Benefits of Avocado seed Tea??

Never throw away your Avocado seeds any more ?.

Avocados are, by far, my favorite food; in fact, I try to eat at least one avocado every day. The green, creamy fruit can pretty much go with anything. I add half an avocado to my morning smoothie and another half to my salad at dinnertime…and if I have a craving for nachos, I love making homemade guacamole!

Like most people, I used to toss the avocado seed in the garbage. But it turns out avocado seeds are not only healthy, but they have even been used in traditional medicine for centuries.

We know avocados are loaded with folate, vitamin B, and healthy fats. But avocado seeds are nutrient-rich as well. The avocado seed is a beneficial source of bioactive phytochemicals.

It contains fatty acids, triterpenes, phytosterols, and glucosides from abscisic acid. The avocado seed also contains 70% of the avocado’s antioxidant content. The antioxidant phytochemicals in avocado seeds include proanthocyanidins and flavonols. The avocado seed is also considered one of the best sources of soluble fiber.

The seed contains more than 75% the benefits derived from eating the flesh alone. It is a concentration super house of nutrients. Check out the benefits below.

Contains anti-inflammatory properties to fight various inflammations and diseases in the body.

Helps fight cancer

The avocado seed contains anti-tumor properties, especially the potent antioxidants called flavonols. In a 2013 study published in the journalPharmaceutical Biology, researchers from the University of Antioquia in Medellin, Colombia found that extract from avocado fruit and seeds caused leukemia cells to self-destruct.

It stabilises blood sugar

Reduces blood pressure

Lowers bad cholesterol levels

Relieves stomach pains and troubles

Releases body tension to aid sleep

Boosts body immune system and so much more…

Preparation :
Get your Avocado seeds

Grate it with kitchen grater

Dry in the sun or microwave till dry.

Take 1tbsp of dried avocado powder and boil in a cup of water for 5mins.

Sieve into a cup, add 1tsp of honey to sweeten (optional).


Now you know what to do with your Avocado seed, what are you waiting for?