Season 2 Episode 1

“Thank you, really. Thank you for the opportunity to right my wrongs.” Mazi Mbakwe said as he felt relieved.

“You’re very welcome, Sir.” K responded with smiles.

“Lord, now I’ve accomplished the “mission impossible”, as you asked. Please Lord, do your part. I kuku know the next level is marriage.” K prayed in his heart as he left the hospital.

“How dare this mortal, how dare he!” The ruler said in rage.


“No one dares Hamen and goes scot free, no one!” He boasted frustratingly. What annoyed him the most was the fact that he helplessly watched the duo as they prayed, an unbreakable wall of protection surrounding them.

“Who do I attack? Our lawful captive or the supposed leader to light? No….the first is easier; he’s our prey so we have the right to torture him.
The other can only be attacked in his unguarded hour, which would be very difficult to access still.” Hamen thought to himself as he resolved not the take things lightly with his just-escaped captive, Mbakwe.

David was with him mom in the shop who was about closing for the day. He had been talking to his mom all day long about how he strongly believes things would turn turn around for them for good.

“Mama, I feel like my prayers are working already.”


“I don’t know, I just know it. Besides, I learnt prayers are like tiny termites attacking a tree, and that one day the tree would collapse one day if the prayers are persistent.”

“David, these things you keep saying hmmm…..I just hope it works o, so you won’t feel bad. It’s even over two months since you…..”

“Mamaaa….”. David cut in jokingly.

“Where is your faith?
Anyway, my faith would bring my testimonies to me. It’s no wonder I was advised to increase my faith, to avoid missing the answers to my prayers as a result of the unbelief around me, capable of infecting my faith.” David said.

“Hmmm…..don’t worry, I won’t negate your loud thoughts on faith anymore. I wouldn’t want my unbelief to be a hindrance to your desired breakthroughs.”

“My breakthroughs?
It’s our breakthroughs mom, everyone would benefit from it.”

“Well, if you say so.”

I don’t think we can keep accommodating that man in our house!” Mrs. Desmond said one day to her husband in their bedroom.

“So what do you want me to do now? Remember bringing him in and looking after him is an order, till further notice.”

“I know, and I literally didn’t have a problem with that until his sudden attempt to hurt my daughter.” She responded as Mr. Desmond maintained silence for a while.

“Ever since his wife left for the village as he told us, he hasn’t been himself.

He’s always been looking depressed and now he’s becoming violent and you expect me to sit back and fold my arms until he hurts my children? It’s not possible!” Mrs. Desmond said further, not liking his silence.

“My dear, I’m not asking you to sit back and watch him hurt anyone. Let’s just give him sometime.

If he ever acts violent again, then I promise to do as you want.” Desmond said as he heard his wife scoff.

Frank locked himself up in the room that late evening, reflecting on what has been happening of late.

He didn’t understand himself anymore. Most times he felt something possessed him, consequently making his head feel heavy.

He kept soliloquizing, recalling the day he woke up that fateful morning, only to be greeted with his lovely wife packing her belongings.


“Where are you going?” He asked, with confusion expressly displayed in his countenance.

“To my father’s house. I know my family isn’t wealthy, but at least we’re better than this condition you’re in. And guess what? We can feed and fend for ourselves, not solely depending on a fellow man for virtually everything. Everything!” She said as she picked the necessary clothings she felt she needed.

“So you want to leave me now? After everything we’ve been through together?” He asked as she suddenly grew calm. She knew this was not the right decision, but she had no choice.

Who could imagine her once wealthy and well-known husband would suddenly become a history while still alive?

Worse still, life with him was becoming to hard for her. She had been pushed to the wall, and wasn’t taking it any longer.

“My love please, don’t leave. This is the crucial period in my life I need you the most. Please stay. Things would be better, I promise you. Just give me time.
I’m figuring things out already…….please.” Frank said pleadingly as she avoided eye contact with him.

“I am not leaving you Frank, I’m only giving you a break because I feel you need a enough space to think well about your condition and come out with a possible solution.” She responded. At this point, Frank knew his wife’s mind was made up, but was also determined not to give up that easily.

“I don’t need any space my love, all I need now is you…your support. Babe please don’t do this to me, I can’t possibly survive this.”

“Like I said before I’m not leaving you, I’m only trying to give you enough time to figure your life out. I could even be the stumbling block to your prayers, who knows? But please I can’t take this kinda life any longer, I have to go.” She said and with that left, with all attempts to make her stay proving abortive.


? Flashback ends?

It’s been months now and she isn’t back yet. Ever since she left, things have not remained the same. It feels like a force possesses him sometimes. Sometimes he wonders if she been the one protecting me all these while, as it wasn’t the force became stronger these days.

“God! I don’t seem to understand myself anymore! Why is my life ruined this way, why?” Frank thought to himself. He didn’t know whether to blame his father or Kingsley for his predicament.

“If he hadn’t done any exchange of glory, perhaps I wouldn’t be in this mess.” He thought to himself and just then, his phone rang.
On checking his caller ID, it was his dad.

“Speak of the devil.” He said to himself. In anger and frustration, he threw the phone away and it hit the wall, leaving cracks on its screen.

Still not satisfied, he took the phone and smashed it hard against the concrete floor.

“Every damn person can burn to blazes for all I care.”

“You’ve not been praying for Mr. Frank as you supposed to.” Favour heard within her as she lay quiet on her bed.

“The prayers aren’t working. Infact, they’re making it worse; he’s beginning to act violent.”

“That is not true. Your prayers are working, you’re just not sensitive enough to know it. You need to pray harder.”

“Pray harder? I haven’t even prayed for my family and friends. Besides, I’m a student; you don’t expect me to pray three hours at a stretch, do you?” Favour said as she recalls maintaining an hour each day in the place of prayers.

“Praying harder or praying more doesn’t necessarily mean you praying for several hours a day. Praying over an issue for hours once a month isn’t as effective as praying concerning it for at least ten minutes 365 days.

Persisting in the place of prayers is what brings your desired breakthroughs your way and that is what I want you to apply in your intercession for Mr. Frank. Remember the intercessor also benefits from intercession.

You not only save the person in question, you also receive a pardon for many sins. James 5:19-20 attests to this.”


“So please, persist in your intercession for him, before it becomes a matter of life and death.” The voice within advised as Favour thought on whether to act or not.


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