BETROTHED : Episode 11 – 20


???She has supernatural powers???

????????Episode 11

I will make you happy


I stared at James for a moment. He was so handsome; of course

he could have a girl like Jennifer.

I walked up to them and extended my hand.

“Hi, you must be Jennifer McCoy, I’m Vanessa.” I said and shook her hand.

I walked over to James and studied him for a moment. He

has Jason’s blonde hair and his mother’s friendly electrical blue eyes.

“Hi, James, I’m Vanessa.” I said and he shook my hand, grinning.

I knew right away I’m going to like him.

“Ok, darling, let’s go inside and have some tea.” Mrs. Cohen said

and we walked in the dining room. There was tea, coffee, water and

cookies all set up on the table.

I sat across from Jennifer.

She’s a wolf now said Layla.



She went through the process?

Yeah, but her was more different from yours and she just got

well before she got here

“Where’s Jason?” asked James, snapping me out of my ‘conversation’.

“Oh, he went out for a second, he said he’s doing something

important.” Mrs. Cohen said and sipped on her tea.

“How’s is it here, Vanessa?” Jennifer said.

“It’s perfect here.”

“And how’s Jason? How’s it going with him?”

“It’s perfect!” I said and put on a fake smile.

“Oh, that’s great. I’ve heard a lot about you guys.”

“Really?” I asked and she nodded.

“Oh, by the way, call me Jen, I don’t really like my full first name.”

she said and smiled.

“Oh, girls, sorry to interrupt, but I have some news!” said Mrs. Cohen and smiled. She always smile that there’s no mistake in her

life. She makes life sound so easy.

“I was planning that we have ballroom dancing lesson.” Mrs.

Cohen said.

“But -!” Jan and I started.

“Oh, don’t worry; I’m going to hire a tutor to help you, guys.” She said quickly.

“I – !” I started.

“Honey, don’t sorry, leave it all up to me! And I’m going to hire the

best dancing tutor in the world!!!!” she beamed and grabbed her phone, call a tutor.

“I can’t dance!” I whispered to Jen.

She smiled and said, “So can’t I!”

I grinned; I know I’m going to like this girl too.

Than, Mrs. Cohen slammed her phone down on the table and

squealed. My eyes widen. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw James

put his forehead in his arm and blushed from the embarrassment
from his mom.


STARTING TOMORROW!” she squealed and got up, “I got to dash,

see ya!” She walked out of the room.

“What -” I started.

“Uhh, don’t mention it, that’s who my mother is.” James said,

lifting his head and I laughed.

“She always like that when she gets excited.” James said.

I laughed even more.

The door bell rung and a maid quickly went to get the door.

“That’s probably Jason.” Jen said.

Jason walked into the dining door and saw James.

“Oh, brother, how great to see you.” James said.

“How long were you here?”

“Just a wait.”

“Hi, Jason, I’m Jennifer McCoy, call me Jen.” Jen said, standing

to shake his hand.

“Hi, well, I have to go.” Jason said and was about to walk out,

when he signaled me to come along.

“Well, can I be excused too?” I asked.

They nodded and I followed Jason up the stairs. We got to the room.

“Guess what?” I asked and at the same time he said, “I have

something for you.”

There was silence.

“Uhh, you go first.” I said.

“No, you go.” he said, sitting down on the chair.

“Ok, your mom is planning to have dancing class for us. She

wants us to learn Ballroom dancing.” I said, I didn’t know why I was telling him that.

“And yeah, what do you want to say again?” I asked.

There was a pause between us, “Ummm, well, never mind.”

“Tell me.” I said.

“No, I’ll tell you next time.” Jason said.

“Fine, than you have to tell me what’s in that bag.” I said,

standing in front of him.

“Next time.” he said and put the bag in one of the drawers of his’s. I rolled my eyes and walked away. I took a shower and come

out the bathroom. I looked around the room.

He’s not here! I thought, Time to find out what’s in that bag!

threw the towel back to the bathroom hamper and tip – toed to the drawer that he put the bag in. I slide it open – it was his boxer

drawer. I blushed. On top of his boxers was the bag that he was holding.

