Jake couldn’t find his phone nor his money as he became stranded in the middle of a bush. He later found his way out of the bush and noticed it was too late to go home as there were no vehicles or motorist on the way. He was already weak and tired. Luckily for him a bike man was approaching from behind and he stopped the bike man giving him his address and mounted the bike immediately as the bike man rode off. He arrived home and saw Emeka waiting outside for him, he collected some money and paid the bikeman off. He quickly told Emeka all that happened and Emeka was happy with the news, when he got inside and granny asked him what happened, he formulated a c–k and bull story and told granny and she sort of believed him. Jake took his bath before having a late dinner and went to bed…

The following day Anita’s mum came looking for Emeka and to her surprise, Jake was back home. After lots of questioning from Anita’s mum, Jake told her that he didn’t see Anita rather she set him up and he was tortured and beaten by some gang.

Life went on for Emeka and Jake, about three days late, Anita came back home very sick with bruises and injuries but Jake didn’t visit her nor call her. It was remaining one week for neco exams to commence so Jake and Emeka had to travel down to Lagos..


Very early on Friday morning, Kimkom took us to the airport where we boarded a plane and left. About 50minutes later, we arrived Lagos where my dad’s driver was waiting for us. He helped us with our luggage and in no time we left the airport. Home sweet home like they say no place like home, we arrived home and no one was in the house only the maids. Cindy had already resumed school so Emeka and I made ourselves over comfortable by drinking a bottle of macdowel, we were still drinking when the maid came to ask us a question..

‘’Should I bring your food now???’’

‘’what did you cook’’ I asked

‘’macaronni and tomato sauce’’

‘’hmmm Jake that sounds interesting ‘’

‘’sure we are ready’’

In few minutes time the dining table was ready while we went to eat. The food was really tasty and from the look of things Emeka really enjoyed the food.

Later on we retired to bed to
have some sleep because we were very tired Emeka on the other hand was having discomfort in his ear because he sat close to the engine of the plane[He was a first timer though]..

EXACTLY 8:12pm

My dad came back home very early, so he called for a family meeting and everyone assembled in the sitting room downstairs …

‘’Jake and Emeka how was your journey??’’

‘’It was fine sir’’ we said in unison.

‘’Nice, Emeka hope you enjoyed yourself on the plane’’

‘’yes, I enjoyed myself but am having a little ear discomfort’’

‘’yes dad he sat close to the engine’’

‘’oh sorry for that, have you taken drugs??’’

‘’no sir’’

‘’Jelade!!!! Jelade!!! Jelade;;’’ Jake’s mum called out

‘’yes ma, am coming’’ Jelade one of the maids said.. ‘’madam am here’’

‘’get paracetamol for Emeka from the drug box’’

‘’ok ma, I will be right back’’

‘’so boys how are you preparing for your neco exams’’

‘’hmm dad we are trying our best’’ Jake replied

‘’hmmm that’s impressive by tomorrow Mr Shobule will come to coach you boys for the exams;’’

‘’Chief!! But its just five days to their exams’’ Mrs Madu exclaimed

‘’yes I know , at least he should just brush them before each exams they have’’

‘’hmm well if you say so’’

‘’Madam this is the drug’’ Jelade said giving Jake’s mum the paracetamol.

‘’Emeka have some drugs, it will suspend the pain’’

‘’thank you ma’’

‘’call me your mum, am like a mother to you’’

‘’[smiling] ok mum’’ said Emeka as he went to the dispenser to get some water…

‘’Jake concerning your university, I would like you to school abroad so what school is on your mind’’

‘’dad I will suggest Jake schools at oxford, reading or leeds university’’ Cindy suddenly said.

‘’wow cindy nice suggestion so Jake which of them do you prefer??’’ Mrs Madu asked.

‘’ermm dad from the look of things, I would like to school in Nigeria’’

‘’what?? Jake!! What look of things are you talking about’’ Mrs Madu said in disbelieve.

‘’mum its nothing really I just want to study medicine in Nigeria, am ok with that’’

‘’Jake that can’t be, you must school abroad’’ his mum commanded.

‘’That’s enough woman, let him choose what he wants…. Jake my boy which school will you like to attend’’

‘’thanks dad, I will like to school in the university of Nigeria Nsukka’’ I said while my dads face sort of changed.

‘’Nsukka ??? Why Enugu state can’t you go to anyother state’’

‘’dad I thought you wanted me to be in Enugu to learn tradition and cultures, so am in love with Enugu’’

‘’hmmm ok if you say so no problems, next year you will surely be there…. What about you Wmeka where would you like to school

‘’I will also like to attend same school with Jake’’

‘’wow,see them brothers’’ cindy said

‘’well that’s good, Emeka what’s your course of study??’’

‘’mechanical engineering’’

‘’nice, I will start my plans towards that’’ my dad said.

‘’food is served??’’ the cook announced.

‘’lets go have dinner ‘’ my mum said while we stood up and walked to the dinning

‘’guy your house is really cool and nice’’ Emeka said as we laid on my bed facing the ceiling

‘’hahaha thanks bro, here is homely and very spacious’’

‘’yea, so guy how are we going to rock Lagos??’’

‘’hmmm that’s really complicated bro you know I don’t have any girlfriend again here in Lagos’’

‘’even in the east, no more bleeping’’

‘’ hahaaha Emeka you no go change but na true sha ooo’’

‘’Jake your maids fine oooo pass that our ugly maids for east’’

‘’you know how village things suppose be na, so Emeka you don dey eye them sharp sharp’’

‘’hahaha before nko especially that Jelade with her big yansh’’

‘’I think say you talk all these girls na rubbish the time wey you dey date your spirit sugar mummy’’

‘’Jake that regime don pass, this na new era , e don tey I bleep’’

‘’baaadd guy, but just dey careful ooo, no go implicate yourself’’

‘’trust me na Emeka 1 of umu nwayi[women]’’

‘’chai mekus, I trust you’’…..

The following day was a Saturday, Emeka, Cindy and I was at home playing games before our so called lesson teacher came. We were busy with our video game when we heard the door bell..

‘’who is that??’’ Cindy asked as she opened the door.

‘’hi , am mister John your new lesson teacher’’ A young looking guy of about 25 said.

‘’no not me but my bro’s, Jake, Emeka’’ she called out

‘’Cindy who is he???’’ Jake asked

‘’your new lesson teacher’’

‘’ohh bro how far na’’ Emeka said stretching his hand for a hand shake.

‘’you guys should come to the garden lets get down to business he said declining Emeka’s hand and turning to leave for the garden’’

‘’sho wetin dey work this guy??”’

The both boys went inside, got some books and writing material before going outside to meet the so called Mr John.

‘’welcome boys’’

‘’welcome bro’’ the both boys said.

‘’bro????, who is your bro or do I look like your mates, am Mr Johnsky

‘’oh welcome Mr Johnsky’’ they said in unison and smiled…..

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