t realise when i dozed off with my mouth widely open.



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