By Melody


Liam watched as May left the livingroom through the stairs.

She was still covering her face, sobbing like a toddler.

A rough smirk appeared on his cheeks and he tugged his hands into his pocket like a fine gentleman.

He never would believe she would ever raise her voice at him. He also couldn’t understand why he never spoke back at her after that.



He remembered being very upset before her arrival and he had planned out different punishment to give to her.

Unknowingly to him, she had come home and rendered him completely strucked dumb.

He was too shocked to believe whatever happened in the last few minute was real.

He tried to put in his head the mindset that May must have drank before coming home.

Her last few words replayed in his head again. So she wanted to feel special, huh?. She wanted to feel loved.

Funnily enough, those words couldn’t stop revolving around his head.

He scratched his flawless chin and smiled sweetly.

He gave a quiet sigh and began to leave.

” Liam!. Liam please wait.” He heard Ms lily voice from behind. He obediently halted even if he didn’t want to.

Ms lily was quite scared to stand and face him so she preferred to stand behind his backs.

” Liam. I know she was wrong to have raised her voice at you. But please, don’t hurt her. She was probably not in her rest senses.” She said

” Yes. And I’m ready to put her back to her right senses. How about that?” He asked and Ms lily came to hold his arm.

” Dear..Dear, liam. I don’t like the way things are going on in this family. I’m not trying to say you are at fault, but please, just try to behave like a human being for once.” She said and Liam stung her a powerful stare.

She almost shrinked at the way he looked at her. Her small petite stature would have vanished out of existence.

” I’m glad you know that I’m not human but a deviI. So stay back before you see my hell .” He said and Ms lily fearfully stepped back.

” Just please…Please don’t hurt my poor little May. Please.” She begged, palming both hands.

He stared at her one more time and something different crossed his mind entirely.

He was going to punish May without hurting her. He was going to make her pass through sweet to.rture.

He began to casually head towards May’s bedroom. He pushed the door to her room open and met her sitting on her bed, hugging her pillow.

He wondered what sort of relationship she and the fluffy pillow have had, since she loved hugging pillows all the time.

May looked up and her eyes met her husband’s. So many thought began to run through her mind at that moment.

Perhaps, he had come to torture her after how she talked to him.

She was still reviving from the shock on how she was able to talk back at him, and seeing him here in her room had left her with nothing to think about.

It was her judgement day, her punishment hour.

She kept staring with wide eyes at him. He was gorgeously intimidating.

He closed back the door and began to walk towards her, glaring at her.

May’s skin hair stood up instantly. His eyes were the most beautiful thing yet dangerous thing to look at.

She quickly flew out of bed, stepping back at the opposite wall.

” What?. Why did you leave the bed so soon?” He asked, stopping infront of her.

” I..i…thought….”

” Don’t feel scared, puppy. It’s only going to be a sweet torture.” He said, resting his hand on her hair.

” Sweet to.rture?” She blinked.

He sighed and climbed the bed, laying on his back so he was facing the roof.

” Come sleep. What are you waiting for?.” he asked and She creased her brow slightly.

He sat up, roughly pulling her arms to climb the bed and she ended up kneeling on the bed.

” Why are you doing all this?” She asked with her tiny voice.

” You said you wanted to be treated special so why are you acting like a Sheep?. Don’t you want to sleep next to me?” He asked and she swallowed deeply.

The door opened and Ms lily walked in with May’s tray of food. Both couples returned their gaze at her

Ms lily halted in her tracks, suprised to see the two couples on the bed.

She was too happy to wonder what was going on between the two of them, leaning so close to eachother like that.

” Um…I’m so sorry i didn’t knock, pardon me.” She smiled, bowing her head.

” Give me the meal.” Liam said collecting the bowl of meal from her. She left afterwards.

” I’ll treat you special by feeding you. Isn’t it special?” He asked and May smiled broadly coming to sit on the bed.

” Omg. Thank you so much, Bluebell.” She beamed.

She never believed talking into his head would bring back his right senses.

Right now, she was happier than a kid who received a gift from santa claus.

He sat next to her and opened the plate. The aroma of the food, spreaded everywhere and May sniffed it in.

” Hmmm. The meal smells so marvellous. Can i feed you as well so that you can have a taste of it?” She asked and Liam coughed.