I opened the bag slowly and there was a beautiful box inside. I

grinned and opened the box. I gasped. Inside the box was the

biggest diamond ring I have ever seen in my whole life.

“Wow, that’s beautiful.” I said and grinned.

I never knew Jason was such a good person to buy his mother a

present! I thought.

Yeah, isn’t he great? asked Layla.

Yeah, something he could be really sweet and caring, but

something he just so –

“Vanessa?” Jason asked. I jumped and the beautiful ring flew out

of my hand and on the carpet.

I quickly straightened myself out and said, “I’m sorry, I really don’t

mean to drop your mother’s present on the floor!”

I scrambled to find the lost ring among the carpet floor, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to dirty the beautiful ring and I just want to take a look at it. I’m so sorry – ”

He chuckled and took the found – ring out my hand.

“It’s ok and that ring isn’t for my mother, it’s for you. And I’m glad

you think it’s beautiful.” Jason said and smirked.

I blushed really hard and quietly said, “Oh,”

He chuckled, “It’s the first time I’ve seen you blush.” I blushed

harder and slapped him a little bit playfully.

“Oh, well, you’ve saw the ring. I thought it would be a surprise,

but you were too curious.” He took my hand and right away, my skin

felt warm. He gently slipped the ring on my finger. He brought my

hand up to his lips and he planted a small kss. I could feel how his

lips felt like on my skin – full, plumped and soft. I shivered a little and blushed.

I studied my hand for a little and I have to admit; It is so beautiful

and it totally suits my hand. Long, thin fingers with a beautiful, flashy


I thought and I could feel my inside do a mini dance.

I smiled.

“The first time I’ve seen you smile too. And it’s s*xy to have two

dimples when you smile.” Jason teased in my ear and his hot breath

warmed my ears. I blushed and shivered.

“Hey!! Stop that would you!?” I asked.

“No, I won’t!” Jason teased and squeezed my hand that he was

still holding. Than, there was a silence in the room. It wasn’t an

awkward silence; it was just a happy silence. I could feel myself grin

wider and I notice how close we were. Our toes were touching each

other and I notice how much taller Jason was than me. He was

probably a 6 feet something. He bent over and I could see his

lashes, how thick and heavy they look. His eyes were a beautiful

shade of green and it looks dreamy. I could hear his breathing and

feel his hot breath leaning really closer to me. I could smell him, his

shampoo and cologne. His hair was slightly covering his eye and he

moved in a little closer. I could see his lips slightly apart.

Than I started blushing, Is he going to kss me? I thought.

I blushed even harder and my heart started hammering in my

chest. My breath quickened slightly and I hoped he doesn’t notice.

Our l!ps were almost an inch apart and I did the first thing that came

into my mind – push him away. I pushed him a little and I started feeling dazed.

I unconsciously stepped back and his hand slipped away from my hand. My face heat up even more.

I looked away, I didn’t want to see Jason’s face, but I could feel him looking at me.

I really regret it, but I really didn’t know what to do, if he really kssed me.

“Ummmm, I have a question. I, ummm, I was wondering what

type of ring this is.” I asked awkwardly, trying not to create a weird

and silence atmosphere, but knowing that I am. I forced myself to

look at Jason and when our eyes met, he quickly looked away. I

blinked at him, but he quickly recovered.

He moved in closer and he took my hand.

“Umm, let’s say that this is a promise ring.” Jason said.

I looked up at me and smile, “What do you promise?”

“I promise you that . . . I will make you happy and that you’ll love

me.” Jason said cockily. I laughed at him.

“Fine, you promise?” I asked and stuck my pinky finger out.

“Yeah, I promise, even the last part.” he said, “You will fall in love

with me one day.” He hooked him pinky around my pinky and we
shook it.

“Deal.” he said and I grinned.

I remember what pinky promises were like back when I was child.

I would do that all the time when there was something big. But now I

am almost 18 and I still pinky promise because this was important

and big. Sometimes, I wonder about the promise that other people

make with me, I always wonder if they will come true or they are just

lying. And some promises I forget, but this one I know that I never

forget this and this promise will keep me thinking if it will happen.

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