By Gbemi Writes


“What do you say? ” He asked as he bent his head towards her, levelling his gaze with her’s and also being very close to her.

This close Marie could see the intensity of his gaze and could also smell his scent and this close she could see how handsome he is.

Looking away, she coughed slightly and when she tried to move back, she stepped on something which got her staggering and she would have fallen if Romeo hadn’t wrapped his arms around her.


“Are you alright?” He asked.

“Yes am fine” she replied wanting to pull out of his arms but he pulled her back to him.

“I didn’t realise that the thought of sharing a bed with me could get you scared like a rabbit” he said smiling at her.

“What do you mean…..who told you that am scared of sharing the same bed with you?” She asked before she could stop herself.

“Then do so tonight. We will only be here and it isn’t right that one of us spend the night on that uncomfortable sofa” he said now looking serious.

The knock on the door prevented her from giving a reply.

“Get some rest, you look like you need one” he said and she was shocked when he kssed her on the forehead before letting her go.

For a while she stood where she was watching him talking to one of the employees and when he turned to smile at her, she fled to the room quickly.

What has gotten into him? What is he planning? She thought as she pulled off her jacket and quickly got into bed.

She shouldn’t give much thought to him, knowing Romeo he might just be toying with her, she thought as she closed her eyes to rest.

Marie was deep in sleep a while later and she didn’t notice Romeo walking in. He smiled when he saw the crazy way she slept on the bed and when he bent to cover her up with the bed cover, she chose that moment to move and that got her brushing her lips lightly on Romeo’s.

He moved back starring at the sleeping Marie while touching his lips and on impulse he bent again kssing her on the lips.

This didn’t wake her up and putting the sheets around her again, he turned off the lights and went out.




“So you had gone all the way to Paris just to get back your wedding ring. You really are inlove with Marie” Blake said over the phone.

“It’s some kind of prove that am willing to change for her” Romeo replied starring at the ring on his finger.

He still can’t believe that he travelled to Paris this morning just to get back his wedding ring, he had left it in his Paris apartment while having a business deal there a month ago and trying to get it back hadn’t been his concern but now it is his top priority.

He knew that putting on his ring might not get him anywhere with Marie but he at least hopes that she will get to trust him on that.

“So your saying now that she’s there with you?” Blake voice stop him from his wandering thoughts.

“She is. She was arguing with a lady when I did saw her, you didn’t knowingly send her here right?” Romeo asked.

He had been surprised at seeing her at the hotel and he had immediately suspected Blake for sending her here when knowing that he is here too.

“I didnt. I haven’t even seen her for the whole of today” Blake replied.

” Hope you are saying the truth” Romeo said.

“Of course I am. I know you can handle your issues yourself and I know that you can achieve getting your wife to fall for you so why on earth will I do something like that?” Blake asked and judging by his voice, Romeo could tell that Blake was telling the truth.

Since Blake didn’t knowingly sent Marie here to him then it could only be his luck, he has been wondering how he will begin his se.duction when he saw her here, he will just have to do his best and turn this chance given to him a success, he thought.

“Fine then. If you didn’t do it then it’s just luck on my side” Romeo voiced out his thoughts to his friend.

“Then I suggest you use it wisely. Don’t waste this chance given to you” Blake told him.

“I won’t” Romeo vowed even as he smiled to himself.



Dressed in the evening gown she found in her room, Marie head to the hotel club.

She had slept the whole after noon and when she woke up it was to find the evening dress on the bed with a letter written by Romeo.


Marie wanted to ignore it at first but then she was hungry, she hadn’t eaten a thing after break fast in the morning and so she put on the evening dress and went out in search of the hotel club.

She spotted him sitting by the window side, he was starring outside while also checking his time, could it be that he was waiting for her? She thought as she began to move towards him.

?” Isn’t he so handsome?”

?” Of course, he looks like a superstar”

?”I wonder if he is with someone?”

?”Do you think he has a girlfriend?”

Marie heard the ladies in the club talking about Romeo. She found herself starring at him and she couldn’t deny that he look handsome.

Dressed in a black tux and with his hair styled back, he was deviIishly handsome, she was still starring at him when he looked up at her.

He smiled even as he waved at her to come seat with him, quickly she went to take the seat while she felt those ladies starring at her.

” Why didn’t you order?” She asked as soon as she was seated.

“I was waiting for you” he replied starring at her intently.

“What if I didn’t show up? Would you still be waiting?” She asked.

“Probably but I knew you will show up” he said even as the waiter walk up to them.


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