BITTER LOVE : Episode 21 – The End



There comes a time in life when all one wishes for is a miracle. I had reached that exact point in my life. All I could do was pray and practice dry fasting, asking God to please save my Fred from being executed.
I’d been praying and fasting ever since Fred was declared guilty and I was doing the exact same thing tonight when Curtis barged into my room, looking angry.
“What’s this I’m hearing?”
I did a sign of the cross before getting up from where I had been kneeling. “And what is that that you’re hearing, huh Curtis? As you can see, I’m doing something important so please quit beating around the bush and go straight to the point.”
“Is it true you’re starving our child?”
“Who told you that?”
“Faides mentioned you’re in your room praying and she also mentioned you’re fasting. What’s all this insanity?”
“Curtis, are you being for real? My Fred only has less than 24hrs left before he’s executed and I’m here asking God for a miracle and you have the guts to look me in the face, calling me insane?”
“That’s not what I meant, baby,” said Curtis grimly, holding my hands. “I’m as concerned about Fred as you’re, believe me. But Ali, need I remind you you’re carrying a baby that literally depends on your health to survive?”
“I’m perfectly healthy,” I argued.
Curtis smiled a weary smile. “I know, but the baby needs food so stop being adamant and feed it.”
“But that means I’ll have to break the fast, darling. I promise as soon as God grants-”
I was cut short by my ringing phone. I picked it from the bed, the caller ID read Bob.
“Are you going to answer the call or not?”
“It’s Bob.”
“Yeah, just pick up. I don’t mind, seriously.”
That’s why I loved Curtis, he was so understanding. Other men would have staged a jealousy scene right there and then.
Anyway, I ended up picking the call despite being skeptical.
“Bob,” I said after picking up. “what want you?”
“Alicia, I know who the real murderer is. Finally our Fred can be saved.”
“Bob, tell me you aren’t joking cause if you’re then drop it cause this is really a sick joke you pulling,” I said, not wanting to get my hopes up.
“I’m not joking, the real murderer is-”
Bob was disrupted by something going on where he was, I heard him grant and then moan out in pain.
“Bob? Bob!” I frantically called but the only response I got was the line being cut.
“Shit,” I cussed as I tossed my phone across the bed in frustration. “He could at least have told me the name!”
“Baby, what’s going on? You look tense.”
“Tense? I’m about to blow up, Curtis,” I was so frustrated that I was on the verge of yelling or breaking down. “Bob called me to tell me he knows Angie’s real murderer and before he could even utter their name…” I trailed off when realization hit me. “Curtis, Bob indeed knows who the real killer is! Holy Mary, Bob’s life is in danger, Curtis. My intuition tells me so! We need to save his life before he ends up like Angie.”
I was now pacing the room back and forth and Curtis had to hold me for me to stop. “Alicia, calm down. Breathe in and out.. Yes, that’s it. Now I know what you’re telling me is serious but how will we help Bob when we don’t even know where he is? Can you perhaps trace his call or something?”
“No, Curtis. You only trace someone’s call when you’re connected, I’m talking about a call.” I bit my lower lip in thought and snapped my fingers. “I know what to do, I’ll give Baison a call so that the police can be aware Bob’s life is in danger. Curtis, this is a sign from God, my prayers have been answered!”
I grabbed my phone from the bed and was dialing Baison’s line when I heard Curtis clear his throat. “Um, Alicia?”
“I just don’t want you to get your hopes up, what if the Bob guy’s just pulling your leg?”
“Fred’s his son too, remember? Bob loves Fred as much as I do so he can’t joke about such a delicate matter. Relax, everything will be fine in due time. Whoever’s responsible for Angie’s murder and framing my son for it will pay cause their time’s up.”
“Baison, Bob’s life is in danger.”
“Alicia, calm down and talk slowly. What do you mean Bob’s life is in danger?” Baison inquisitively inquired on the other end of the line.
“Because he just gave me a call………..” I narrated my conversation with Bob and what had come after that.
“Have you tried calling him back?”
“Actually, no. But Baison, I’m certain the real killer has abducted him.”
“But what you’ve just told me kinda makes sense cause I’ve always been doubting Fred of killing Angie. Alicia, I promise my team and I will try everything in our power to locate Bob.”
“I trust you to do just that.”
“But Ali,” said Baison hesitantly. “Please don’t get your hopes up.”
“I won’t, Baison. And I’m wishing you the best of luck.”
“Thanks, we sure do need the luck.”

