MEANT TO BE: Chapter 1-10


Chapter 2

Zeemah writes?

?Her POV?

“Oh my God” I said feeling embarrassed,i quickly pick up the blanket wrapping it around my body even if its of no use anymore, he already saw everything.
I felt badly embarrassed..
“I’m so sorry,i thought you were hurt and needed help,that was the reason i had turned,i didn’t know the blanket had slipped away from your body” He said and i saw sincerity in his cute eyes.
“It’s okay” I said and walked back to the bed sitting on it. The pee that made all this happened has flew away… ! This guy saw the whole thing.
“I’m so sorry” He apologised again and i nodded.

We heard the door open and a pretty young lady came in carrying two full shopping bags.
Her hair is black and shiny,styled in a bob,her eyes are big and brown,her nose is just perfect like this guy’s, her lips is small and pink.. She’s beautiful plus she has an amazing figure.

She must be his sis.

“Oh my God, you are awake” She said walking towards are you feeling now ?” She asked.
“Better” I replied slowly.
“I brewed some coffee for her and i think it helped a bit” The guy said and the lady nodded winking at him.

“Okay what’s your name ?” She asked.
“My name” I said.
“Yes your name” She said.
“my name? i don’t know my name” I said.
“You mean you don’t know your name ?” She asked.
“Yes i don’t remember my name” I said trying hard to remember but i couldn’t and instead the headache increased.

“Wow ! She exclaimed “Where did you come from? ” She asked.
“I don’t know,i can’t remember that either ” I said.
“Really ?” She asked.
“Yes, i can’t remember anything before now, what’s happening to me ?” I asked worriedly.
They both glanced at eachother.
The more i’m trying to remember,the more the headache increases.
“Mig she’s got Amnesia” She told her brother with a sad expression.
“Amnesia !” Mig exclaimed.
“Amnesia ?” I thought within.

“Yes your memory has been lost,you won’t be able to remember anything from the past for some period of time” She said and my heart dropped.
“That’s pretty bad” Mig sighed.

“Yes it is. And also we didn’t find any means of identification on you” The lady said.
I tried holding back the tears that was threatening to flow out but i couldn’t,it rolled down to my cheeks…continuously.
Why can’t i remember a thing?
What if my family are out there,worried about me.

Do i even have a family?

“Hey it’s okay,you don’t need to cry” The lady said cleaning my tears with her thumb.
“I can’t remember anything not even my own name,for how long will this continue,where will i even stay till then. How am i gonna survive” I said in tears.
They both looked at me with pity and i cried more,my head throbbing terribly.

“No you don’t have to pity me,i will find my way” I said even if there is no way i could find.
“ will stay here with us for the mean time till you regain your memory” She said and i looked up with surprise..
“Yes you can stay here with us okay?” Mig said.

“You mean you will both accommodate me without even knowing where i come from ?” I asked with surprise.
“Ofcourse, we cant leave you to go out to the streets” She said.
“Thanks so much” I said with excitement…”Thank you, thank you” I said with a smile..
“You are welcome” They both said smiling back at me.
“Don’t force yourself to remember anything cos it’s gonna make your head throb with pain,just be free and the memories will come steadily ok?” Fleur said and i nodded.

“So…Let’s start the introduction ; I’m fleur and this is Miguel my elder brother,we stay in this house alone,i’m a nurse and i work in the hospital not so far from here,Miguel takes care of the horses in the stable and also goes to work once in a while..He’s lazy yunno” She teased and i chuckled..Mig shot her a playful glare and she laughed.
“Thanks Fleur,thanks mig” I said and they both nodded..
“You will get to know more about us as time goes on” Mig said.

“Now you need to take a warm bath and also eat a hot meal,i bought some soup ingredient along with clothes for you,so while you have your bath,i will be in the kitchen preparing the soup” Fleur said with a smile.
“Thanks Fleur” I said.
“Ok but first i need to change your bandage,it’s soaked” She said.
“Bandage ?” I asked and scan my body but couldn’t find any bandage.
“Yes you have a deep cut on your head and i’m afraid it will take long to heal” She said and i gasp.

I touched my head and truly,there is a bandage,i now realise why my head aches badly..I exhaled.
“My bad” Fleur said..”we have to give you a name”
“Do you like Elva ?” She asked.
“No Diana is better” Mig said.
“No Elva sounds more cool” Fleur said.
“No it’s Diana”

“No it’s Elva”

” Diana is better”

” Elva is more better”

“she’s gonna be called Diana”

“She’s gonna be called Elva”….

They kept arguing and i couldn’t help but smile.

“Okay let her choose herself” Fleur said and they both faced me,my heart skipped a beat.
I don’t want to offend Mig neither Fleur, but i think i like Elva better.
“Hmm..I like Elva more” I found myself saying giving Mig an apologetic look..Fleur squealed around and stuck out her tongue at Mig..Mig shrugged.

“I’m not surprised she like the name you offered because you are both females ” Mig said and i’m glad he isn’t offended.
“Okay Elva you will be called then” Fleur said and we both smiled..She walked to a drawer,opened it and brought out a white square box,i saw FIRST AID BOX inscribed on it,she walked back to the bed, placed the box on the bedside table.
“I will leave you both to it,i have some laundry to do” Mig said.

