MEANT TO BE: Chapter 1-10


Chapter 6

Zeemah writes?

Mig’s POV?

“Mig let’s leave her to sleep,i have some things to discuss with you” Fleur said, walking out of Elva’s room.
I took a last glance at the sleeping Elva and smiled,she had felt so small and warm in my arms,i walked out of the room,closing the door gently.
I walked to the living room and met Fleur sitting on a couch.
I jumped beside her and she flinched sending me a glare,i chuckled and stretched out my legs.

“Mig i’m thinking of something” Fleur said.
“Ok what’s that ?” I asked.
“Hmm…I’m thinking we should announce Elva on the T.V and radio station,her family might come around” She said.

“What !” I exclaimed…Why do you want to do that ? don’t you like her or what ?” I asked.
“No i didn’t mean it that way..Her family would have been worried sick about her and i also thought she may badly want to return to her family but she might just be timid to say anything” She said.
“I know but we can’t do that..Not yet and besides she didn’t say anything about her family,she’s enjoying her stay here and we also like to have someone around” I said .

“Yes i like her company but we have to be considerate,her family might be out there looking for her and we won’t announce that we found a missing person just because we like her company..That’s very selfish of us then” Fleur said and i also gave it a deep thought.
“It’s true Fleur but we have to let her heal first and get back to her feet before we can do that” I said.
“Ok it’s settled then,i have to get back to work, my shift isn’t over yet” Fleur said getting up.
“Ok Fleur, Bye” I said.
“Bye” She said and walked out.
I stood up and walked to the kitchen, brought out the ingredients i needed to make meat loaf..
Ofcourse i’m a very good cook.

Elva needs to take something when she wakes up.
I started cooking,walking to and fro in the kitchen.


Meal loaf is ready !!
I dished it out in a big plate,covering it..I kept it in the freezer, planning to microwave it for Elva once she wakes.
I washed the pot and other cooking utensils used to prepare the meal.
I finished doing that,dried my hands with a napkin and walked out of the kitchen..Heading to Elva’s room…

I opened the door and she was still deeply asleep,i know it will take some time before she wakes. Why don’t i just get another copy of the torn novel before she wakes up.
I scurried out of her room ,walked into mine and took enough cash before walking out of the house.

I started trekking to the Bookshop down the street.


Luckily,i purchased the last copy of the novel,i paid the lady behind the desk and was about walking away when i sighted another novel.
“Lone eagle by Danielle steel” I read it out and walked towards it,i picked it up and read the summary and i was ‘wowed’..

I walked back to the lady and paid for the novel also, ignoring the glances she’s sending my way.
I walked away grinning.
“I should be fast,Elva would have been awake by now” I thought and hurried home.
I entered the house,dropped the novels on the couch and walked straight to Elva’s room.
I opened the door and walked in.

I was right.

She’s awake,sitting up on the bed,her lips curved in a smile as i walked towards her,i smiled back.

“Hey how are you feeling now ?” I asked.
“Much more better, thanks. Where is Fleur ?” She asked.
“She has gone back to work” I said and she nodded.
“Uhm” She sighed, looking at me shyly.
“What ?” I asked.

“I’m thinking if i can just get a little meal,my stomach is..” She sighed.
“Ohh…Okay,come with me to the dining,i just prepared Meat loaf” I said.
“Really ?” She asked.
“Yes” I said and she smiled standing up from the bed.
I walked ahead her.
“Ouch” I heard and turned.
She’s holding on to the bed for support.

My bad.

I’ve forgotten she had sprained her ankle.
“Sorry Elva i’ve forgotten you sprained your ankle” I said and took two long strides towards her before scooping her into my arms..i heard her gasp and i smiled.
I lowered her into a dining chair and she muttered a ‘Thank you”.
I walked to the kitchen and quickly plugged on the microwave,i slipped the meal into it and closed it back,leaving it to heat up i walked back to the dining room.
“The meal is in the microwave,we just have to wait for few minutes for it to heat up” I said and sat across her.
“Ohh..Okay” She said.

“I went to purchase another copy of the novel,while you were asleep” I said and her face lit up.
“Really ?” She asked.
“Yes” I said.
“It’s so interesting and i can’t wait to continue reading it…What of the torn copy ?” She asked.
“Uh..that ? I’ve shoved it in the library shelf” I said and she nodded.

“I also purchased a new novel” I said.
“Really? Is it also the same author’s novel?” She asked and i shook my head.
“Lone eagle by Danielle steels” I said.
“Wow,the name tells it all,its sure gonna be interesting” She said.
“Yes,the summary made me pick it” I said
“Where is it?” She asked.

“The living room” I said and stood up,walked to the couch where i kept the novels,i picked it up and walked back to Elva.
I dropped it in front of her and sat,she looked at the two novels, checking them out with a smile.

“Wow, as soon as im done with this..”Lone eagle” is next” She said, smiling.
“And who says i will borrow you the novels” I teased.
“Huh” She said nervously,scratching her hair..”Sorry i didn’t know you were not gonna borrow me” She said with a pale face dropping the novels back on the table.

I laughed.

“Com’on,i was only joking” I said still laughing.
“Really?” She asked.
“Yes i was only joking,you can resume reading that one while i start with”Lone eagle” then i will give it to you after i’m done” I said.
“Thank you” She beamed.

“Let’s set the novels aside for now,we will continue after lunch” I said dropping the two novels on the chair before walking to the kitchen to check the meal.
It’s well heated,i switched off the microwave before bringing out the meal,i placed it on the kitchen counter and dished it into two plates, leaving some for Fleur.

I placed the two plates of meat loaf in a tray and carried it to the dining room.
I placed Elva’s meal in front of her and also placed mine on the table.
I walked back to the kitchen and returned to the dining room with two bottles of water and glass cups.

Elva has started eating already,i placed a table of water with a glass cup in front of her.
“Thanks Mig” She said and i nodded before sitting down to start eating.


We’ve finished eating and i’m now in the kitchen washing our dishes, Elva offered to help but i declined.
She’s waiting for me in the dining room…I gotta hurry.
I finished washing the dishes and placed them in the drain board.
I dried my hand with the napkin and walked back to meet her.

“I’m done with the dishes” I said.
“Ok” She said and stood up,she flinched in pain but quickly cover it up with a smile. She doesn’t want to bother me by carrying her again but i don’t care.
I carried her in my arms and headed to the living room,i placed her gently on the couch before sitting beside her.

“Thanks Mig” She said and i nodded.
I picked up “Lone eagle” and started reading.

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