MEANT TO BE: Chapter 1-10

(Being Elva)

Chapter 3

Zeemah writes?

?Mig’s POV?

I sat on the couch in the living room after lunch, Fleur is outside with Elva showing her round the house.

My mind flew back to when i saw her uncl@d…I cant seem to get the image off my mind..Her b©dy is thick and beautiful with a11uring curves.
I kept stealing glances at her while we were eating lunch, her b©©bs pushed against the T-shirt.

Even the jeans fits her like second skin.
Her shape is just overwhelming..

Of course he should stop this ! She’s a stranger for goodness sake. but he couldn’t just stop thinking about it.

I slapped the remote control on my head and kept mumbling.

“Mig” I heard Fleur call interrupting my thoughts. I turned and saw Fleur and Elva standing behind me…
“Elva wants to borrow your favourite novel,She read the summary in the library and said she will like to read the entire novel so i brought her here to ask for your permission..Can she take it?” Fleur asked..

That’s my favourite novel but i have no choice here not when Elva is using those cute eyes to plead with me..
“Please bro,i know it’s your favourite but just borrow her for some days” Fleur said and i nodded..

Elva shifted behind her and i wondered if she’s shy to ask me herself.
“Ok but please make sure it doesn’t get torn” I said and a smile lit up on her face.
“Thanks Mig” Elva said.
“You are welcome and trust me you are gonna enjoy it” I said and her smile widened.

“Come Elva, i have to show you to your room before i leave for work” Fleur said.
“” Elva mumbled.
“Oh..That’s my room,i just thought you may like your privacy,that was why i decided to give you another room but we can stay together in mine if you want” Fleur said.

“No its okay,i will stay in the other room you’ve prepared for me” Elva said..”But the clothes are still in your room” She added.
“Okay let’s go pack the clothes to your room” Fleur said and they both walked away..Fleur is leading the way while Elva is at the back,i kept staring at her back till they cornered into the passage.
“Mig get a grip of yourself” I mumbled slapping the remote control on my head..

“Ouch…It hurts”.

?Elva’s POV?

I laid on the soft bed in my new room after Fleur had shown me round the house.
She has left for work,saying she’s on afternoon shift.
My room is as big as fleur’s,it has a one-sitter couch beside a little shelf,there is a fireplace opposite the bed and also a bedside table with a table lamp on it,the floor is covered in floorboards, virtually all the floors in the house are covered in floorboards..

I’ve checked the bathroom and it looks just fine.
This house is big,i kept staring in surprise when Fleur was showing me around..It’s big and beautiful with clean surroundings,she showed me the stable and i saw their two horses,she also showed me the farmhouse.
But what interested me most is the Library,there are tons of novels in there and i had this urge to read them all.

Do i read novels before ? i asked myself but how would i know.
The first novel that caught my fantasy was Mig’s favorite novel..The summary really gat me and i yearn to read it..
I stared at it in my hand and smiled,i’m glad he agreed to give me.

I positioned the pillow comfortably beneath my head and began reading.
“Oh my hell with Nicky,for embarrassing Elara on her first day in school,this seems more interesting than i thought..

I heard a knock on the door and stood up from the bed,i slipped my feet into the bunny slippers Fleur gave me and walked to the door.

I opened it and saw Mig standing there.
“Hmm..I was thinking if you will like to watch a movie with me” He said..
Ohhh…I badly want to continue reading the novel but i can’t turn him down not when he’s been nice.
“Ok i would love to” I said and he smiled..I closed the door and followed him to the living room..

I saw some biscuits in a wide plate with two cups of chilled orange juice,i sat on the couch while he went to switch on the tv and insert the disk into the DvD player..

“It’s a Kdrama,i purchased it when i went to the city” He said walking back to me,he sat on the couch beside me.
“City ?” I asked
“Yes we are in the countryside of Australia,Fraser island to be precise ” He said.
“Ohhh” I said.

“Countryside is a beautiful place to live,the only disadvantage is power supply,the power is supplied once in a while but with the fresh air including the fresh and natural things you will see around,you won’t even notice there is no power supply” Mig said..

“Really ?” I asked.
“Ofcourse” He said.
‘Where do i also stay before..Is it in the countryside or city’ I thought but couldn’t remember.
‘ why can’t i just remember a thing’ I thought furiously..
“I believe the floor is the best place to sit or lay while watching a movie,so should we ?” Mig asked.
“Ofcourse” I said and we both slid to the floor and began watching the movie,crunching the biscuit and sipping the juice.


“I’m home” We heard and turned to the door.
It’s Fleur holding two full big Nylons.
“Welcome Fleur” I said standing up to meet her.
“Welcome sis” Mig said.
“Thanks guys” Fleur said.
“Elva come with me,i need to show you some things” Fleur said.

“Mig can you please pause the movie,i will be right back” I said.
“Okay” He said.
“Thank you” I said and followed Fleur to her room..
We entered her room and she handed a nylon bag to me..
“Fleur the clothes you bought for me is okay for now” I said feeling like a burden already.

“No, Elva. I should have bought you more in the morning if i know you will be staying here,just accept it okay? you really need it” She said and i collected the nylon bag from her.
“Thanks so much fleur” I said.
“It’s nothing” She said..”And take this” She said stretching a smaller nylon bag to me, i collected it with a “thanks”..
“It contains some sanitary pads,i hope you didn’t forget how to use it?” She asked..
“No thanks so much fleur” I said.

“It’s okay,if you need anything just let me know ok” She said and i nodded,i couldn’t resist the urge to pull her into a hug.

Is this how nice people are?
How can these people be so nice to a stranger they overnight..
Fleur is nice and caring,the perfect definition of a nurse..
I hugged her and sobbed quietly on her shoulder.

“It’s okay Elva,i understand…Don’t cry okay” Fleur said and i nodded pulling away from the hug.
“Thanks so much fleur” I said.
“It’s nothing..Now go meet Mig,you are keeping him waiting” She said and i nodded,thanked her once more before leaving her room.
I walked inside my room,dropped the clothes in the cupboard,the sanitary pads in the shelf before hurrying back to meet Mig.

I entered the living room and met him patiently waiting.
“Sorry for keeping you waiting Mig” I said sitting on the floor beside him.
“It’s fine” He smiled and we resumed watching.

But my mind kept drifting to the novel i was reading,i can’t wait to finish watching this movie..I need to go and read what Nicky did to Elara at the cafeteria.


We finished watching the movie and i said thanks to Mig,i stood up about going to continue the novel when i heard sounds from the kitchen.
“Is someone in the kitchen ?” I asked Mig.
“Yes it’s Fleur,she’s about preparing dinner” He said..
“Wow i didn’t know it’s evening already” I said and went to join Fleur in the kitchen..


We finished eating dinner,Fleur and i washed the dishes and we all sat in the living room and watched another Kdrama for a couple of hours.
I started yawning and was already half asleep on the couch when Fleur woke me up to go to my room.
We exchanged ‘goodnights’

I landed on my bed immediately i entered my room and fell into a dreamless sleep..

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