From last scenerio chioma’s compound….

‘’My eyes my eyes’’ I cried out in pain.

‘’Chioma why did you have to do that, did you want to put us in another trouble’’ her sister shouted as she ran inside.

‘’that serves you right, if you like call your dad let him bring soldiers , police , army I don’t care leave this compound this moment’’ Chioma ranted.

Amaka ran out of the house with a towel and used it to wipe off the detergent water on my face.

‘’Sorry Jake don’t be offended, my sister is just being childish ok pls come and go now.. we don’t want trouble’’ Amaka said ushering me to leave.

‘’sister leave him let me see what he and his beast of a father will do’’

On hearing her call my dad beast, I turned back and dashed toward her.

‘’How dare you call my dad a beast, do you want to die’’ I said as I gave her a thundrous slap that landed her on the floor , I noticed tears was rolling down her cheek.

‘’Next time in your life, never ever and ever never insult my dad again in your life’’ I said in anger as I turned to leave…

I left their compound but regretted my actions but I had to defend my dad for who he is. I walked home in anger with my soaked clothes, when I met Anita with some of her hot babe friends in a shop.

‘’Hey Jake the handsome’’ I heard.
I felt like disappering that moment on seeing them jezz with my wet cloth..

I stopped and looked at them
“what happened to you?” Anita walked to me and asked in a surprised manner.

After looking at her for some moment
“it was an accident , I was mistaken from someone’’ I said.

‘’that person must be mad and sick upstairs’’ she said changing her postures.

“yea I think so… but lets leave that . What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Just came here to get some goodies” she said. Though it was an ice cream shop.

‘’wow..enjoy yourself’’

‘’those are my friend don’t you mind saying hi’’

‘’hi’’ I waved at them.

‘’hi Jake’’ about two of them called my name.

‘’I will be on my way now’’

‘’cmon Jake you can’t go home this wet’’

Anita quickly removed her cardigan she was putting on and gave me.

‘’Remove your shirt and put this on’’

I looked at her and her cardigan smiled before collecting it
‘’thanks’’ I muttered, I could see the expression on her friends face.

I quickly off my wet shirt and wore the cardigan still looking at her friends.’

‘’I have to be on my way now’’ I said to Anita.

;’’oh… just wait let me get you ice cream’’

‘’don’t bother, am ok’’

‘’ if you say so .. are you coming to school tomorrow ?’’

‘’yea I am’’ I said walking away

…..Anita side of the story….

I was so happy giving Jake my cardigan, I really like that guy but he is not giving me chance. He is rich, and his father is influential and very popular, this is the kind of guy I really want to date not Emeka.

I looked at him as he walked down the street, his walking steps was really superb. I turned back to meet my friends who were just busy starring at me.

‘’girl pls who is that handsome dude’’ Cynthia asked.

‘’so you are not even updated, don’t tell me you don’t know Jake’’ Adaku said.

‘’Cynthia dear its unlike you… don’t you know chief Madu Omeluora son’’ said Oluchi.

‘’ wait wait wait is that guy his son?’’

‘’stay there jjc’’

‘’hey girls that’s enough , Jake is mine and there is no debating about that’’ Anita said in a harsh manner.

‘’hahahahahahahahahahahaha see Anita oo Jake is yours, stop decieving yourself girl’’

‘’girl who are you decieving he is yours and he wasn’t even giving you attention, didn’t you see the expression on his face’’

‘’hahahahahaha leave she is just whining you guys’’

Jezz on hearing all this s–t from my friends mouth my viens started boiling , it was as if I was becoming paralized ….

‘’no problem , am decieving myself right….. I must try all my best to get Jake to the tip of my claws’’ I said to myself.


I got home and Emeka was surprised to see me with a new top , I explained everything in details to him while he laughed the hell out of me. It wasn’t funny at all but I regretted my actions on Chioma. I called her althrough the night and even sent messages on whatsapp but she didn’t respond….


It was break time , glory be to God Chioma came to school. We were the only two in class, as soon as she noticed only the both of us were in the class she stood up to leave while I quickly went to block her….

‘’Chioma am really sorry, I don’t mean to hurt you’’ I said truthfully.

‘’Jake leave my way’’

‘’pls am sorry for everything’’ I said going down on my kneel

‘’stop stop stand up stand up’’ she said looking around to see if anyone was coming as tears flowed freely from her eyes.

‘’Chioma I don’t mind sitting on the floor just for you, I love you and nothing can stop it;’’

‘’that’s ok Jake, I love you too but am afraid of your dad, I don’t want his troubles’’

‘’there is nothing to be afraid of, my dad does whats good for me and loving you is good for me’’ I said holding her hand. She looked into my eyes and smiled, gradually we were coming closer till our lips almost touched.

‘’hnnmm hnnmm’’ some one coughed.

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