He began taking the meals in the spoon, stretching it to her lips.

She opened her lips willingly and ate from it.

” Have it..” He stretched another spoon when she hadn’t finished the bogus one in her mouth.

She opened her mouth willingly, taking everything in again.

” Chicken..Salad..” He said and May eyes swelled.

” I’m so stuffed.” She managed to speak.

” I’m treating you special, So eat.” He smirked and May obliged.

Her mouth forced itself to contain all the meal and her eyes became very watery. Her cheeks began to hue with pink.

” Please…Water.” She heaved and Liam brought out a cup of water.

She hurriedly drank out of it and he poured an extra.

” Drink up. You need to be treated special.” He grinned and May collected the cup, staring into it.

She remembered Liam saying he was going to show her sweet t®rture. Perhaps this was it.

She was happy that her husband was finally making her feel special but he was to.rturing her in the process.

” I’m not hungry anymore.” She said, dropping back her cup on the tray.

Liam grinned eviIy.

” That was fast, puppy. You wanna take an hungry stomach to bed?” He asked.

She sighed, folding her arms.

” You aren’t treating the way i thought you would.” She said, staring at him.

” Oh. I thought you said you wanted to feel special. Huh?. Ain’t i doing my job very well?” He grinned.

” Let’s just go to bed. It’s late” She said and Liam shrugged.

He dropped the tray and climbed the bed and she followed suit.

He laid on the bed and stared at the roof.

” When you feel sleepy, tell me.” He said and May laid next to him, covering herself with the blanket.

Liam got up from bed and turned on the electric fan.

He walked up to May and dragged the blanket off her skin, exposing her perfect chubby thighs.

” Huh?. I’m cold!” She yelled, sitting up.

” I don’t want you to feel hot or warm. I want to make you feel cool and special.” He said with a smirk on his lip.

” This is so unfair, Bluebell” She said, pouting her lips cutely like she wanted to sob.

” You don’t want to feel special anymore?” He asked, joining her in the bed.

” I just want you to make me feel comfortable, not by torturing me this way. Just make me feel good, loved and happy” She scoffed.

Liam threw his heads. He was getting tired and he damn wanted to make her cry. Why wouldn’t she cry?.

Why couldn’t he think of something heartless.

” Tell me exactly what you want, woman!.” He said.

May sighed and crawled close to him, resting her head on his shoulder. She bit her lower lips giggling.

” Let’s be this close, Hubby. Let’s hug and fall asleep together like this. That’s what is special.” She said and hugged his warm muscular body tightly.

Liam wanted to tear off the close body connection but something inside him stopped him again making him feel like a donkey.

She looked at his eyes and smiled. She was suprised that he didn’t push her away or yell at her, perhaps he loved her soft closeness.

She leaned up and kssed his lip, very lightly and short. She didn’t know how she got the courage to do it, but she wanted to experiment on him.

That single kss was filled with something that made Liam’s body react weirdly. He blinked twice and stared at her.

That kss…It was gentle and soft that his body awkwardly ached for more.

He looked down at her and she came again, grabbing his long neck and kssing him gently.

May could feel her heart race as he stared down at her eyes with those ransome looks.

Hot chills of blood rushed through her veins making her feel like she would burst if he didn’t touch her.

The third time She did it, Liam lost it all. He hungrily grabbed her cheeks and kssed her fully and gently.

It was their first time kssing and they were rendering all of their vrgn lips.

” Mnn…” May mo.aned with a smile as he kssed her neck in a playful way.

Liam’s old self jumped back in and he leaned up, lost staring at her.

He failed to understand how this happened. He was laying totally flat on top of her and they were even. . .


He couldn’t decifer what entered his dear head at that moment to have gave in to her tricks.

He was too suprised and then he flew out from bed. May as well sat up, looking both scared and confused.

He couldn’t believe his plan totally flaunted. He was earlier planning to make her sob heavily after his sweet torture but she was making everything seem so easy.

He sighed and threw a pillow at her face.

” I’m done here!. This is my last time in your room and i mean it!.” He said and stepped out of her room in disgust.

May covered her up face and threw her legs in the air, blushing really hard. He kissed and touched her…for the very first time.


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