“Okay bro” Fleur said opening the first aid box..Mig walked out.
She wore her gloves before loosening the bandage on my head,she folded it neatly and placed it on a transparent board,it’s soaked with bl©©d.
She brought out an antiseptic followed by cotton wool.
She took some cotton wool and used it to clean the sides of the wound,she disposed the stained wool and took a new one,she applied some antiseptic on it,then placed it on the wound.

I winced in pain…”Sorry Elva” Fleur said and i nodded.
She rolled out a clean bandage and placed it round my head severally before clipping it.
I sigh in relief after she’s done “Thanks fleur” I said and she nodded.
She packed her tools back into the first aid box before locking it firmly,she took it back to the drawer and walked back to me.
She dropped the used bandage and cotton wool into a disposable nylon.

“Now have this” She said stretching two shopping bags filled with clothes to me…”Have your bath,dress up then you come to the dining” She said.
“Thanks so much fleur” I said collecting the bags from her.
“It’s nothing,i will give you your medications after lunch” She said and i nodded.

“Ok then,i will be in the kitchen and there are two shower caps on the bathroom cabinet,you can use the pink cos it’s new,make sure you use it to cover your hair completely so the bandage won’t get wet” Fleur said.
“Ok fleur thanks ” I said and she nodded walking out of the room.
I poured the content of the bags on the bed and a ‘wow’ escaped my lips..There are dozens of clothes with underwear and they all looked beautiful.

I checked it out and settled for a black T-shirt with a pair of blue jean,a purple and black underwear.
I removed the blanket from my body and hurried n@ked to the bathroom with the clothes in hand.
I finished bathing and my body felt more strong and better,i dried my body with the towel i found on the bathroom cabinet,wore the undies before slipping on the T-shirt and jean. The jean fitted me perfectly but the T-shirt is a bit loose,i like it that way.
I removed the shower cap and my hair flowed down to my waist..
Woah..i have a very long hair. I carefully brushed through it with my fingers to avoid touching the bandage.

I’m done.


I walked out of the room and entered a short passage,there are four doors and i wonder which door leads to the living room..I stood there deliberating..
“Open the left door” I heard behind me and flinched. I turned around to see Mig.
“Sorry i startled you” He said.
“It’s okay” I said staring at him.
“This left door leads to the living room,dining,kitchen and a lot more. This right door leads to my room while the two other doors are the guest rooms” He explained and i nodded. He entered his room and i opened the left door and there is the living room,i walked inside.

It’s not very big but it’s beautiful, neatly painted in cream and orange ,there are four beautiful couch and the floor is covered in floorboards,there is a big fire place opposite a three-seater couch,a wooden table is placed at the centre of the living room with a beautiful flower vase on it.
An enormous television stationed across the leather recliner,with a medium-sized shelf filled with films.

So simple and beautiful. I like it.

“Elva over here” I heard fleur call and i turned to see a transparent curtain demarcating the living room from the dining room, i walked towards it and open the curtain,a delicious aroma filled my nostrils..I’m standing in the dining room which has six chairs and a centre table covered in a floral table-cloth..I looked across and there is the kitchen,fleur is coming out with three bowls of steaming home-made soup in a tray,she smiled as she saw me and i smiled back…

She placed the bowls of soup on the table,i saw some other things on the table to eat with the soup
i felt my stomach rumble and my throat tingle.
“Have your sit Elva,and besides you look good” Fleur said and i sat smiling.
“Thanks” I said.

“Mig,lunch is ready” Fleur called loudly and i heard heavy footsteps coming towards the dining room,the curtain opened and Mig came in,he took a sit opposite mine while fleur sat beside me..
We started eating in silence and i kept wondering if i’m making them uncomfortable..I mean it seems weird to suddenly have a new person in the house..
Anyway the soup is delicious and i can’t help but rush it..


We finished eating,and i said ‘thanks’ to them..Mig nodded ,stood up and left the dining..Fleur stood up and started packing the empty and uncleaned dishes, she’s going to wash it,i can’t let her do that..I have to help.

“I will wash the dishes” I said, wanting to collect it from her but she didn’t give it to me..
“No Elva,just go sit at the living room,i will come join you soon” She said and i shook my head.
“Just leave the dishes to me,i will wash it” I said.
“No you are not very strong for this” She said.
“No i feel strong,please just allow me wash the dishes” I said…But it doesn’t seem she’s going to give in…”Just to exercise my numb bones” I added and she sighed..
“You sure know how to persist” She said and i smiled.
“Ok” She said and my smile widened..”But” She added.
“What ?” I asked.

“I’m not going to let you wash the dishes alone,we are washing it together” She said.
“Ok fleur” I said and collected the unclean dishes from her,i headed to the kitchen.

She packed the remaining ones and came to join me..
The kitchen as well as other part of the house also is wide and beautiful.
We finished washing the dishes and dried our hands on a clean kitchen towel.

“Come with me,let me show you round the house” Fleur said and i nodded following her.
I feel happy that i got a beautiful place to call home and also with the nicest people I’ve ever met.

Well..i don’t know if they are the nicest people I’ve ever met..since i can’t even remember anything or anyone.
Well…I owe them a lot…

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