CHILDHOOD CRUSH : Episode 1 – 10

?Childhood Crush?
Written by Authoress Kamara

Episode 1?
?Elsa POV?
“Get up”. My mum’s voice rang out.

I groaned standing up putting on my floppy slippers heading to the bathroom.

In a few minutes, I was out of the bathroom feeling refreshed. I went to the wardrobe to pick out a cloth to wear. I decided on a black crop top, black shorts and tied a red and black flannel shirt around my waist before wearing my White and Black Adidas Superstars.

I took my backpack heading downstairs and met my mum setting the table.

“Good morning Mum”. I kissed her cheek.

“Remember you are staying over at the Smith residence”. She reminded me.

I rolled my eyes. “You’ve said that countless times”.

“But do you listen?”. My younger brother came in the living room.

“Can you be less annoying for once?”.

He snickered sitting down.

“I need both of you to be good while you are there”. Mum said as she placed our breakfast before us.

“Mum, relax, Beverly is my best-friend and i’ll be fine over there”. I took a pancake. “You should be worried about Tristan”.

In 10 minutes I was done eating. I packed my plates and went over to the Kitchen dropping my plates in the dishwasher.

“I’m off to school Mum”. I told her.

“Take your timetable from the principal’s office”.


I ruffled Tristan’s hair. “Bye little bro. Have a nice first day at school”.

I grabbed my car-keys from the table and went out of the house heading to the large garage. I got into my car and off to school.

I was happy coming back to SpringCity High because of one person. My crush since all this years. Kyle Vegas.

I’m Elsa Reyes, 17 year old teenage girl. I have black curly hair that tumbles past my shoulders and brown eyes. Boys have often taken a liking to me but I wonder why Kyle never notices me.

I still remember the first day I met Kyle. He was ten and I was nine so I decided right away that I was gonna marry him.

At age 15, Kyle wasn’t even the least interested in me which was his only flaw and I had to forgive him. Although, I was in his group of friends. My best-friend Beverly was friends with him so automatically i became friends with him. Just friends.

By the time, I finished Junior High, my family had to move bit now I’m back to spend my last year of Senior High in SpringCity.

In less than an hour I reached the school, and parked my car in the parking-lot. I went in drawing attention.

“Sup Elsa”. Beverly ran up to me in her cheerleader outfit.

I glanced at her. “You look great this morning”.

“And so do you. Showing off those tanned legs”. She complimented me.

I laughed. “I really miss you, bestie”.

She wiggled her eyebrows. “Me or Kyle?”.

My cheeks flushed. “Stop it”.

We walked over to her locker.

“Seriously? Elsa, you still have a thing for Kyle?”.

I shrugged. “Well yeah. Any problem?”.

“Seems like you in for a competition because every girl in school is drooling over Kyle Vegas”. She explained.

“He’ll notice me, Beverly”. I assured her.

“He’s coming over”.

“Who’s coming over?”. I asked confused.

“Kyle”. She whispered.

I widened my eyes and gasped.

A sweet cologne filled my nostrils and I immediately knew he was here.

I turned and smiled at him.

He smiled. “Hey Beverly”.

Wait!! The smile was for Beverly?

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