The Hunted House : Episode 1 – 10

The Hunted House!

Written and composed be Excelrhymez
Aka Mummy E

Episode 1.

Moving into the new house was a thing of joy for the Ade’s. They were all so very excited about this new development in their lives. They’ve been living in the two bedroom bungalow for 28 years.

Mr Ade stayed in that house as a bachelor and got married to his wife Mrs Ade in that same house. They had their four beautiful children in that house, and now they are leaving the house Mr Ade felt it was just the right time to leave.

One thing that excites him is that he got this eight bedroom duplex at a very cheap price. Not even as expensive as the two bedroom where they were living. The excitement on his voice as he told his wife and children was overwhelming.

Mr Ade: Honey, if you see this house, you will be amazed. I did not even want to check o, but a force kept pulling me to just ask, just ask, just ask, and I said okay, there is no harm in asking let me ask. I entered the compound. There was no one around, you will even feel its a personal house, well fenced, well furnished. I was thrilled when I entered the compound so I looked around and I found the owners number on the side of the fence and I called. Honey guess how much was the house?

Mrs Ade: How much?

Mr Ade: Honey guess na

Mrs Ade: you know I dont like this game of guessing just tell me.

Mr Ade: okay okay no problem. The house is just five thousand naira.

Mrs Ade: Five thousand what?

Mr Ade: Five thousand naira. The owner said he is not in Nigeria and just want to use that house to support any family that calls first. And luckily for us I was the first to call. (He said excited)

His 2nd daughter Loveth just stared at her dad as he was talking. She didnt say a word but kept reading the small bible in her hand.

Mrs Ade: am really shocked o. Who gives out a house for 5k in this our country?

Mr Ade: my dear, its what I call favour. God has decided to favour us……Dont worry when you see this house you will understand. Pack up, pack up.

Mrs Ade: pack up? Have you paid already?

Mr Ade: yes o. I paid already o. Who will waste time for such golden opportunity? I paid first hand.

Mrs Ade: But we never talked about moving out from here na.

Mr Ade: Honey calm down, we need a bigger house. We are six in this house already, Steve and Bisola my brother’s children are coming to join us. Tell me you’ve not thought of how eight of us would manage in this our small house. Besides its affordable. Imagine we are paying 12k for a two bedroom flat and then we got eight bedroom duplex for 5k , is it not God?

Loveth at this point interrupted her dad.

Loveth: Daddy its not God, its scary and suspicious.

Mrs Ade: I tire o, its really suspicious o. Are you sure its the owner of the house you spoke to? Are you sure someone has not duped you?

Mr Ade: (thinks about it for a while)/I dont think so. It was the number in the compound I called and the owner sounded responsible that was why I transfered the money to him.

Mrs Ade: okay where is the key to the house?

Mr Ade: He said I should return by 5pm today and the key would be made available for me.he told me where I will find them.

Mrs Ade: its alright, it’s just 2pm now by 5 we will all go and see this your new house that is intoxicating like this. I just hope you’ve not been played and the key truly made available.

Mr Ade: honey dont come and scare me abeg. The keys will be there.

Mrs Ade: I hope so too.

Mr Ade: By 5pm, John, Success, and Lilian would be back already from the shop. We will all go to see this house. Am sure you will all love it, trust me.

Mr Ade walks up to his daughter and touched her cheeks happily.

Mr Ade: sweetheart you will have your own room.

Loveth: Daddy let’s get there first.

Mr Ade: okay, you will all see it.

He walks away humming the tone (great is your faithfulness oh Lord my father)…..

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