By Excelrymez
A.K.A: Mummy E

Episode 2

Mary: Lolzz….hope it didn’t lead to trouble sha

Me:, i don’t want to be in that same mess today as i don’t know uhmmm…uhmmmm….before someone will park me now and nobody to rescue me

Mary: lolzzz….you are not serious…thank God we are just the only one in the car and you know where you met me from

Me: that swat has been keeping me going to continue this conversation or else, i wouldn’t even say anything till we depart

Mary: but truth is, you men are the same thing once you see something in skirt or trouser, you wont even bother to ask for the owner before taking it……..

Me: thank God u said Men….well am not a men sha

Mary: Then what are you?

Me: Am Snakie…………………….

Mary: Are you not a man……?

Me: Not yet…am a guy (Snakie) and not Man…datz why am different from every other person…..

Mary: datz a lie jhoor………

Me: but sincerely..all of us are thieves but its only who is caught that is the real thief

Mary: thank God you admit that…….that is what some guys will never admit to

Me: datz why i said am different from other guys….i will never lie to any lady because i want to get in between her legs……like if as am meeting you for the first time now, if am asking you out, its probably impossible for me not to have who am dating….so, why should i lie? But some ladies are idi0t..a guy will approach you and tell you he doesn’t have a girlfriend and you will just admit

Mary: not all girls though….

Me: so, you are claiming you are also different

Mary: yes now…..

Mary: why will a grown up lady like me wont have who am dating…..

Me: yes now….its some ladies but do you know life is like a competition

Mary: How?

Me: the same way you are competing with thousands of people to get a job you have been applying for is the same way i will be competing with which ever guy you have that you are dating…its the person that you ended up with, that is the winner…just like the person that finally got the job will be the winner in the job recruitment process…..

Mary: that’s true sha…….

Me: more reason why i wouldn’t mind competing with the guy in your life

Mary: what do you mean?

Me: what i mean is that a beauty like you its worth fighting for…you are what every guy should be competing for…….

Mary: abeg, don’t compete for me oooooo…….Go and compete for your wife abeg

Me: wife ke? I don’t think i ever mention it that am married but i wont deny the fact that i have a fiancée

Mary: then you are ready to loose the trust your fiancée have in you?

Me: I don’t think am losing any trust as we never know what might happen in life

Mary: uhmmmmm…..

Me: that’s the truth…we are all just trying, like i said, life its all about competition.

Mary: abeg, lets talk about another thing jare…..this traffic is killing wallahi

Me: Am even tired…we have spent close to 45mins on the same spot and we are not sure yet when we will be out….

Mary: I guess the traffic is from Egbeda…

Me: It dare not be from Egbeda……we are just at Isheri now…..

Mary: yes…….

]Me: Thats serious…well i don’t really know, its been a while i pass through this route.i hope u don’t have anywhere urgent you are going to

Mary: where does a jobless lady like me have to go….am only going home ooo….i should even be asking you sef, aint you going to work today?

Me: am not going..i took a day off..i thought processing of my transcript will take whole of the day not knowing that it wont even take up to an hour.

Mary: ohk…that means you came for your transcript

Me: Yes……..have you collected yours?

Mary: No..i don’t think i need it now since i know you only need it for your masters or if your employers in some cases requested for it.

Me: that’s true sha………maybe i can divert a bit when we get to car wash to while away time pending when the road will be free then i can later drop you where it will be convenient for you or even at home……

Mary: no oooo…dont let me bother you jare

Me: Its my call dear…dont worry…please………

Mary: Ohk…No P

I entered through Taiwo Yemi street, found my way to Orelope before getting to my destination at Prince Abiodun Adebambo. Parked in front of a storey building, opened the door of the car for her and made my way through the entrance gate.

My house is a two bedroom flat downstairs at the back…she followed me from behind as i opened the door to my flat…….

Me: Welcome to my little bunk………….

Mary: Thank You but this is more than a bunk

Me: It is a bunk based on my own aspiration in life…

Mary: uhmmmmm…..i love that statement

Me: what can i offer you……………

Mary: Anything will do Sir…………….

Me: anything means nothing cos am sure both of us have not taken anything since morning…so the best thing will be a tangible food

Mary: Ahhh…i don’t eat much like that ooo

Me: uhmmm…no wonder

Mary: No wonder what?

Me: No wonder you have this very beautiful physique..everything so perfect

Mary: have heard you…ur mouth is too sweet jhoor

Me:Not really jhoor…hope you wont mind chips, atleast that wouldn’t be too heavy for you

Mary: No P…

Me: but you can still manage this drink (malt) while i prepare the chips

Mary: Ohk…

I dashed down to the kitchen with the raw chips from the fridge..set the frying pan and started work immediately…barely 10mins in the kitchen i heard a voice

Mary: your phone has been ringing since…….

Me: ohhh…thank you

“Me on Phone while using the other hand to continue frying the chips”

Me: hello baby….how are you

Baby: am good dear….how has your day been? How far with where you went to?

“Mary collected spoon from me with the manner that i should concentrate on my call while she help me with the cooking pending when am through with the call”

I stepped back a bit, stood at the entrance of the kitchen while i continue with my call.

Me: fine wasn’t even that stressful at all…(explained my movement) at home now sha..preparing what to eat and relaxing…how about you? How is work going?

Baby: fine dear….i just say i should check on you..we will talk later baby

Me: Ohk dear…i love you so much baby

Baby: i love you too dear……..

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