It had been an hour after I’d given Baison a call and no news had come up yet. So far, their search was proving futile. Seated in the living room with my eyes fixed on the T.V but my mind somewhere else, I racked my brains trying to figure who the killer might be but no, I still ended up going back to square one, where I had no clue with regards to the killer whatsoever. Curtis was seated with Faides on the same couch but I could feel his gaze penetrating me, obviously worried about me to the core.
I was startled out of my dazed state by my ringing phone. Itching for news thinking it was Baison calling, I didn’t even bother checking the caller ID.
“Baison, he’s phone’s not going through. Have you found him yet?”
“Alicia, it’s not Baison. It’s me, Lubona,” sobbed Lubona on the other end of the line.
“Lubona? Are you crying? What’s wrong?”
“I can’t tell you over the phone, boo. I need someone to talk to and you and Monde are the only friends I have. I would have given Monde a call but I’m guessing she’s busy tending to- to her husband and kids. I really need a shoulder to lean on, Alicia. Can you please come over?”
I glanced at my wristwatch, 20:57. “Sure, Lubona. What are friends for? I’ll be on my way asap.”
“And where are you going to at this hour?”
“Darling, my best friend has a crisis and we’ve been friends for as long as I can remember so there’s no way I’m deserting her in her time of need.”
“I’m coming with you.”
“No you’re not, Curtis L. Maliti,” I hotly said. “There’s no need for you to make me feel like a kid by being so overprotective. I’m turning 35 in a month’s time and I might have resigned but I’m also still a very good cop so yeah, I can take perfect care of myself.”
“But you no longer have a gun with you.”
I couldn’t help but smile. “What do I need a gun for? I’m going to see my friend, not Angie’s murderer so relax.”
Curtis sighed in defeat. “One can never win a fight with you, can they?”
I giggled and called for Mule, asking her to bring me my car keys which were in my room. On the dresser to be precise.
As I was waiting for the keys, Faides said, “It’s been long since you took me for a drive, mummy. Can I come with you?”
“But what will you do at aunt Lubona’s, huh Faides? Unlike at aunt Monde’s, there are no friends for you to play with at Lubona’s place.”
“I’ll watch cartoons or something,” she pleadingly said. “I promise I won’t disturb.”
Knowing how stubborn Faides could get, I agreed she comes with me.
“Really?” was all Curtis said.
“Come on, we’ve been through this already. Faides and I will be fine so just relax.”
Mule brought my car keys and Faides and I stood up to leave.
Curtis got up too. “Seems I’m not needed here so I’ll go home and check on Dee. She must be getting lonely.”
Curtis and I shared a brief kiss outside and I got into my car and drove off with Faides occupying the passenger’s seat.
When I arrived at Lubona’s, I gave her a call and she came to open the gate for me. I got out of my car and a red eyed Lubona rushed to hug me. “I’m shattered beyond words, Alicia.”
I cupped her face. “What’s going on, Lubona? Please tell me.”
“You need to see this for yourself,” Lubona sniffed. “Let’s go inside, please.”
Faides hopped out of the car.
“You brought your daughter with you?”
“Yeah, anything wrong with that?”
“No,” said Lubona, more defensively than hurriedly. “Let’s all go in then.”
Lubona ushered both Faides and I to the study.
She somehow forced me to be in front of her. “You won’t believe what’s in the study,” she kept on repeating.
And even as I opened the door, I felt a strange vibe course through my veins. And then I spotted Bob tied to a chair, his head dangling by the side, almost resting on his right shoulder. He was unconscious!
That’s when all the pieces fell into place. Lubona was the culprit after all. But how? Why?
I turned to look at her and there she stood, my alleged best friend had a pistol in one hand and in the other, she held Faides by the neck. The gun was pointed directly at Faides’ temple.
Lubona flashed me a devious smile, “I have you where I want you, w—e. And you bringing this brat along has just spiced things up for me. So, I’m guessing you’ve figured I’m the ruthless murderer whose been on the loose for like four months now? Yeah, but guess what, you’re taking this information to the grave cause that’s where you’ll be a few days from now.”
“Why are you doing this, Lubona?”
“We’ll chit chat later but for now you’ll do as I say. One wrong move and I’ll blow your sister’s daughter’s brains off. My bad, your niece’s brains off.”
“You’ll pay for this, you cunning backstabbing witch!”
“You’ll pay for this, you’ll pay for that. Talk is cheap, my friend. Now get into the study as I follow you behind. I repeat, one wrong move and I’m killing this stupid niece of yours.”

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