By Naomi Cindy B.

“Do you wanna fk all night again? Yes or yes?” He whispered, and Jemima smiled slowly.

“Why the repetition? You wanna fk me that bad?” She whispered.

“Am I the only one with the problem?” He whispered back.


“I guess no” she replied, and before he knew it, she already pushed him to the bed and came over him

“I’m taking the lead for the first few minutes” she said, and he smiled as she unfastened his pa..nts.

He helped her pull it down to reveal his meat.

“You won’t know how addicted I’ve grown with this” she whispered, and he bit his lip when she took it all into her mouth.

“Fk!” He groaned as his muscles rose on his skin.

She began at the tip, gliding down the rest of him with her tongue from base to tip.

“Have a good time teasing me” he groaned, and she smiled before looking up at him, he watched her tease him for a while more, and she finally took him wholly into her warm mouth, feeling him get even bigger.

“Gem!” He grunted, biting his lip hard as he grabbed a handful of her hair.

She gagged on him, holding the base firmly as she motioned back and forth with her mouth.

She suddenly felt his hand push slightly at the back of her head, assisting her in the scking.

“Ohh! Yeah!” He groaned, biting his lip again as he began reaching his tip.

No one has ever done this to him, though he watched it in videos, but nothing beats experiencing it oneself.

Her mouth ministered, and his body submitted totally. He grunted in pleasure as he finished up, reaching his full tip as he released it all in her mouth.

She swallowed his whole load, and she looked up with a sweaty face despite the chilly night air.

She licked the remains of him on her lips, and he helped himself up immediately, tossing her so he came to the top, laying completely on her.

“You promised something interesting the next time we do this, and here we are” she whispered, touching his lips.

“Not here” he replied.

“Why? Cos it’s a cafe?” She replied.

“Nope, cos I’d love to watch you do it in my place rather than this place” he whispered back, giving her a gentle kss.

“I’m the one who’s gonna do it?” She replied.

“Find out” he replied, and, she smiled before he captured her lips, kssing her hard.

She coiled her right hand on his neck, and the left went between them to take his dk.

She began caressing the tip as he they kssed addictively, and when he slowly broke the kss, he went to her ear and licked down her neck, kssing and trailing with his fingers at the same time.

“Max…gosh” she m..oaned in a low tone, feeling her own wetness already as her head began spinning even when he hasn’t started anything.

He got down to her chest and raised her back a bit to zip down the clingy gown she’s wearing, and he peeled it away from her body.

It fell down to the ground, and he began sucking on her bbs warmly and gently like a baby, caressing the second in the palm of his second hand.

“Dmn… Max…” Jemima trembled under him, and he trailed his other hand down her Iegs, inserting it into her pa..nties…

“Ah!” She gasped when she felt his hands on her cl*t.

“You’re insanely wet already” Maxwell whispered.

“Isn’t it blissful to know the intensity of your effect on me?” She replied, still rubbing his dk slowly.

“I feel the same” he replied.

“I know, you’re as hard as a pillar” she whispered, and he suddenly tossed her again, turning her back to himself so her face met with the b.ed.

“I love you” he whispered.

“I love you!” She replied, and it was followed by the entrance of his dk into her.

“Ah! Max!”

He began taking her through the back, and her m..oans erupted melodiously again.


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