QUEST FOR LOVE: Episode 1-10

LOVE ???

(Do love exist?)

??? SYNOPSIS ???

Written By Awelewa Deborah

Her name is Melissa Martins, but her friends called her Lissa. She is a college student in her final year. She has the necessary curves and is termed the most beautiful in Miami. She is 21 years old and vowed never to fall in love because she believed love is meant for weaklings.

She met Aidan Ivan, a 22 years old business tycoon who came from the magic world called Laviana. He believes love is a mirage and is never meant to be real.

He is ruthless, tall, Cute with beautiful blue eyes, pink small lips, and fair skin.

He got into trouble during the love festival in Laviana. His power was suspended and was sent to the earth with a quest “make love real”.

He can only get his power back when he falls in love.

Will he succeed??

What is their connection??

Find out in this thrilling story of love, betrayal, and adventure.


LOVE ???

?(Do love exist??) ?

?Episode 1?

By Debbie

Emily’s pov:

“No!no!no!, please don’t leave” Lissa cried in her sleep.she has been having the same dream for months now and I really wish it could stop.

“Lissa! Lissa!” I called softly. She opened her eyes and turned to look at me.
“It ok, it just a dream. Go back to sleep” I said while trying to put her back to sleep.

She finally slept off, I sigh and lay on my back. I wonder how long it will take to stop the mysterious dream.

Lissa has been my best friend from the creche. Troublesome but she is the best thing that happened to me. After I lost my parent, Lissa was there for me. I really wish there is something I can do to stop the dream.

“I must find a solution to her problem,” I thought. With this I slept off.

Lissa’s pov:
I woke up with a slight headache, I must have had the dream again.

“Emily!” I called when I noticed she was not in the room. I stood up to check the bathroom.

“Hope she is not crying again”I wondered. I really can not watch her cry anymore. It has been six months since her parent died, and she has been living with us.

Emily is not just a friend but more of a sister to me. I smiled has thoughts of the funny things we did together crept my mind.

“Don’t tell me you are drooling?” I lift up my eyes to see Emily with a tray of breakfast.

“Am not drooling Emily, I just missed our good old days” she dropped the tray and sat beside me

“Lissa, I missed those days too”.I smiled

“Do you remember the day you put a live frog on Mr. Spooner’s table because he gave you detention” I burst into laughter when I recalled what happened. ?

“He was so furious, he almost plugs out my ear, how can I forget” Emily stood up while I did the same.

“We better go get ready for school”

“Yes, we should “I replied sadly.

It has always been like that for the past six months. Anytime I tried to make her smile, it lasted for only a while. No more pranks, no more trouble. No more hangout, no fun just school. I wish we could go back to the good old days. I wish we could…?


Mason’s pov:

“Mason common on, we are running ” Aidan yelled. I rolled my eyes at him. Aidan is really a pain in the neck.

“How did we meet again,” I said as I did a final touch to my hair. Yeah, you heard me, my hair!. You know I love to look good. ?

“Mason, if you don’t get out before the count of ten I will smash your…”. I quickly ran out of the room before he finished his sentence. I love my head. ?

We headed for the festival as girls kept drooling on the way.

“Aidan do you see those girls drooling” I beamed. Aidan rolled his eyes as he continues walking.

“How did we become friends again?” I asked. Aidan gave me the I will kill you if you don’t keep the shut look.

I gulped down nothing as my throat became dried, the rest of the journey was quiet because Aidan is a man of his word although I know he can’t kill me, he can definitely faint me!

Author’s pov:

The love festival is celebrated once in every blue moon in Laviana. It is a time when the blue goddess Mira chooses the next goddess of love. And it is a must for every Lavianans to attend.

It’s a festival of magic and love. Every Lavianans are happy to attend the festival except Aidan who believes he should be at his office making money or preparing for the spring festival.

Aidan’s pov:

I watched as Mason get dressed for the festival. It’s just a love festival why does he have to waste my time!.

“Mason common on we are running late”I yelled.

“How did we meet again” he replied after rolling his eye. Yeah he does that always

“Mason, if you don’t come out after the count of ten I will smash your… “I was not done with my sentence when I saw him standing close to me. Guess he loves his head. ?

I really want to laugh at him but Mason will tease me for the rest of the day.

As we head for the festival, Mason kept ranting about girls drooling as if I care.

“I hate girls, I hate love. I should be in my office, thinking about my next business plan, or even practicing my magic for the spring festival not some sort of love festival”I thought.

“How did we become friends again” I heard Mason asked. Gosh, this friend of mine is a pain in the brain. Yeah, you heard right, the brain!!! ?

I gave him the I will kill you if you don’t keep the shut look and that did the trick. He was quiet for the rest of the journey.

Mason’s pov:

We got to the festival venue and a wow escaped my mouth. Everywhere look so blue and beautiful with the touch of red. It really is a love festival. ?

“Aidan what do you think, it’s a really nice view” he nodded in reply and walk away.

Do I have to run after him??. ?


“Am going to get a sit?” he said as he pulls a sit,

“It should be I already pull a sit and not am going to get a sit, “I thought and pull the seat beside him.

“I heard you” I frowned, gosh I totally forget he could read minds.

I watched him look around and a smile escaped his lips. I smiled, Aidan might not believe in love but he appreciates beautiful things.

Well am different, I do believe in love and am waiting for my princess charming??.

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